Novel: The guy crossed into the king of the king, but he was diligent and loved the people.

From this perspective, You Hun’s information appeared in front of Li Qing.

Name: You Hun.

Identity: Da Shang Jianjun, Director of the Five Army.

Power: Mortal

Magic weapon: none

Gongfa: None

Fun: – 3

Xianjia level evaluation: none.

Since Fei Zhong was divided by five horses yesterday, You Hun knew that his brother was afraid to leave together.

Sure enough, as soon as the king’s signal was issued, everyone above the court began to fight against himself.

Fang Xiang is just a small stale.

I saw that he was pale, and was rushed by Li Qing’s grief, and he was even more horrified.

Li Qing smiled coldly, like gritting his teeth and cut his teeth: "You and Fei Zhong, how much trust is the widow! But you two! But with the trust of the widow, do evil everywhere!? One! We must murder the widow! Crful the queen! One!Objective power, buying and selling official positions!? You are the widow’s court! What is it! "

Li Qing said that with a palm of the case, the sound was like a thunder, and the ministers were cicadas. He got up and drank, "Is it your backyard!"

"King …"

Youhun was a traitor, how courage did you have?Now I have urinated their pants and paralyzed to the ground.

Li Qing waved disgustedly: "Drag it down, divide the corpses of five horses, he bought a official position, all recovered, his family property, and charged."


The two guards came out immediately, dragging You Hun out of Wanshou Hall.

"Ding, the public’s heart is happy, the return of the heart is greatly increased.

With You Hun’s killing, Li Qing’s ear also came with a system of prompting.

Li Qing smiled indifferently, and then continued: "Zhu Aiqing, can you play?"

"Chen, there is a play."

After killing You Hun, a group of ministers are naturally happy. Knowing that the king must have restored the wisdom of the past, then the various problems of the backlog of these months are naturally reported to solve it!

I saw Bigang first stepped forward and shouted loudly: "The king of the western region, the flames of the western region are against, the May time has been captured, Liaozhou, Mozhou, Jingzhou and other six states and eighteen counties."

Li Qing’s eyebrows frowned, and they were about to speak, but they did not stop. They still said: "The Western Regions are rebellious, and the May of May has been attacked.

"The seventy -two princes of the North Sea are against the master. Now Wen Tai is going to suppress it, but the 72 princes can collude with the Mangshans of the Beihai.

"Donghai aquariums are uncertain. His Majesty’s three years ago, the rain and rain were descended, and the Donghai aquariums did not respond.

"The South China Sea aquarium, the anti -heart is uncertain. His Majesty has repelled the water twice a year ago, and the South China Sea aquarium did not respond. Today, Tanzhou, Fenzhou, Lizhou, etc., the sixteen counties of the four states are still flooding."

"Beihai Aquarium …"

"Xihai Aquarium …"

"Southern Araki Reconf to …"

"The southern barren barbarians fight …"


Bi Gan is on the hall, and I read two incense!

Li Qing’s indifferent face was a little surprised at this moment: "But the widow has not been raised by the DPRK for five months, how can it be?"

No wonder, the big businessmen with eight hundreds of thes say they died.

Where is the reason for the West on Monday? This is the enemy on all sides!

"Since paying funds, Zhongyou’s rape made the king’s adult, and after the Su Hua was forced to rebel, the world was smoky.

Sighing a sigh of sigh, Shen Sheng said.

After hearing this, Li Qing nodded slightly, "It’s not the widow, all love Qing, it’s hard."

"Ding, the loyalty of the ministers improved, and the National Games increased a little."

After Li Qinggang finished speaking, there was a system prompt sound in his ears.

At the same time, I saw a group of ministers above the hall, as if I saw the king for the first time, and the eyes were exposed in the eyes, but then they worshiped and shouted: "Chen and others are worried about the country.! But the duty! "

Li Qing smiled and waved with a smile: "Zhong Qing gets up."

After speaking, he was right, his face returned to his indifference, and calmly said: "There is a master of Wen Tai in Beihai, although there are small frustrations, but they will fight back.It is cheap, this year should be no exception, so first of first, let the local county defend a lot of resistance for a few days, the army will arrive soon! "

Speaking of which, Li Qing said in the eyes: "A small four -sea aquarium, dare not listen to the order of widow?

"Huh! East China Sea, the two aquariums of the South China Sea, although the Dragon King was named by the Emperor, did they really take themselves as a king?!"

The ministers returned to their hearts. At this moment, Li Qing said, and immediately resonated, only to listen to the side sneer, and said with a full face.

"Yes, even the king, then you have to listen to the order of Her Majesty this man! They are just looking for it!"

Huang Feihu also sneered, then stepped on, bowed and drank, "King! Consistence! Take the army to the East China Sea and his party! I will take the East China Dragon King Ao Guang lead!

"The minister is willing to accompany Wu Cheng!"

Fang Yan listed.

"Chen also wants to go!"

Another man was led by a man.

Li Qing glanced at it, and immediately showed joy.

Name: Zhang Kui

Identity: General of the Shang Dynasty, the governor of the county.

Power: The body is really immortal.

Magic weapon: Yueyue cuts the star knife, breaks the army thousands of heavy armor, Liuyun boots, thousands of miles of smoke clouds, nine cone shuttle.

Gongfa: Lingbao is self -refined Fa -rectification.

Fortune: 2

Mount: Unicorn Black Beast.

Xianjia level evaluation: superior.

This is a generation of war god, Zhang Kui.

Li Qing’s impression of this guy is not weaker than Kong Xuan’s quasi.

Unfortunately, Kong Xuan is afraid that he will not come out, because since he comes through, the Shang Dynasty will not be as dangerous, and it needs Kong Xuan to go out of the mountain to forcibly drag it.

"Chen also wants to go!"

It was also a literary minister, Li Qing looked at the color of satisfaction.

This Wenchen is not someone else, it is Yang Ren.

The loyal ministers have rare. The king has killed several of them before, including Dr. Mei’s strange man, so Li Qing cares about the remaining courtiers.

Name: Yang Ren

Identity: Doctor Da Shang.

Power: Mortal

Magic weapon: none

Gongfa: None

Fortune: 2

Xianjia level evaluation: none.

Sanwu and one article, please life, the rest and others will no longer speak, just look at Li Qing.

Li Qing laughed: "There are all love Qing, even if there is something shaken, what are the fear? As for the trip to the East China Sea! Widow people have to recruit them!"

Just kidding, the East China Sea has a deities of the sea god needle iron, the South China Sea has the sea of purple gold beams, the Beihai has Optimus white jade pillars, and the West China Sea has a random hardcore soldier!

These are all Lingbao. How can Li Qing don’t want to take it?Isn’t it left to the four great monkeys?

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