Once these foods are thrown away, many people have been poisoned recently!

All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables in summer are listed on the market, which is a good time to eat melon.However, recently, many people were admitted to the hospital because they ate "bitter gourd melon" and were killed.

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Multi -person eating "bitter gourd" causes food poisoning

(1) A bowl of bitter gourd soup for the mother and daughter to poison the food

"There is a gourd soup at home for dinner at home. When eating, I feel a bit bitter. After eating, the food is poisoned. My mother eats a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. I have a little stomach pain when I drink a little soup …" According to Guangming.com, in JulyOn the 2nd, a netizen in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, posted that he and his family experienced food poisoning because of eating bitter gourd.①

(2) A plate of bitter gourd almost asked for the life of the father and son

On June 9th, the public account of Sichuan Medical Medical WeChat also reported on a 61 -year -old man and son in a 61 -year -old gourd in Groscus and his son in Sichuan Province, which caused severe food poisoning.After eating bitter gourd, the two had diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, and immediately went to the hospital for the hospital for treatment.Among them, the elderly’s condition is serious. In addition to the symptoms of digestive tract, there are severe jaundice and severe renal injuries.If it is not processed in time, it may be life -threatening.②

In fact, this is not the first food poisoning incident caused by bitter gourd melon.As early as 2021, the Guangdong Zhongshan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued an urgent reminder that many local workers have caused food poisoning due to eating bitter gourds. It is recommended that consumers should be careful!

Why do gourd gourds suffer?

Dr. Yun and Food Engineering Ma Yun said in an interview with the People’s Daily Health Client on July 4 that "if the fruits such as gourds, loofah are bitter, toxins accumulate. In addition to the bitterness of bitter gourd, other melonsThe bitterness of the fruit is basically an abnormal signal. "

According to Yun Wuxin, the suffering of Guatuo is a stimulus metabolic response to the threat of the outside world."Just like animals are invaded by external enemies, they will respond to stress, and plants are also released as defense under special conditions such as bacteria, viruses, pests threats or adverse environmental conditions."

"Vegetables such as gourd and loofah belong to the family of gourds. The toxin produced is called gourdin. This kind of gourdin is difficult to kill even if it is cooked at high temperature.It will cause the human food to poisoning. "Yun Wuxin said.①

Zhang Xiaohong, chief physician of the Department of Emergency Department of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, introduced in the publication of the WeChat public account of the famous Sichuan doctor that the melon and Guati of bitter gourds contain excessive gourdin -gourd glycoside.This kind of plant toxin is not easily damaged after heating. For about 30 minutes by mistake, poisoning symptoms will occur.

Mild nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.; Severe cases of liver and kidney function damage, and even some patients may have convulsions, dyspnea, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding.Once you eat bitter gourd melon, you should seek medical treatment immediately.②

Do not eat these "bitter" foods!

1. Bitter almond

Liu Shaowei, a professor at the Department of Food Science and Engineering of the School of Biological Engineering, East China University of Technology, pointed out at a Health Times in 2020 that the bitter almondoside contained in bitter almonds and hydrolyzed hydrocyanic acid will cause cellular suffocation and cause tissue hypoxia.Excessive foods will be poisoned or even died.

Therefore, the most important point of preventing bitter almond poisoning is not to endure bitter almonds; if you cook or cook, you should also control the amount of consumption.③

2. Bitulah

Professor Liu Shaowei pointed out on the Personal WeChat public publicity article in 2020 that the main bitter substances in bitter tribute are glycoside alkaloids and have potential toxicity.It is often said that there is a common glycoside alkaline -dragon sunflower alkali in germination potatoes, which can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and food poisoning.

If you encounter the bitter loofah, it is best to throw it away immediately, don’t eat it anymore.④

3. Nuts of suffering

Zhang Wei, a member of the Chinese Nutrition Society, reminded the Health Report in 2014 that if you eat bitter melon seeds, you must spit it out in time, because the bitterness of nuts such as melon seeds is exactly the bitterness from the mildew.Its toxicity is dozens of times the poison cream, and frequent intake will increase the risk of liver cancer.

Therefore, do n’t be lazy when you eat mildew and suffering, you must spit it out immediately.⑤

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Source: Health Times

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