Obviously I took contraceptives, why is it still an accident?

It is inevitable that couples will have dry firewood!

Accidents always always happen!

Is it unable to touch the mind?

Obviously I took contraceptives!

But is it still an accident?Intersection

In addition to taking expired contraceptives, this situation

There is another reason!

That is

Then, then

Then, then

Then, then

You are not using contraceptives!

Well ~ If you don’t want to be super "generation" in advance

Today’s contraceptive cold knowledge

Be sure to read and recite!

Be sure to listen carefully ~

First of all, the foundation in the foundation,

We must understand the type of contraceptive pills!

The selected contraceptives can be used more effectively ~

(Girls must be in mind)

There are currently two common contraceptives on the market:

Short -acting contraceptives, emergency contraceptives!

Short -effect contraceptive,

Belongs [Prevention Pinthia]

Need to stick to it for a long time!

Under the condition of correct use, contraception power is as high as 99%

And side effects can be ignored!

CR@c c

With 28 days as a cycle,

The first time I took the medicine in the first day of the aunt’s bleeding!

After eating for 21 days,

Stop the medicine for another 7 days!

(Note! I still need to wear TT popping!)

After 7 days of stopping the medicine,

Under normal circumstances, I will come to my aunt ~

Start to eat the second box at this time!

Continue to enter the cycle mode

This time,

Within 7 days of stopping the medicine, there can be no TT applauding for love

(Wuhu ~)


ah!What if I missed the medicine?Intersection

It doesn’t matter!

Just make up for the sisters ~

emmm …

But not everyone is suitable for taking short -acting contraceptives!

Sisters who usually have these situations

It’s best not to eat for health!

CR@c c

After speaking short -acting contraceptives,

Let’s talk about emergency contraceptives ~

Emergency contraceptive,

In fact, it is [one after the afterwards]

Plan B, which belongs to contraceptive failure

It usually takes 2 tablets!

The first piece must be taken within 72H after the pop,

Then take the second piece after 12h

Otherwise, contraception may fail!

CR@c c

And emergency contraceptives

Can only be used as a temporary remedy!

It’s best to control

≤ 2 times within 1 month, ≤ 3 times within 1 year

Its side effects are relatively obvious!

There may be irregular vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, etc.

The best is

Try to eat as little as possible


The popular science of the basic common sense of contraceptive pills is here first!

Have you studied abolition?Intersection

Let’s enter our topic:

N cold knowledge about contraceptives!


It’s really possible!

If you take the main component of contraceptives you eat

It is [Zuo Nuo Gactone]

It is very likely to make you expand gradually

The hormone in the medicine,

It may allow water, sodium, etc. in our body

Maternal retention leads to edema.

Isn’t sauce purple just fat?

But now most of the short -acting contraceptives on the market

The main ingredient is [Eyolone]

It won’t make you fat!

You can still rest assured to eat ~


Eating fruit really makes contraceptives fail!

But it’s just individual fruits!

Especially, grapefruit, lime, and lime must pay attention to ~

(Drinks containing this kind of fruit are not working)

There is a kind of ingredients in this kind of fruits that affect drug metabolism!

That’s why it will cause you to take contraceptives clearly,

But unexpectedly like being a father/mother

If you accidentally mixed together, just right together

For the sake of insurance,

Take a contraceptive pill again at 72H ~

⭕ not necessarily

Under normal circumstances,

The gastrointestinal is just a sisters with a little problem,

There is no diarrhea during the medicine


It can be absorbed by eating contraceptives ~

Basically, there is no effect

But if the gastrointestinal disorders are severe,

It’s about to ring the alarm ~

It may be caused by intestinal function,

The drug was not completely absorbed,

Contraceptive effect ≈00

And contraceptives will have a certain stimulation of gastric mucosa!

If gastrointestinal disorders,

There may be discomfort after eating ~

It is best to take another way of contraception ~

Finally, BB!

If you take 3-4h after taking contraceptives

You yue,

Remember to eat another piece!

调Anchidism can really regulate my aunt!

Because "irregular menstruation" goes to the hospital for the hospital,

Doctors usually prescribe contraceptives for you ~

Because the composition of contraceptives is sex hormone drugs ~

And our aunt is controlled by estrogen hormones,

So the aunt is irregular,

You can use contraceptives to condition!

CR@Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Zhu

In addition to the disappearance of menstruation,

Such as common dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome …

It will also be treated with contraceptives ~

Although contraceptives can regulate endocrine problems

But I still want to remind the sisters

Taking contraceptives for conditioning,

Must be evaluated by a doctor!Intersection

Like diseases such as thrombosis, too obese and other diseases

You can’t eat it!

CR@c c

all in all,

Promise I don’t want to eat it myself?


傻 Of course not, silly sister!

Most girls are after stopping the medicine,

Will return to the factory state quickly ~

The situation of pregnancy is consistent with the short -acting contraceptive pill!

Sisters who want baby can rest assured

CR@c c

⭕ Indeed!

Many sisters go to the hospital to see acne,

Doctors will prescribe contraceptives for you ~

but!Contraceptive treatment

Limited to acne caused by androgen!

(That is, the endocrine disorders we often call)

If acne is not caused by male hormones,

Even if you eat contraceptives as rice, it is not effective. OK?

If you are severe acne muscles,


Go to the hospital to check [Six Hormonal Six] 200-300R!Intersection

There are also professional doctors to help you see

What do you say what you put on the picture …

And pay attention to many things to take contraceptives!

What should I do if I have a problem?

Even the money to watch acne must be saved,

Are you okay?Intersection


That’s it for today’s contraceptives small knowledge science ~

Still want to remind the sisters 一下

If there is no idea of preparing pregnancy,

Must take contraceptive measures for applauding for love ~

Although contraceptives are the most effective contraceptive means,

But it still has a big bug

Some raw zHI infection diseases cannot be avoided

It is better to choose TT if you want to contraception+anti -infection ~

In addition, you must follow the doctor’s order!

Although contraceptives have other functions besides contraception,

But don’t eat it yourself ~

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