Not worthy of being a mother!American women are pregnant and give birth to death, and the other 3 sons have methamphetamine in their body

According to media reports on November 7, California 25 -year -old woman Chelsea was arrested by the police because she gave birth to a dead fetus, and this poor baby has a concentration of methamphetamine.

And this is not the end. The child’s 3rd brother contains methamphetamine.

On September 1, 2019, Chelsea gave birth to her fourth son, but unfortunately, the child had left the world when he was born.

The corpse test officer gave the child an autopsy, and the result was surprising.Children contain a large amount of methamphetamine. This concentration is also very high for an adult. For a child who is still developing in the mother’s fetus, it is fatal.

On November 4, local time, the police issued a wanted order to Cheri. Two days later, through the report, the police found Chelsea and arrested him.

According to the local police, Chelsea’s aunt Julia currently adopts her two sons, 3 years old and 1 year old.Chelsea’s 4 -year -old son is currently adopted by good intentions.

But what makes people feel sad is that all three innocent children detected methamphetamine.Julia even more heartache that the 3 -year -old child seemed to be addicted to methamphetamine.

The local police officer Justin confirmed to the media that the children did contain viruses in their bodies when they were born, and each child was sent to the Child Protection Bureau.

Speaking of the baby who died without birth, the police said that the methamphetamine in the child’s body was too high, so we had reason to doubt that Chelsea did not leave methamphetamine throughout the process.

At present, Chelsea has admitted that she did have drug abuse a few days before her child was born.However, the police temporarily responded to the issues such as several problems and how much to absorb.

Julia recalled that the 1 -year -old son was close to Chelsea.Before Chelsea was arrested, Julia asked her to surrender and told her: "If you still want to see a child, then you should surrender immediately."But before Chelsea surrendered, the police found her.

At present, Chelsea is located in a local county prison. If the family wants to bail her, she needs to pay $ 5 million in bail, which is about 35.08 million yuan.

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