not easy!33 -year -old Taiwanese actress exposes the second child, embryo bleeding every day, and mood is melancholy

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The 33 -year -old Taiwanese actress Yang Yongcun. When he was 15 years old, he was known as "I guess I guess I guess", which was familiar with everyone.After growing up, she returned to Taiwan, has been active in the entertainment industry, and became an actor.

In 2018, Yang Yongcun married her husband outside the circle.After a year, Yang Yongcun’s eldest son was born.recent.Yang Yong exists on social platforms to open up the good news of the second child, and also exposed the bitterness of the past three months of pregnancy.

I saw Yang Yong ’s social platform to disclose her pregnancy. She said:“ Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but I ca n’t feel it at all in the past three months. ”

Yang Yong kept saying that he loved the fetus in the abdomen, but he found embryo bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. A few days ago, he found that the cervix had small laceration.Coupled with the response of my pregnancy this time, I was in a melancholy.

Yang Yongcun, who is pregnant with a second child, is very serious, and she will retider from time to time. She can only lie on the bed with a weak body, and she can only lie on the bed with peace of mind.

It didn’t take long to react as soon as he was pregnant. Yang Yongcun thought of two children after remembered that the whole person was caught in a sad emotion.

What’s even more strange is that Yang Yongcun’s unhealthy hand -shaking beverages (similar to pearl milk tea or the like), as well as ice cream and spicy things, do not want to eat anything.

But these foods are not good for the baby, so she is also distressed about eating this aspect now.

Speaking of Yang Yongcun, she was known by everyone in "Guess I Guess I Guess I Guess". She was a model before.

After "I guess I guess I guess guess" became popular, Yang Yongcun immigrated to his family abroad and returned to Taiwan Province to be an actor in recent years.

In 2015, Yang Yongcun attracted everyone’s attention because of the role of "silent" in the TV series "The Lover of the Officer". Many people said that her acting skills were very natural.

In 2017, Yang Yongcun was the first actress of the TV series "Home of True Love".The appearance of Yang Yongcun is not particularly beautiful, but it is very natural. It is a little more eye -catching, and you will like the "second eye beauty."

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful Yang Yongcun and her husband’s husband have been in the circle for 10 years, and her husband is from Hong Kong.The two met in the church. They insisted on no pre -marital sex for 10 years. It can be said that it is true love.

Before marriage, Yang Yongcun once praised her husband, which was very handsome in her eyes, and her husband also came to Taiwan to develop for her.

At present, Yang Yongcun’s husband is currently engaged in investment in Taiwan Province, and she also gives all her money to the man for processing.After the marriage, the two went to Israel to travel, and pregnant with their first baby during the tour.

When giving birth to the first baby, Yang Yong existed on a social platform saying: "One piece, red, and black one on the baby’s face.

However, many netizens said that at the time, the baby of Yang Yongcun was really cute and inherited her good value.

Although the whole process of being pregnant with the second child was not easy, Yang Yongcun also posted a long article, expressing his gratitude to her husband for their consideration of himself in the past three months.After three months, she also expects her baby to continue to grow.

Xiaobian also wished the baby who wished the baby to grow healthily in her stomach and was born smoothly.I also wish Yang Yong’s happy marriage, and the family was happy.


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