Pay attention to this when taking a bath during pregnancy, otherwise it will hurt your baby in minutes

Hygiene during pregnancy is very important, there are really a lot of particular attention about bathing in pregnant women.Many pregnant mothers don’t know.For tired pregnancy, taking a hot bath may be the most relaxed way.As we all know, warm water can relieve muscles.However, during pregnancy, the hot water bathtub should be used with caution or at all.Bathing during pregnancy, the fetus is most afraid of pregnant mothers in a hot water bathtub.

1. Too high water temperature will affect fetal development

The water temperature of the hot water bathtub should not exceed 40 ° C.Sitting in hot water can easily increase the temperature of pregnant women, which will bring health problems to you and developing babies.The use of hot water bathtubs during pregnancy can cause serious concerns.The universal consensus is that if necessary, they can only use it with caution, and the time of use is limited.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women should not soak the hot water bathtub.

Sitting in a water with a higher body temperature will increase your body temperature, whether it is bathing, soaking in hot springs or soaking in hot baths.If you spend 10 minutes in a warm bathtub, your body temperature may exceed 39 ° C.This prevention measures are particularly important in early pregnancy, because increased temperature can cause fetal birth defects such as brain and spinal cord defects.

2. There are too many bacteria in the hot water bathtub

Bacteria is another problem related to the use of hot water bathtubs during pregnancy.The warm bathtub may be the breeding place of harmful bacteria.

If you have a hot water bathtub at home, even if you use a disinfectant, you cannot guarantee that the bacteria is completely eliminated or the disinfectant is harmless to pregnant women and fetuses.

If you are in your first three months, the general suggestion is to avoid hot water bathtubs.Even if you control the time within 10 minutes, it is dangerous for your future children.Everyone’s body is different, so you may find that you rise faster than the expected time.

For your baby, don’t take a bath for the first three months.If you have spent the first three months of pregnancy, you want to use a hot water bathtub. There are some safe methods here: the time for each bathtub does not exceed 10 minutes, and there is enough cooling time between two uses.EssenceIf the hot water jet is open, sit at the place where the water temperature is slightly lower.If you feel sweating, come out of the bath and let yourself cool down.If possible, try to expose your upper body as much as possible.It is best to sit in a place where the lower body is soaked in hot water.If you stop sweating, or feel dizzy, nausea, etc., come out immediately, monitor your physical condition, and ensure that your body is returning to normal.If you have a fever, don’t take a bath with hot water.

During pregnancy, conventional shower hot bath is a safer choice.This can provide soothing warm water, but there is no risk.

The water of the shower should not be too hot.Keep the temperature warm but not too hot. Once there are any signs of discomfort, leave immediately.

You must also ensure that you will not slip down: your sense of balance will be adjusted during pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages, buy a pair of non -slip slippers, and wear it during bathing during pregnancy, it is very necessary.

You can try to soak your feet with a bathtub and enjoy reading a book.

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