One picture tells the "cervical cyst", should we treat it?

When I recently wrote a series of popular science, I didn’t want to write cervical cysts, because this is really nothing to write, it is very common, but these days I often encounter friends with a B -ultrasound to consult, cervical cysts, cervical cysts, cervical cysts,Does this affect this?Do you want to surgery?

The little friends are estimated to be affected by small advertisements. What uses minimally invasive surgery to deal with cervical cysts. Many small hospitals will also make excessive treatment fees through these issues.Harm, induce you to spend money for treatment, and the cost is quite not cheap.

Cervical cysts are called "cervical gland cysts", also known as "cervical Na’s cyst", which is mainly due to cysts that are blocked and reserved by the glandular secretions due to stenosis or obstruction of the cervical glandular mouth. Most are cervix.Physiological changes usually have no clinical symptoms. In most cases, they are found during medical examinations and generally do not need to be dealt with.

Under normal circumstances, women’s cervical glandular ducts will have a opening, secreting some thick, transparent, and viscous mucus like egg white. These mucus mainly protect the uterine cavity and prevent pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria.Gate.Then it can play the role of guarding the gate, why did it open the gate to the sperm?

This is because its viscosity and secretion also change with the level of estrogen levels in the body. At the high level of estrogen during ovulation, the cervical secretions are large and thin.Love babies, so during ovulation, you will find that there is an increase in leucorrhea, which can be pulled long. Friends can try it.

When all the cervical glandular pipes are open, it is naturally normal, but the pipe mouth is blocked, so that the secretion can not come out, it will increase in the lumen and form a small cyst.It can be single or more. In the B -ultrasound, there is an unprepared echo on the cervix, and women basically encounter such problems.

There may be some friends who will be questioned. Now that the cervical glandular duct is blocked and there is no mucus to protect the uterine cavity, wouldn’t it be easy for bacteria to enter the uterine cavity infection?

I worry about it [touch the head], there are many, many glands on the cervix, and there are countless glands of glandular ducts. A few of them have no effect. Others work normally.There is no need to deal with it, just do cervical screening regularly to rule out whether there is a cervical lesion, and a treatment process with cervical erosion.

Similarly, if it is accompanied by pathogenic bacteria infection, at this time, it is also targeted with medication to resist infection, eliminating these pathogenic bacteria instead of solving cervical cysts. The pathogenic bacteria are destroyed. Cervical cysts still exist.

In the two periods, we have finished two physiological phenomena that are most likely to be pitted on the cervix. In the next three periods, we have begun to face up to the third level of cervical cancer. This is closely related to the healthy health of the friends.

It doesn’t matter at the end, it doesn’t matter if there is any cervical cyst

What is perfect for cysts in the cyst

You can fly high after you let you go

It doesn’t matter

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