Obviously pregnant, come to "Auntie"?Summarize 3 reasons, beware of mothers during pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, women will not have menstruation after pregnancy. They find that their menstruation has not arrived. It is best to go to the hospital for examination and judge whether they have succeeded in pregnancy. Of course, in the body during pregnancyFor a doctor, the reason can be judged by examination.Some women still have a regular holiday after pregnancy, and they need to pay enough attention.

1. Normal physiological changes

It is obviously pregnant, but there is still a manifestation of the holiday, it is likely to be physiological bleeding.Because after pregnancy, there will still be a small amount of vaginal hemorrhage at first, and it will not accompany other adverse symptoms. It is just minor bleeding. This is just the physiological changes of the fertilized eggs.

As long as you maintain good habits and maintain stable endocrine levels, you don’t need to worry too much.At this time, women should maintain the clean and hygiene of private parts, and check regularly to understand the health of the body after pregnancy.

2. Breakal abortion

If women still have vaginal hemorrhage after pregnancy, it is likely to be a threatened abortion.Normal women will stop menstruation after pregnancy, and no vaginal bleeding will be inexplicable. However, some women suddenly have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. This situation is likely to be a threatened abortion.

The pioneering production refers to the manifestation of miscarriage before 28 weeks of pregnancy. At the beginning, there was a small amount of vaginal bleeding. Then there would be pain in the lower abdomen, the lower abdomen was obviously painful, did not deal with timely, and the amount of bleeding was large. It should be dealt with in a timely manner.

3. Endometritis appears

Women are still vaginal bleeding after pregnancy, and they are likely to suffer from endometritis.Uterine endometritis refers to the inflammatory lesions of the uterine site. After the invasion of bacterial infections, it will affect endometrium health. The inflammation will be repeatedly infected.Essence

Most of the physical discomfort after taking the disease is obvious, there are pain in the pelvic area, and the increase in leucorrhea will occur. Severe vagina will bleed. Normally after pregnancy, there will be no passion.EssenceIt is necessary to reasonably control the development of the disease, through drug treatment, general treatment improvement, but also maintain good living habits to care for the body.

Through the above content, it is found that women seem to have menstruation after pregnancy. This situation needs to be vigilant. Both endometritis and threatened abortion have hidden dangers, and it needs to be improved in time.If it is only a physiological factor, the physiological bleeding caused by changes in hormone levels in the body should be actively regulated by developing good habits. This situation does not need to worry too much, so as not to worry about emotional changes significantly.”””””

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