Notice!This "chocolate" is toxic, don’t eat it!

Recently, the Luzhou Customs Station Office has conducted analysis and judgment based on the clues, conducting two control inspections of the two entry packages of "chocolate", and seized 132 chocolates suspected to contain drug components.After identification, the batch of chocolate contains the drug component "phenibylamine".Two criminal suspects have been arrested.

Penaline drugs are a central nervous stimulant, which is a psychotropic.It includes three categories: 1. Traditional phenyloparine stimulants, mainly representing the drugs are methamphetamine and pyramia.Benezenylene hydrochloride is a white and transparent irregular crystalline. The appearance looks like ice cubes, so it is called "methamphetamine".The biggest feature of methamphetamine is that the efficacy time is longer than heroin and cocaine, which can reach more than 10 hours.This is also one of the popular factors of "methamphetamine".2. Defensive pyramia stimulants, mainly representing the drugs, arein Fulla Lamin, phenyline and pyramia.3. The stimulating stimulants of piopyramine, which mainly represent the drugs, are methadoscopphenylphane (MDMA), phenylinhamine (MDA), and dihydrazine (MDEA).MDMA plays a role 1 to 2 hours after service, and lasts about 5 hours.MDA played 1 to 2 hours after orally, and the maintenance time can reach 8 hours.Due to the abuse of pyramlamine stimulants, it can be addicted to and is harmful to people’s physical and mental harm.

The hazards of pyramia stimulants are mainly manifested in two aspects: first, mental damage.The most common consequences after the abuse of pyramia stimulants are the symptoms of mental illness.A large number of clinical data show that methamphetamine, MDMA, MDA, etc. can have a direct damage to the brain nerve cells, leading to degeneration and necrosis of neuroplasma, and acute and chronic mental disorders.

Second, physiology (mainly for heart) damage.Penaline stimulants can have an exciting effect on cardiovascular, leading to myocardial cell hypertrophy, atrophy, degeneration, contraction with necrosis, small blood vessel endothelial cell damage, and small vascular spasm, which leads to acute myocardial ischemia, myocardial disease and arrhythmia.The cause of the sudden death of drug users.

Be wary of drug camouflage

Resolutely resist drugs!

Source: Suzhou Anti -drugs Integrated from China Anti -Drugs, Customs Release, Legal Daily, etc.

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