Parenting said: Is it possible to vomit during pregnancy and have it related to the child’s IQ?Why?

Introduction: Speaking of pregnancy, it is really uncomfortable. Some mothers have lost 20 pounds because of pregnancy, and some friends have been spitting into birth.

Share a series of data about pregnancy vomiting:

Some experts surveys of 2,400 pregnant women in the United States shows that 90%of pregnant mothers have nausea and nausea.And 50%of pregnant mothers have vomiting within 5-8 weeks of pregnancy.So when you look at it, you know that you are pregnant. This judgment method is generally quite accurate.Generally, people vomit only once a day, but 13%of them have to vomit more than three times a day.

This proportion after 17 weeks dropped to 17%.Among all pregnancy reactions, only 5%of people have severe pregnancy.Another 1%of people have the phenomenon of pregnancy drama. If you ca n’t eat anything, you need to go to the hospital to hang water. The tragic kind of is really crying, but he has to grit his teeth.

I am quite lucky. I have a small response during pregnancy and I have n’t spit it up, but I still have a nausea nausea and nausea during more than 5 months of pregnancy. It is already very good.

Do you vomit hard when you are pregnant, do you have anything to do with your child’s IQ?

According to Australia’s recent survey on children aged 3 to 7, children born with pregnant mothers are actually higher than children who are not pregnant for mothers who are not pregnant.

But as far as I observed the people around me, there was no significant difference.My child who has been born to birth to birth is very smart and smart, but because my mother always spit out anything when she is pregnant, the nutrition during pregnancy is serious, the child is too thin, the old is sick, especially in kindergarten, especially in kindergarten.In the future, it is too easy to get sick and even dare not send it.This child is particularly lively.

I did n’t vomit when I was pregnant with my child. The child was very smart, and his body was very good, his appetite was very good, and he was very strong.Personality is stable, and the quiet and quiet.We were all daughters.

So what is the relationship between children’s IQ?

1. Genetic cause:

I have to admit that sometimes congenital genetic factors are quite powerful.For example, a child with good mathematics, I asked my mother’s college entrance examination math scores for 147, 150.

2. Reasons for the acquired training:

Of course, these children with good mathematics, mothers will counsel, are also acquired.Although some mothers are good at their own mathematics, they never counsel their children, and children may be worse.

3. Parents’ role models:

Mothers with good mathematics love brains and give their children a good example.Parents who are not good at maths and do not counsel, and do not like to move their brains, can only develop with their children.

4. Health reasons:

If the child has some congenital diseases, it will affect the development of the child’s IQ.Such as hypoxia suffocation, intracranial hemorrhage, etc.

5. Dietary cause:

Research on Norwegian experts showed that children who insisted on breastfeeding for 6 months were higher than that of children with less than 3 months of breastfeeding.Because the long -chain saturated fatty acids about IQ development in breast milk are 10 times more than milk.A 30 -year -old tracking report in Brazil also shows that breastfeeding has higher IQ and higher income and education.

But when I am pregnant, I vomit hard, which may be more related to the healthy growth of children.

According to the reaction of pregnancy, it shows that the bed is good and the embryo is healthy.Investigations for 850,000 pregnant women, pregnant women without pregnancy have 9%risk abortion, while pregnant women with pregnant vomiting have only 6%of risk abortion.Therefore, from this data, the embryo of pregnant women who react to the pregnancy reaction are healthier, and the abortion rate is relatively lower.

You look at the people on TV, and when you are pregnant, you will vomit, and you know that you are pregnant.Is it possible to remind pregnant women because of pregnancy and vomiting, you should be pregnant with pregnancy.Pregnant women who are not pregnant can eat and sleep, and sometimes even forget that they are pregnant, they are not so careful.In this sense, pregnancy vomiting is to protect the safety of the fetus in the mother’s body.

Cause of pregnancy vomiting:

1. The impact of hormones after pregnancy. Some pregnant women’s influence on hormones will be more sensitive, while some are not so sensitive.

2. The rejection of the pregnant mother’s rejection of the baby is an allergic response.Need a process of adaptation, and some may not adapt.

3. With the physical fitness of pregnant mothers, there will be a lot of age.My friend who spit it was an elderly mother.

4. One saying is the reason why pregnant women lack vitamin B.

5. Children grow up in the uterus, and they will stand up to the mother’s stomach, causing pregnancy.

How to prevent pregnancy?

1. Ginger tea is quite effective.

2. Eat 20 mg of vitamin B6 before going to bed

3. Eat more dried foods, don’t eat too many liquid foods

Such as dried bread, soda biscuits, grilled buns

4. Pregnancy vomiting is easy to dehydrate, so drink plenty of water, but drink water after eating for one hour.Don’t drink too much at a time.You can drink 1700 ml a day.

5. Eat less meals to avoid fasting.

6. Reduce the burden of thought, go out to take a walk, chat with friends, think about it, and the pregnancy will be reduced.

Finally, the relationship between pregnancy and children’s IQ is not too great, but it is related to the healthy development of the fetus. We can use a positive mood to try to alleviate the pregnancy.

Generally speaking, most people will slowly stop pregnancy after 12 weeks of pregnancy.If you vomit too much and you ca n’t eat anything, you do n’t need to say anymore, please go directly to the hospital to hang water.

I wish you all the trouble of getting pregnant early!

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