Ninety percent of women will have oral problems during pregnancy or can cause abortion

Why do you need a thorough oral examination before preparing for pregnancy?How long should I check oral health before pregnancy?

Ma Liangkun: As the saying goes: "Sickness from the mouth" not only emphasizes the health of eating, but also emphasizes oral health. In order to go through the "pregnant October" smoothly, our pregnant mothers must be fully prepared to have a thorough oral preparation before they can have to have to have to have to haveSuccessful pregnancy and healthy and smart babies to lay the foundation.We have three meals a day, and there are various meals. If you do n’t have sufficient oral assessment before pregnancy, understand your oral condition, and how can we have the ability to take care of the baby’s peace?

It should be fully prepared during pregnancy, including thorough oral examination during pregnancy, cleaning teeth, and at the same time 1. Get personalized oral health guidance; 2. Clear calculus and maintain periodontal health; 3. Actively prevent the dental body.Dental disease; 4. Remove residual root, crown, and wisdom teeth that may cause crown inflammation; 5. Fix the lack of teeth and restore the chewing function.

If you have not done oral examination before pregnancy, you should go to see the dentist in time after pregnancy, and specifically explain to the doctor that you are pregnant.Ideally, oral examinations should be performed every 3 months during pregnancy.

Wankuo: Most people during pregnancy will have a variety of dental diseases. Generally, statistics are more than 90%, but the preparation of dental preparation before pregnancy should be greatly improved.If you may look at the dentist before pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, dental doctors can evaluate oral conditions for pregnant women, and they can also get specific oral health guidance from the dentist. For example, how to brush their teeth after pregnancy?What should I do if gum bleeding or dental caries?What if the wisdom teeth swelling during pregnancy?etc.

Another advantage is that preliminary and preventive treatment can be performed.

Conventional dental caries filling, tooth washing and wise teeth, etc., can be basically completed for one month.If it can be 3 months in advance, the time will be more abundant.

What should I do if I do n’t do oral examination before pregnancy?

Wan Kuo: At all stages of pregnancy, the dentist will give guidance for different oral diseases of pregnant women. For example, wisdom teeth, according to the situation, you can remove or use special methods to keep clean. Even if the wisdom teeth are swollen, you must look at the dentist in time. As early as possibleTreatment to prevent the disease from worsening and cause more serious consequences.

Therefore, for the maternal care for the oral care of the maternity, "prevention is better than treatment, early treatment is better than late treatment, and treatment is better than not treatment." This concept is very important.

Why is it prone to oral health during pregnancy?What are the teeth discomfort?

Wan Kuo: During pregnancy, due to changes in estrogen secretion, gum bleeding, swelling, and inflammation of wisdom tooth are more prone to occur. Due to early pregnancy reactions or pregnant women love acid, sweets, dental caries and glaze are easy.They are very dangerous.

What harm can oral diseases in pregnancy during pregnancy?What impact on fetal health?

Ma Liangkun: Once oral diseases occur during pregnancy, it will not only endanger the health of the pregnant woman itself, but also may affect the normal development of the fetus, because 1. Oral disease during pregnancy affects the eating of pregnant women due to pain and other reasons, which will affect the nutritional intake of pregnant women, nutritional nutritionThe reduction of intake and inappropriate medication can affect the development of the fetus; 2. Incorrect medication during treatment during pregnancy can also affect the development of the fetus; 3. Once oral diseases occur during pregnancy, they cannot control the disease without treatment.The adverse effects make pregnant women and doctors often be in a dilemma; 4. Bacterial infections and inflammation caused by chronic oral infections in pregnant women will cause bad pregnancy ending, such as abortion, premature birth and low birth weight; increase also increasesRisk of gestational diabetes.In order to avoid this situation, strengthening the health education and oral health during pregnancy during pregnancy, and making the entire pregnancy through the overall pregnancy is of great significance.

In addition, when the fetal pregnancy is 5 to 6 weeks, the deciduous germ has begun to develop, and the permanent tooth embryo has begun to form in 4 to 5 months in the fetus.During pregnancy, the imbalance of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, D, and C during pregnancy can cause abnormal fetal dental development.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the balance of nutrition during pregnancy, and consume sufficient minerals, vitamins, trace elements and high -quality protein; since the development of the teeth has begun before birth, the health of the mother during pregnancy can directly affect the fetal state of the fetus. The babyThe teeth are closely related to the health of the pregnant mother!

