On the day of marriage, I was married and had a abortion of fetuses for 4 months. I had to call the police. My husband’s attitude was chilling.

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"The bride is here!" Hong Liang sounded with excitement.

The bride Wei Lu heard the sound and shook it.

After a while, she was pulled out of the room by a group of big men. The men saw her very excited and couldn’t help but hold her feet. Some people proposed to carry her and tie them to the trunk with the groom.

Wei Lu was frightened and said loudly, "I’m four months pregnant!"

"I’m afraid of what, we won’t do anything, just tie you to the tree, can’t hurt you!"

At this time, the groom Chu Jian walked next to him. Wei Lu seemed to see the savior, throwing away a few men and ran away, hiding behind him.

Chu Jian saw that she was frightened and said, "Almost."

One of the men said, "You understand or not, this is to give you face to make you face, don’t know how to do it!"

Chu Jian was hesitant for a moment. Their village did have the custom of getting married and the bride and grooms, and they were very fierce.

Generally, people can be so troublesome, so Chu Jian is not easy to say anything, and dare not offend the villagers. After all, his parents still live in the village, and when they help them help.

Thinking about it this way, he didn’t dare to speak.

Looking back, he quietly persuaded Wei Lulu. This is the custom here, and he is hard to say anything.

Wei Lu didn’t expect their customs to be so terrible. I knew that she would never agree to return to the banquet!

But now it’s too late to say anything. Several men saw Chu Jian dare not say a word, and they became brave. They coaxed together. Several men went together to pull Wei Lu and Chu Jian to the tree.The thick rope tied the two to the tree.

Wei Lu has been struggling, and seeing that he could only take his stomach with his hands without using it.

The men didn’t take it seriously, and they opened her hand while holding her hand, and the backhand was tied to the tree.

After Wei Lu was made up for a long time, his stomach was a little uncomfortable.

She told Chu Jian that Chu Jian was busy commented on a few men and let her tolerate her. When they played enough, they would let them down.

But Wei Lu felt that he couldn’t wait.

After being made in the morning, they were now tied to the tree again. The rope strangled her belly, and she was now painful.

These men still refused to let them go, and brought stinky eggs and flour on them.

Wei Lu moaned uncomfortable: "Put me down, my stomach hurts …"

Several people didn’t take it seriously, and they were happy.

Wei Lu’s face gradually pale.

She felt that her stomach had a pain, and a warm current flowed from her lower body. She panicked and shouted weakly to let them let her down.

But a few men saw her like this, and smiled happily, and joked with Chu Jian, "Your wife is really going on!"

Wei Lu was completely panicked, and he was very helpless. He could only turn his head and shouted Chu Jian’s red eyes: "Hurry up and let them let me down, I … I feel that the child seems to be gone!"

Speaking of the end, her voice was trembling.

Chu Jian felt that there was a problem, and quickly asked a few people to release them.

But it was too late. After such a toss, the child couldn’t keep it.

Wei Lu’s emotions are very excited.

How could she have a miscarriage if it wasn’t for a few big men who kept holding her!

Those men had something to do. They had resentment in their hearts. They felt happy, but they were just a bride. As a result, the bride was so delicate, but she was aborted.

Their attitude stimulated to Weilu.

Regardless of the guests, Wei Lu scolded with a red eyes: "What breaks this custom, and the bride and groom in the name of customs, if you don’t know, you think you take the opportunity to vent his anger!"

This is a bit targeted.

Several people were unhappy when they heard it.

When other guests met, they also left.

Wei Lu was lying on the bed and was uncomfortable, not only the children were gone, but also their attitude.

Obviously they tidd up her to the child’s abortion, but they were still angry. What could she say to her face, who rare their face?

The child is gone, she wants them to apologize and compensate!

However, her in -laws and Chu Jian heard that she was looking for a few people to apologize and compensation, and they opposed it.

"Don’t toss anymore, they are not intentional. Besides, this is your joy. People just come and make fun. I did n’t hear who got married, and I asked someone else to compensate!"

"Yeah, we can’t afford this face!"

The two in -laws, you said one word by one, and it is not allowed to go to make trouble.

Wei Lu watched Chu Jian, who was silent, asked him what he came.

Chu Jian glanced at his in -laws, sighed, and persuaded her: "Mom is right, they are here to be lively. You really have to find someone to apologize and compensate. Will our family laugh in the village, and who dares to deal with us in the future."He looked at Weilu, afraid she would not die, and warned her," Don’t find anything, no one will help us when you go out. "

Wei Lu understands, they just want to suffer this dumb!

They want to eat, she doesn’t want.

While they didn’t pay attention, Wei Lu dragged his body to the police/inspection/bureau directly alarm.

Police/inspection quickly involved.

After Chu Jian knew, he scolded her with red eyes: "You’re intentionally! I want us to do it with the whole village!"

Wei Lu ignored him and found her bridesmaid to testify, proved that her miscarriage was indeed harmed by those men.

Although there was no intention to murder, but when he knew that the bride was pregnant and clearly stopped, there was no stopping and having a mistake.

Not only let them apologize, but they must also compensate Weilu.

Although things were resolved, she also stabbed the basket at the same time.

She was the first wedding in Chu Jian Village to tell people.

It was completely offended people.

After the in -laws knew, she scolded her as a bereavement star. As soon as she got married, they made their family the public enemy in the village.

Chu Jian did not have a good look at her, forcing her to kneel and apologize to the villagers until they were satisfied.

Wei Lu was completely disappointed. This man was so good to himself, but when he returned to the village, he was like a person, only taking care of his face.

If he was in trouble at the beginning, he could stand up to protect her, and she would not have a miscarriage at all.

But he dare not.

Let others do anything to her, and after the accident, she wants to make her peaceful. From beginning to end, she only considers herself.

Now in order to calm down, she still wants her to kneel and apologize. It is simply dreaming.

Wei Lu’s attitude is very resolute. Not only will she not apologize, she also proposes divorce. This man does not want it!

The in -laws’ family was dumbfounded, but I did not expect that things evolved like this.

Wei Lu didn’t even change his clothes without changing his clothes.

During this period, Chu Jian called her several calls, she didn’t answer it, even if he answered it, he knew what he was going to say.

It is impossible for her life to have this man again.

I used to think that it seemed so unreliable now, blame her in a bad vision.

She will open her eyes in the future, and will never be like this time!

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