Patients have no sexual life, doctors also ask for pregnancy examination?Hospital: 3 inspections should be done regularly

Recently, Sister NA received a lot of messages in the background. One of the problems with a high frequency was: Why go to the hospital for examination, the doctor asked me if I had sex?Obviously I just hurt my stomach.

Listening to the friends around them, they are often asked by doctors. Sometimes it ’s really embarrassing and unhappy to answer. What would happen if the doctor concealed?

Xiao Na is 19 years old and is a sophomore student.In recent months, she has suddenly experienced less menstruation, because there are also irregular men with irregular menstruation around her, and they all say that they are irregular menstruation. Just look at traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.So Xiao Na went to a Chinese medicine outpatient treatment introduced by her classmates.

At the beginning, after the pulse, Chinese medicine thought that Xiao Na might be caused by pregnancy and might need to do a pregnancy examination, but Xiao Na Yokou denied that she had a sexual life and accompanied her to see the doctor’s mother.Since there is no sexual life, why do you have to do these gynecological examinations.

The doctor was not good at persistence, and only prescribed a few Chinese medicine for Xiao Na.After taking Chinese medicine for a while, Xiao Na’s menstruation did come, but it was just a little bit. Therefore, she prescribed the drugs of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis from Chinese medicine. Who knew that after taking these drugs, Xiao Na suddenly bleed suddenly in the middle of the night.

Xiao Na, who was rushed to the hospital, was inspected and found that she was really pregnant. At this time, Xiao Na admitted that she had concealed the fact that she had sexual life, and felt both regret and annoyed.It turned out that Xiao Na’s small menstruation was actually a symptom of aura abortion.If she did not hide her sexual life at first, this consequences would not have.

Therefore, when women check their health, especially for gynecology -related examinations, do not conceal sex. If you are worried about being known, you can ask your doctor to keep them secret, but you must not keep your doctors confidential.

Because the doctors conceal sex, it is likely to do inspections that should not be done, or take medicines that should not be taken, which can easily cause the harm of abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

Dr. Ling Chuxian at the Xiehe Hospital Affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology said that concealment of sexual life is likely to lead to misdiagnosis and may cause medical disputes, such as pregnant women, if a CT is done, it will cause irreversible damage to the fetus.

He pointed out that for women who have sex and have no sexual life, there are certain differences in the corresponding inspection methods and projects. Because patients often conceal the medical history clinically, in order to avoid medical accidents, for women with acute abdomen,It will definitely be required to do HCG, otherwise the risk of ectopic pregnancy rupture may occur, so this is a way to be responsible for patients.

For women with sexual life, regular gynecological examinations are a "firewall" to ensure health. If there is no sexual life, does it need to do gynecological examinations?

Whether there is a sexual life or not, it is necessary to conduct gynecological examinations. In fact, no matter whether there is a sexual life or not, there may be gynecological diseases. Therefore, women who are 20 years old must have at least once a year.

The role of gynecological examination is mainly reflected in the ability to prevent gynecological diseases and achieve early treatment and early treatment. After all, many diseases will not have obvious symptoms in the early days. Only professional examinations can be discovered. Regular gynecological examinations are a kind of care for women.Way.

So, what are the main items for gynecological examinations?Generally speaking, the following three items must be performed for gynecological examinations:

B -ultrasound: This is a required test of gynecological examination. You can observe whether there are problems with uterine fibroids, endometritis, and cervical diseases. If there is no sexual life, you can choose abdominal B -ultrasound, but this method is more result.Women with sexual life can choose vaginal B -ultrasound or rectal B -ultrasound.

Routine leucorrhea: vaginitis is a common gynecological disease. By checking the cleanliness, pH value, white blood cells, etc., you can determine whether there are vaginitis.Before the leucorrhea routine is performed, it is best not to clean the vagina, otherwise it will affect the test results.

TCT examination: That is, cervical cytology, which is the simplest and most effective way to screen cervical cancer. By collecting cells in the cervical area for testing, you can determine whether the cervix occurs. Each woman should pay attention to the test item.

Gynecological examinations should not be just inspections that women with sexual life. For women without sex, if you want to understand the health of your body, it is best to do a regular gynecological examination.

Sexual life can promote the relationship between husband and wife, but for women, once there is sexual life, you need to pay attention to gynecological diseases to come to your door.

Although sexual life does not have the number of gynecological diseases, once in sexual life, women should pay more attention to preventing gynecological diseases.First of all, because sexual life will change the pH value of the vagina, it may cause opportunities for the invasion of the germs and cause vaginitis.

Sexual life is also the main way to spread mold and trichomonas vaginitis. Therefore, in the process of sexual life, we must pay attention to hygiene and safety.

Secondly, human papilloma virus (HPV) will also spread through sexual life.Regardless of men and women, the virus may be infected. However, due to physiological structure, men do not have the conditions to continue to infect human papilloma virus, but women are more vulnerable to damage, which occurs with cervical cancer.

In addition, sexual life is also the main way to spread sexually transmitting diseases, such as common AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, etc.So, what issues should be paid attention to after sexual life?

First, attach importance to the hygiene of sexual life is the foundation of ensuring the experience of a pleasant sexual life. Before the sexual life, men and women should clean the reproductive organs.

Second, in the process of sexual life, in order to avoid infectious transmission of diseases, it is best to use condoms throughout the process. After the end of sexual life, it should also be cleaned. However, it is best to take a bath for about 20 minutes before taking a bath, otherwise it is easy to cool.

Third, do not drink frozen drinks or cold water immediately after finishing sex, but should drink some warm water, so that it is good for your health.

Sexual life is a very important part of a person’s life. We do not need to be ashamed of this, and we don’t need to look at it with colored glasses. Treating sexual life correctly and scientifically is the key to protecting our physical and mental health.”Zero plan “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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