Obviously, how can I have a biochemical pregnancy?I feel that I have experienced a wave of false pregnancy and false abortion

LINA found that she was pregnant. When I saw the two less obvious bars on the pregnancy test stick, she and her husband were ecstatic and hurried to the hospital to confirm again. The data also showed that she was pregnant.The old man hopes that his grandson has been more than a year, and now he has to be happy. Maybe it is very sad. Within a few days, Lina feels a little stomachache. When you see the toilet, the aunt is here.What is going on?Obviously pregnant, how about menstruation?

The doctor said that this is not menstruation, it is indeed pregnant, but this is a biochemical pregnancy, not even abortion, and can then prepare for pregnancy.So what is biochemical pregnancy and why the fetus is biochemical?Does it have any impact on the next pregnancy?

What is biochemical pregnancy?

The fetus came to this world, almost all of them were silent. Many mothers did not know that they were pregnant, but as the symptoms were obvious every day, such as the display of the pregnancy test, the HCG data of the blood check, even the early pregnancy such as drowsiness and vomitingThe reaction is reminding women that you are going to be a mother, and then you are pregnant for ten months. The fetus is born under the attention of the public.But biochemical pregnancy is different, the beginning is almost the same, but they are "quietly coming and walking quietly without taking away a cloud." They also experienced the combination of sperm and eggs, but did not look like normal fertilized eggs like normal fertilized eggs.Back to the uterus, An An’s house settled down, but chose to wander and run away from home, so when doing B -ultrasound, you can’t see the gestational sac, and the pregnancy state is naturally terminated.It is a biochemical pregnancy.

Is the chance of biochemical pregnancy high?

Many pregnant couples feel that being biochemical is unlucky, and there is psychological pressure on the next pregnancy. In fact, biochemical pregnancy is not uncommon, accounting for about 25-30%of the total pregnancy.Woolen cloth?The reason is that many women have obviously become pregnant, but they are pregnant quickly. She did not realize that she simply believed that after a few days later, or pregnancy failed, biochemical pregnancy had no effect on women’s bodies, nor did she not have any effects, nor did they not haveAny discomfort is usually confused with menstruation. Only go to the hospital to check HCG, but it is only a one -time increase.

Why are there more and more biochemical pregnancy?Can’t escape these two major reasons

health issues

There are still many reasons that cause biochemical pregnancy. Specifically, there are two major aspects. The first is physical reasons. For example, the fertilized egg itself has defects.Knowing that the egg does not have the function of selecting the best sperm, and sometimes the old and weak soldiers will encounter luck, or the quality of the egg itself is not high, resulting in abnormalities in early embryos, which leads to biochemical pregnancy.Even if there is no biochemical pregnancy, the embryo may not survive in the early months of the early pregnancy, which will cause natural abortion.

The other reason may be that the luteal function of the ovarian is not good, which leads to insufficient luteal secretion, abnormal uterine endometrium, which affects the bed of fertilized eggs, or inflammation of the uterus, blocking the fertilized egg back to the uterus, and returning to the uterus.Another possibility is that there is a problem with autoimmunity. The immune response believes that fertilized eggs are antigen substances, which causes antibodies to prevent the fertilized eggs from bed.Clear reasons to prepare for pregnancy.


It is difficult to prepare for pregnancy now. Many women have been pregnant for a long time. Facing the doubts of family members and the outside world, they have huge psychological pressure in their hearts.It will not affect the next pregnancy, and you can continue to prepare.

Nowadays, the living standards have improved, but various practical problems such as diet, environment, and work pressure have always troubled people and seriously affected the physiological health of young people., Is the key to breeding healthy babies.

Is biochemical pregnancy the same as natural abortion?

There is a essential difference between natural miscarriage and biochemical pregnancy. The former is the loss of embryo after bed, and the latter does not enter the uterus bed.Yang, cannot reach strong yang.Moreover, the pregnancy time of biochemical pregnancy is shorter, and generally does not exceed 50 days. If you look closely, you can see that the membrane material flows out.

In terms of rest, natural abortion is damaged to the body, you need to rest for a period of time, and after preparing for pregnancy, the body must be fully recovered. Generally, after 3 months, the biochemical pregnancy does not require special cultivation.Pregnancy has passed, so you can prepare for pregnancy after biochemical pregnancy, but if you want to find out the cause, it is recommended to recuperate and prepare for pregnancy.

Therefore, the biochemical pregnancy is often aware of it. It is difficult for babies to retain, and it is impossible to keep it. It is not necessary to pay special attention to the biochemical pregnancy, relax the mentality, and welcome the next baby.

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