Novel: Xu Shao left the money and crossed back, but she was pregnant

Lin Lishu has been a decent and traditional education since he was a child.

For the first time Xu Yang’s frightening remarks, she heard it for the first time.

Xu Yang looked at the confused Lin Lishu and sighed: "Anyway, it’s okay to be idle, and my brother will think about it."

Lin Lishu listened and listened.

"Look at your mother -in -law’s fierce look, presumably you are not angry at your ex -husband’s house, and the woman around your mother -in -law, is your girlfriend, and also your ex -husband’s derailment, right?"

Lin Lishu looked at Xu Yang like a god, and his eyes were full of worship: "How do you know? What else is girlfriend?"

Xu Yang remembered that it was 1999, and the word "girlfriend" was not popular yet.

Xu Yang continued: "I said I guess, do you believe it? You have only one beautiful face left, there is also quite big. It is the so -called chest and brainless."

Xu Yang’s eyes stayed on Lin Lishu’s chest, and the memory returned to last night, which was really intoxicating.

Lin Lishu’s focus on Xu Yang’s words, he didn’t care about where he was looking at.

"Thank you, I won’t be slaughtered anymore in the future." Lin Lishu hugged herself, her eyes were firm in her eyes.

After a while, the principal Holy Lin Lishu told her that she would not have to resign.

It turned out that a student led by Lin Lishu, a student won the first prize of elementary school students in the country. The Municipal Education Bureau will specially award Lin Lishu next week.

Before dinner, the unconscious Lin mother also woke up, and Lin Lishu suddenly felt that her life was not thin.

Since passing the wrong time and space, Xu Yang feels that he returns to 2018 as soon as possible, and there are many jobs in the real world waiting for him to deal with it.

When he left, he changed his money with gold reserves and quietly placed under the pillow of Lin’s mother’s sick bed.

Also left a note for Lin Lishu: Don’t be afraid, be brave, everything will get better and better.

Xu Yang returned to 2018 with a time machine, and Lin Lishu was still looking for him on the street.

After Xu Yang left, Lin Lishu’s heart seemed to be empty.

She returned to school in school and used the money left by Xu Yang to help her mother invite a caregiver. She would go to the hospital to accompany the bed when she got off work.

In the school, rumors about her non -inspection point are becoming more and more outrageous, and the details are in detail where she has played a few children.

At school, the teacher in the office pointed at her.

When I got home, my neighbor said to her.

Lin Lishu gritted her teeth, depending on Xu Yang’s words: "Can’t get to you, it will only make you stronger."

The bicycle was lost, and she bought a new one with the money left by Xu Yang.

Qin Fang made a rumor in the office and voicedly said that the bicycle was accompanied by Lin Lishu.

When Lin Lishu decided not to endure this way, she went to Qin Fang theory.

Qin Fang threw her an invitation: "At the end of the month, Liu Cheng and I held a banquet at the Chenguang Hotel. Remember my good friend."

Lin Lishu held the invitation and lost all his strength.

It was her abandoned. It was her who couldn’t get pregnant. The "two -wedding" broken shoes in people’s mouths were her. What about her even the theory?

Those people did not say her, pushing her to a more dirty vortex.

Lin Lishu endured her tears from flowing down.

She wants to survive, for her mother and brother.

Time flies, and immediately in mid -April, her mother was discharged from the hospital, and Lin Lishu was accustomed to living alone in school.

Xu Yang’s money left the mother’s medical expenses and spent, leaving 4,000 yuan.

Lin Lishu always wanted to find an opportunity to return him, only to find out that she knew nothing but she knew that he was called Xu Yang.

When I went home a day, I passed the fried fried dough -to -frast stall, and Lin Lishu had a disgusting stomach.

This situation lasted for several days, and Lin Lishu suspected that she was pregnant.

Children can only be Xu Yang, because she and Liu Cheng have not had the same room for more than a year.

Lin Lishu bought a pregnancy test paper from the prescription and went home to test it secretly from the prescription. Two bars, really pregnant.

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