Obviously the two bars are tested, why did the doctor say that he didn’t want to be pregnant?

This situation may occur when preparing for pregnancy. I do n’t know when I suddenly feel nauseous and nauseous. In addition, menstruation does not come, so many women feel that they are pregnant?Hurry up and try a pregnancy test stick. Sure enough, two bars are pregnant!

Then, the couple went to the hospital for examination, but the doctor said that she was not pregnant.What happened to joy and one time?

Pseudo -pregnancy refers to women who had symptoms similar to pregnancy, but the fact is not a real pregnancy, and no pregnancy in the uterus or outside the uterus is not seen under the B -ultrasound.

There are generally two causes of such a situation:

01. Great psychological pressure

According to relevant surveys, 80%of female fake pregnancy is basically caused by too much psychological pressure.

Some family members often have all kinds of births, and giving pregnant women always think about fighting, and get rid of the birth earlier.In addition, some women have always put a lot of pressure on themselves because they have not been pregnant for a long time.

In such a strong pressure in this heart, many women are thinking about their pregnancy every day, and they eventually have false pregnancy.

02. Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy refers to abortion within 5 weeks after pregnancy. The blood can detect the elevation of HCG, but the ultrasonic examination does not see the pregnancy sac. It is also called "sub -clinical abortion" in medicine.

Biochemical pregnancy is not uncommon, accounting for about 20%of total pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers did not go to the hospital to test HCG after pregnancy, and found their own situation after biochemical. At this time, regret it was too late!

How to avoid false pregnancy?The doctor said that pregnancy is a natural process. Do not be too nervous in this process, and do not rise up and down.relax

Women who are preparing for pregnancy are related to the symptoms of this pseudo -pregnancy, which is related to the urgent wanting baby’s friends.During the pregnancy, the couple should not be too anxious or even start to be anxious. Keep a happy mood so that the baby can come healthily.

Calmly confirm

Female friends during pregnancy, if you find that you have symptoms of pregnancy, you must confirm it carefully.It is best to go to the hospital for examination in time so that you can accurately know if you are pregnant.

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