Novel: Too ruthless, a man kicks directly on the stomach of a pregnant woman!

Lin curtain rolled beside him very quickly and escaped this foot.

Zhao Qiwei stunned, and then looked at Zhan Lian on the second floor, "President Zhan, your wife is really not ordinary."

Speaking, looking at the Lin curtain, it was ruthlessly floating in my eyes, "But it’s okay, I have time to play with her today."

After speaking, he walked towards the forest curtain.

The Lin curtain has stood up and rushed towards the person around her.

She can only leave by pushing them away.

But soon she was caught.

Zhao Qiwei threw her to the ground.

This was very heavy, and Lin curtain fell straight to the ground.

But when she fell, she tightened her belly with both hands.

Even so, when she was lying on the ground, there was a pain in her stomach.


Her child …

Zhao Qiwei stepped on her hands, "Do you think you can protect him like this?"

"Impossible, unless we always open the gold mouth, then I must … his hiss!"

Lin curtain sat up and bit his legs.

Zhao Qiwei’s face was fierce for a moment, and his other kicked in the belly of the forest curtain.


The forest curtain curled up.

Blood quickly flowed between her legs.

Zhao Qiwei raised his trousers, and a row of bright red tooth prints on his left leg was flowing from the tooth print.

"Oh, it’s not just strong, but also wild."

The next moment, all the legs and feet greeted the belly of the forest curtain.

Lin Curtain tightened his stomach, and the pain spread from the belly to the whole body.

It hurts, it hurts.

Like flesh and flesh to tear.

She looked up and looked at the man who was sitting in that position on the second floor and always looked like one -looking, opened his mouth, "A Shi, this is your child, he has been more than four months, and he has been formed …"

"He will move in my stomach. He is very good, obedient, and never quarrels me. He is really good. I beg you, leave him …"

"You can punish me, I just ask you to leave him, even if you die, I can die, Ah Shi …"

He was holding a wine glass, shaking his hands, and the red wine in the cup was like red silk, entangled with his long and white hands, so careless.

It seems that everything below has nothing to do with him.

Lin curtain shed tears.

She knew that he would not care, he had to manage it, he had long been in charge.

However, she still hopes.

This is his blood, his flesh.

"Ashi, I beg you, look at our year of marriage, save our children, I beg you …"

Liu Ye frowned, looked at Zhan Lian, stood up, "Zhao Qiwei, you are enough."

Zhao Qiwei finally stopped, and Lin curtain was already a pool of blood, and the crystal lamp was dazzling.

"Well, you are so kind."

Liu Ye’s face became cold, "I don’t have to intervene in my affairs!"

After speaking, quickly go downstairs and call, "You come here now, send …"

After that, the phone was robbed by Zhao Qiwei.

"Zhao Qiwei!" Liu Ye fired.

Zhao Qiwei bent his lips and looked at Zhan Lian on the second floor.

"Zhao Qiwei, let me tell you, don’t you have to enter!"

"I have to go in? I just help you. Who we don’t know that we are always thinking about you. He marry this woman just to make you look back. Now this woman has his species, and he doesn’t solve it well.How do you live behind? "

"Yes, our great Zhan President."

Lin curtain was shocked, his eyes widened, looking at the people on the second floor.

At this moment, all her pain disappeared, and everything around her was far away from her, leaving only the people in the sight.

Is this true?

I’m just to save the chess pieces of my beloved?

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