On the day after the same room, can I use early pregnancy test strips?You can’t know the back of the queen queen

Many netizens left a message in the background:

How long does menstruation come to know if you are pregnant?How long is it after the same room, the fertilization is completed?How long can I test after pregnancy?

Regarding these issues, whether it is a young couple during pregnancy or women who are not ready to BB for the time being, they want to know the answer.

As long as you understand what a man’s sperm meets the woman’s eggs, what happens to the body, you can choose the appropriate detection method at the right time.

After the same room, the semen was shot into the vagina, and the sperm left the semen.The small team in the "Sperm Army", about 20 to 200 sperm, will enter the uterine cavity and ovular lumen through the cervix.It can be seen that this is the first level to pass the combination of sperm and eggs.

The sperm finally reached the belly of the tubal pot, combined with the egg, and a fertilized egg was formed.Fertilized eggs, also known as pregnant eggs, are the beginning of a new life.

The entire fertilization process takes about 24 hours.

About 30 hours after fertilization, fertilized eggs moved to the uterine cavity with the help of fallopian tube peristalsis and tubal endometrium cilia, and gradually invaded the uterine cavity.During the movement, the fertilized eggs are developed for a series of division and development.

On the 6th to 7 days after fertilization, the fertilized eggs were invaded and buried into the endometrium.This process is called "bed" for pregnant eggs.After the pregnancy, it gradually develops into embryos and placenta, and the baby starts to grow and develop.

On the 7th to 8th after fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishing layer began to secrete a small amount of HCG, that is, the human chorionic gonadotropin.

This hormone has grown rapidly in early pregnancy. By the weeks of pregnancy 8 to 10 weeks, the HCG concentration in serum reaches its peak. After about 10 days, it dropped rapidly.

Early pregnancy test strip is to test whether pregnancy is tested by testing the value of HCG in the urine after the morning -not yet pregnant, only a "one bar" appears on the test strip, which is negative; and when pregnancy, the test paper appears "Two Two Two"Dao bar" is positive.

Testing pregnancy with early pregnancy test paper is affected by the level of hormones in the urine.

If the pregnancy is still at a very early stage, the level of hormones in the urine of pregnant women is still low, or the amount of water drinking too much before the test of pregnant women is diluted, or if the quality of the test strip is improperly preserved, it can be diluted.As a result, it cannot be tested.

Therefore, if the "aunt" is not delayed, and the urine pregnancy test is negative, but also worried about women who are pregnant, you can consider the hospital for blood drawing.Pregnant.

Compared with urine testing, blood testing is more accurate and sensitive.Using this method, usually 8-9 days after fertilization can be found to be pregnant.

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