Painless abortion, how to fight anesthetic?


Unexpected pregnancy, fetal stop, or drug flow failure, generally choose artificial abortion to clear the uterine pregnancy sac and other tissues.

However, when thinking of surgery, many patients will not be chilling …

Although the doctor repeatedly emphasized that it was painless, it was still all kinds of fear.Among them, many people are afraid of the steps of hemp medicine.

According to their understanding, the process of septic medicine may be that a rough needle is tied, and people have passed.

In order for everyone to better understand this anesthesia, we will introduce the process of this anesthesia in detail:

After the patient is lying on the operating table, the first body should be placed, that is, the "big" fonts that are separated by both legs to facilitate the operation of the doctor.

Then the nurse should hit a bit on the patient’s arm.This bit is the place where the anesthesiologist is injected with the drug.What needs to be explained is that in order to ensure that anesthesia enters the body smoothly, this drip is relatively usual.When you tie needle, the pain may be a little greater.

The next step is the anesthesiologist playing

Anesthesia doctors must first connect to patients to take care of the patient to ensure the safety of patients’ surgery.What is emphasized here is that hemp medicine is by no means the most important thing in anesthesia. Safety is the most important thing.

Anesthesia doctors will be anesthetized when the vein pathways, monitoring, and various equipment that ensure the safety of the respiratory safety.

Before anesthesia, install a nasal oxygen tube below the patient’s nostril to ensure that the patient has enough oxygen.

When the obstetrician and gynecologists and nurses are in place, the anesthesiologist starts to inject drugs.

In most hospitals, the main drugs are a milky intravenous anesthetic.Auxiliary drugs may be opioids or non -bodies.In short, it is to ensure that the anesthesia is sufficient and safe.

Generally, patients will still retain autonomous breathing after giving medicine.The meaning of breathing autonomous is to breathe yourself.

What should I do if the patient is weak and not panting?

Don’t worry, breathing safety is the most important thing for anesthesiology.Therefore, all kinds of respiratory tract equipment is readily available.Once the patient is found, the anesthesia doctor will immediately use a simple respirator to provide auxiliary breathing for the patient.

Of course, hospitals with good economic conditions will also place a anesthetic machine in the abortion room.If necessary, you can even complete the tracheal intubation operation.

After the drug enters the blood vessels along the vein, patients generally have only 10 seconds of memory time.After that, it will enter a anesthesia state.

Seeing the patient "sleeping", the obstetrician and gynecologist can operate.Skilled doctors can complete abortion surgery in 2 to 3 minutes.

During this period, the vast majority of no need to replenish anesthesia.Of course, when you encounter some well -being and anesthetic experts, you still have to make up.In short, you must ensure that the surgery can be done.

When the obstetrician and gynecologists determine the uterine cavity clean, the anesthetic will be stopped.

At present, the anesthesia used in this outpatient surgery is basically rapid metabolic drugs.After the surgery stops, consciousness will be restored in about 2 to 3 minutes.In other words, from loss of consciousness of recovery, it is generally about 10 minutes.

In most cases, the patient woke up as soon as he woke up: Is it done?Where am I?Even some are still in the excitement of playing cards.Don’t worry about this, this is the magic of anesthesia.

After a few minutes of recovery, patients will completely restore consciousness and return to reality.

Of course, some are weak and still need to rest for a while.In general, the hospital prepares a rest bed for patients.When the patient confirms that it is completely awake, you can leave the hospital.

Reminder: People who have used anesthesia, no matter how awake after surgery, do not drive or make important decisions.Because, even if it is a fast metabolic drug, different people will have different metabolic time.

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