Pay attention to these symptoms, it means that you are really pregnant, pregnant, pregnant

Discontinue menstruation

One of the most obvious signals of pregnancy should be saved.If menopause occurs, women should pay more attention to other physiological reactions.In fact, they may have the following symptoms before menopause, but these symptoms are not obvious.Make them unable to detect it.

Inexplicable exhaustion

Women feel tired. This is also one of the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.When you find that you go to bed early but get up late.When you work at noon, you must not rest and rest. Ordinary walking will make you feel very tired or feel that your head is light and light. This may be caused by the increase in your hormone in your body.

The breast is more sensitive

From one day, if you suddenly find that your breasts have become sensitive, unknown soreness, and uncomfortable symptoms such as uncomfortable symptoms such as your breasts will start to secrete milk and prepare breast milk.Hormones in the body began to increase.Some women even find that the nipples become black and very sensitive.

It is well known that the breastfeeding of the newborn is essential, so when you have the above -mentioned special performance, you should pay attention to whether you are pregnant.

Feeling may be "pregnant"

Women’s intuition is usually accurate, to some extent, they can perceive the information that they may be pregnant.This is why you are reading this article now.

If you start to feel tired, emotional, dizziness, stomach pain, constipation, or waist soreness, stiffness, or even feel more sensitive, you may just feel that it is very different from peace.

Wash your hands more frequently

If your colleague or family says to you one day: Why do you pay attention when you go to the toilet so frequently, this may be because the uterine swelling brought by pregnancy may cause the bladder to cause space pressure.Another factor is that the kidney and bladder will produce more liquid after pregnancy.These two factors work together.And this symptom will continue to appear throughout pregnancy.


Dizziness is a symptom that makes pregnant women feel unprepared.Whether you are sitting up for a long time, climbing the stairs or standing for a long time, you will have symptoms of dizziness.Severe will also cause syncope.The reason is that the expansion of the uterus will compress the blood vessels in the body, affecting blood circulation and dizziness.

There is also a situation that is prone to hypoglycemia when pregnancy, as long as there is no food for a while, dizziness will appear.Blood glucose is the main physical source of babies in the body, so eat more healthy food during pregnancy to ensure that the baby’s energy supply is sufficient.Eat more fruits: bananas, yogurt, apple, grapes, carrots, celery, etc.


Another symptom of pregnancy is nausea and retching.If you are pregnant, this symptoms generally appear in one week.Many women drink coffee in the morning and vomit when they eat breakfast. This is the morning vomiting we usually say.Of course, different people will have different performances.Some of them will appear in the afternoon or evening, and some people will feel this all day.

Change three meals a day into a small amount of meals to alleviate this symptom to some extent.Some women believe that canned sardines, milk and other foods have a great effect on ejustion.This symptom generally performs strongly within one month after pregnancy. Over time, when the pregnancy enters the sixth month, the degree of expression will gradually weaken.Essence

Sensitive to odor

Sensitive smell This is also an important signal during pregnancy, whether it is good or unpleasant, and the taste of various foods may make you feel vomiting. This is due to the excessive secretion of estrogen in the body.

Increased food or suddenly anorexia

Many women love certain foods or more special foods when they are pregnant.So how to alleviate the symptoms of this kind of greedy? Pregnant women can take pure cod liver oil or vitamin supplements to get some relief.It should be noted that these medicines should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Many strange symptoms during pregnancy will appear. Some hate eating certain foods, and some will find that the foods they like to eat suddenly have no appetite, while others like it more.This symptom is common among pregnant women, and many people have to endure this repeated appetite during pregnancy.


The morning vomiting in the morning is also a signal. There are many reasons for morning vomiting.Sometimes you obviously want to eat but you ca n’t eat it. This is commonly known as nausea.In addition, the secretion of hormones in the body will also cause you to vomit in the morning.Many people will have indigestion during this time. Some pregnant women have been eating breakfast before. Now the same breakfast does not like to eat. It is very suitable for appetite.Generally speaking, the situation of each pregnant woman is not the same, and each food has the possibility of morning vomiting.

Emotional fluctuations are angry

The emergence of so many symptoms during pregnancy, the increase in hormones in the body, must not be surprised for the emotional fluctuations of pregnant women.Pregnant women should adapt to all physiological changes caused by pregnancy.Although many expectant mothers have made psychological preparations and reality arrangements, they will inevitably be affected by factors such as economics, career, living conditions, insurance, and so on.

In fact, the emotional changes during pregnancy are very normal. Whether it is joy or worry, happiness or sadness, etc., it is a natural manifestation of the emotional expression of expectant mothers.At this time, our prospective dad will give their lover a full understanding and tolerance.Give them spiritual support.Be more patient and take care of them in life.Give them more hugs and encouragement. Although you have no experience, you must learn to do these points. Women are really not easy to get pregnant. They have to learn too much.They don’t want more, they just need care, that’s all.

The situation of emotional fluctuations generally appears in the first 5-6 months, and it will slowly start to ease.Mainly women are more adaptable.In addition, sufficient sleep, normal diet, and activities that combine work and rest can play an emotional role.

I wish every reader who sees this article: everything goes well and feel good every day.

Author: maternal and infant Express

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