Pay attention to 4 "secrets" during pregnancy, the fetus is healthy and smart, and the mother is slim and white

After pregnancy, I believe that all pregnant women want to have a healthy and smart baby. It is better to restore pre -pregnancy weight before giving birth. They are white and white, but they are not easy to do.There are many beautiful friends around Dingma. Before pregnancy, good body, good skin, and particularly beautiful, but how to pay attention to care during pregnancy, still can’t control the weight loss.In the shape, the more you decrease.However, the baby’s baby is very healthy, and IQ emotional intelligence is not low.

So how to care for pregnancy to make the fetus healthy and smart, and can quickly restore the weight before pregnancy after giving birth. What about white skin?The "secrets" of these four pregnancy care should be paid to the request of all pregnant women.

1. Regular checkup

Regular birth checkup sounds simple, but there are many pregnant women who can’t do it, especially those young and good pregnant women, or pregnant women who have already given birth to their children, they always feel that they are in good health, experience, and fetus will not have problems with the fetus., I do n’t want to go to the delivery inspection frequently, and I do n’t even have the inspection.

However, the healthy development of the fetus is inseparable from the birth check. If the fetus is healthy and smart, the birth checks at each stage must not be missed. In the early pregnancy embryo, at this timeBreakal abortion, as well as abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy.The NT examination in the second trimester, non -invasive DNA and large rows of abnormal examinations are to detect fetal malformations and ensure the healthy development of the fetus. Once there are severe malformations, the pregnancy can be terminated in time to avoid the birth of the deformed children.Injury.As for sugar -resistant screening, it is also very important. It is mainly to check whether pregnant women have gestational diabetes and hyperglycemia. Once there are, you can adjust your diet in time to minimize danger.The birth check in the third trimester is mainly to confirm the development of the fetus in the palace. It is large and small, or whether there is a lack of oxygen, amniotic fluid, and placenta.Avoid accidents.

It can be said that if you want the healthy and intelligent growth and development of the fetus, you must do it during pregnancy.

2. Healthy diet, healthy life

Dietary diet requires nutrition, health, balance, and sufficient. Everyone knows these, but you need to pay attention to the right amount of nutrients.Pregnant women are easy to be huge and unhealthy.The emphasis here emphasizes that pregnant women’s diet should be balanced, do not overeating, let alone eat too many high -calorie, spicy and greasy foods. These foods will not only cause excessive obesity of pregnant women, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, but also make pregnant women’s skin greasy, greasy, andThe pores are thick and bad.I do n’t pay attention to it during pregnancy, and it is difficult to “skinny skin”.

At the same time, life must be healthy, which means that you need to exercise in an appropriate amount and sufficient sleep.If you do not exercise for a long time, you will not only make pregnant women obese, but also cause constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, indigestion, poor resistance, weak skin, etc.; long -term sleep will not be irritable, depressed, dizzy, and black, and there will be darkness.Eye circles, rough skin, acne and acne marks, and obesity, these are not conducive to the health of pregnant women, as well as later recovery.

In addition to the impact on pregnant women, life and diet can also affect the healthy development of the fetus, such as exercise, and the appropriate amount of exercise can stimulate the development of the fetus and make the fetus smarter; and sufficient sleep will also make the fetus rest better.Quickly grow and develop in sleep.

Therefore, if you want a good mood, good health, good complexion, the fetus is smart and healthy. Pregnant women not only need a healthy diet, but also need sufficient sleep and appropriate exercise.

3. Skin pay attention to care

Many pregnant women feel that they do n’t need care after pregnancy. Some of them use their babies ’s washing supplies, and some do n’t even rub their faces. These are incorrect. If you want to have good skin, you still need to care for your skin after pregnancy!However, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points when nursing. The most important thing is to use a special product for pregnant women. Whether it is washing the face or rubbing the face, it is recommended to use a pregnant woman for it. As for those makeup, no need to use it.Secondly, I have to pay attention to the following points:

① Do a good job of sunscreen.Sun protection must be done. After pregnancy, many pregnant women have pregnancy spots. If sunscreen is not performed, not only will the skin become rough, but also the pregnancy spots will increase. These postpartum will be difficult to remove.

② Do a good job of hydration.Moisturizing is necessary. Many pregnant women have dull their skin, very dry, or greasy after pregnancy, and they need to be hydrated. In addition to daily hydration and moisturizing, they can also use hydrating masks. Of course, it is necessary to choose a dedicated to pregnant women.

③ Don’t whiten.After pregnancy, due to the impact of progesterone, melanin precipitation, many pregnant women will turn black, such as chest, underarms, belly, etc. At this time, do not whiten.It will disappear, and the skin color will return to normal, don’t worry.

④ Wipe olive oil.Many pregnant women will have stretch marks in the second trimester. It is generally recommended to wipe olive oil massage from 3-4 months of pregnancy to the stomach and waist. Although it cannot completely stop the occurrence of stretch marks, it can be relieved slightly.At the same time, it can moisturize the skin and make the skin healthier.

4. Pay attention to calcium supplement and use the belly belt

Some pregnant women have a particularly large belly, especially those pregnant women who are pregnant with twins or multiple fetuses. Their belly is particularly large and fell. After the fetus starts to enter the basin, the pregnant woman’s back pain, belly falling pain, and the pubic bone will also be oppressed.It hurts.This involves a problem of a combination of pubic bone. If the pubic bone is separated, it will not be recovered well after delivery, the chemical bones of pregnant women will become particularly wide, and it is difficult to recover before time.

In order to avoid this situation, pay attention to more rest in the third trimester. If the pubic bone is separated, it can exercise in moderation. If it is very serious and it hurts, then take more rest. At the same time, you have to pay attention to nutritional factors.In the case, if so, follow the doctor’s order to supplement calcium in time.For those pregnant women with a particularly large belly, you can use the belt belt under the command of a doctor to relieve discomfort.

It can be said that if the third trimester of pregnancy is particularly suffering, the pregnant woman can’t sleep well, and it will also affect themselves and the fetus. Therefore, for these uncomfortable reactions that seriously affect pregnant women, you can consult the doctor’s advice. If you canTo relieve it, at least don’t make yourself unbearable.

Finally, have you learned the "cheats" of these 4 pregnancy care?

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