Novice parents have teeth when they encounter their baby. The old man said that it is "fierce". Whether it is good or bad

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The newborn baby is naturally that everything is yet to be developed, and it looks soft and glutinous.In everyone’s cognition, when the baby was born, there was light in his mouth and no teeth.

However, there are some special babies in life. As soon as they fell to the ground, they came out of their teeth, which really surprised the family.

Xiaoxue just gave birth to a baby these days, but the family couldn’t be happy. Looking at the baby who was just born, Xiaoxue was also distressed.

It turned out that the baby born by Xiaoxue was a bit "weird". When she was born, she had a teeth. When her mother -in -law saw it, she directly asserted that "this is a broom star, not good luck in the future.", Leave Xiaoxue and her husband in the hospital and go home.

Looking at the little teeth in the baby’s mouth, Xiaoxue was also confused. She really heard that there was an ominous sign if the newborn was born.Although I received high cultural education and did not believe in superstition, but looking at the teeth in the child’s mouth, Xiaoxue still whispered in her heart: Isn’t my child really good luck in the future?

The newborn baby grows teeth. This kind of plot seems to have only appeared in the horror bridge section of the film and television drama, but in real life, there is indeed such a situation.

In the past people’s feudal thoughts, the newborn babies have teeth and will be considered a bad sign. Old people often call them "ghost teeth" when they are born.I think it is not a good meaning.

In Western countries, those children who have teeth just have teeth will not be blessed, and they will even be considered "monsters".

So aside the superstition, the newborn baby has teeth as soon as he was born. What is the reason?

In normal circumstances, the babies have only started their teeth in 6-8 months. The earliest ones started from 4 months, and those babies who have teeth just born are special circumstances. This type of dental term is "Birth of teeth ", viviparous teeth, or" horse teeth "and so on.

Data show that newborns are rare when they are born, and one of the newborn babies is every 2000-3000 newborn babies.

Therefore, it is relatively rare that the situation of new babies when they are born, and the reason why some babies have such situations, as long as they are related to a few factors: genetic accounts for a large proportion: about 15% of them are born.Babies of teeth, their parents or close relatives will have the same similar situation; during pregnancy, when the mother is pregnant, if there is malnutrition or excessive calcium supplement, the possibility of the child’s teeth will increase after birth.Big; fetal gender: Data show that girls seem to be more likely to happen than boys.

Before the Internet, there were special effects that can make the baby’s mouth full of teeth. After the baby was "full" of his teeth, it looked very thick and thick, but in actual life, the newborn baby had it.The teeth are not as cute as it looks, but there is still a lot of risks.

This kind of "birth teeth" is not firm because there is no root root, and it is likely to be swallowed by the baby in the process of the baby’s sucking process.

Moreover, with such teeth, when the baby sucks breast milk, it will also make the mother feel very uncomfortable. The teeth will have a lot of friction for the chest. Some mothers will also refuse to breastfeed due to pain.

Therefore, when you find that your baby is in this case, do not overly superstitious and do not deal with it without permission. Instead, you must take the child to see the doctor as soon as possible to obey the doctor’s advice.In general, doctors choose to deal with this tooth.

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