Wan Kuo: (1) Difficulty in eating, nutritional intake disorders.

(2) Severe pain and discomfort will affect pregnant women.

(3) Pregnant women can affect the fetus, and even cause miscarriage and premature birth.

(4) Infection may have a serious impact on pregnant women and fetuses, and sometimes life -threatening.

Is it safe to see your teeth when you look at your teeth?

Wan Kuo: According to the relevant operation guidelines at home and abroad, pregnant women can take diagnosis of teeth X -ray, watching teeth can be used to treat teeth, replenish teeth, nerves, and extraction.Antibiotics can be used for wisdom tooth crown inflammation.

The risk of dental treatment of pregnant women mainly comes from pain and fear during the treatment process, so try to implement painless and comfortable dental therapy.

Can I get my teeth during pregnancy?Can gum disease cause premature birth?

Ma Liangkun: Usually dentists only deal with emergencies in the early stages of pregnancy (1-3 months) and the third trimester (7-9 months); the second trimester (4-6 months of pregnancy) is the best time for oral therapy.However, there is no pain or not to treat the fears of pregnant mothers and give pregnant mothers a safe anesthesia. At the same time, we guard the mother and fetal baby. Director of Our Stomatology Department is an expert in this regard and can introduce you in detail.

Gingival diseases during pregnancy are the most common oral diseases during pregnancy.Usually the gums are red and swollen, brushing teeth bleeding, gum bleeding, gum retracting, exposed tooth root, loose teeth, weak bite, and oral odor.

Many people find that the gums are bleeding while brushing their teeth, so the toothbrush is usually used as a scapegoat, so they dare not brush their teeth.But in fact, bleeding gums is just a signal that the body gives you.It is generally believed that there are two reasons: one is the change of hormones in the body during pregnancy, which is more conducive to a periodontal pathogenic bacteria: the growth and reproduction of the intermediate bacteria.The second is the changes in hormone levels during pregnancy. The gum tissue will produce a series of changes, manifested as blood vessel congestion, increased permeability, and increased inflammatory cells.The common effect of these two factors leads to the high rate of prevalence of gingivitis during pregnancy and the degree of inflammation.Some scholars believe that this is to reduce immunity in order to reduce the exclusion of the fetus, so it reduces the resistance of the gums to bacteria, so it is more likely to produce gingivitis.Because it is more common, many pregnant mothers think that this is normal during pregnancy and will not affect the baby.But in fact, not.

The dissemination of bacterial infections and inflammation caused by chronic oral infections in pregnant women will cause bad pregnancy ending such as abortion, premature birth and low birth weight.Because the bacteria in the mother’s blood break through the placenta barrier, it will cause immune and inflammation reactions, which will affect the unborn baby, and more than 50% of premature birth may be related to infection.

Is it bad for the fetus?Can pregnant mothers take drugs that treat teeth?

Ma Liangkun: Relevant guidelines point out that the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases should not be delayed due to pregnancy.Oral X -ray (blocking the abdomen and thyroid) and such as local anesthesia, tooth extraction, dental root tube treatment, repair of unpaid dental caries (mercury alloy or composite materials), dental floss cleansing, spots/biofilm cleansing/rootThe operation and other operations of the face will not be harmful to the fetus.

The X -optical dose used in dental dental is about 0.004 Lader. The safe X -optical dose does not exceed 5 Rad. Therefore, the dose of the dental X -ray is safe.Generally, dentists are only irradiated when necessary, and each time the X -rays are used to protect it, it can be used to completely protect pregnant women and fetuses from radiation.

Regarding medication during pregnancy: In addition to tetomycin, chlorophytic and splinycin, penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics are relatively safe for pregnant women.

Why do people say that they can’t brush their teeth during pregnancy?What are the differences between brushing their teeth and ordinary people in pregnant women?

Wan Kuo: On the one hand, because of insufficient publicity, many people have wrong ideas and even superstitious ideas; on the other hand, because they do not master the correct method of oral health care.The method of brushing the teeth is wrong, sometimes it is easier to bleed gums.

(1) The choice of toothbrushes is special: If the gums are normal, you can choose the same toothbrush as ordinary people. If the gums are congested (common in pregnant women), the soft hair toothbrush must be selected, and the method of brushing teeth is often different.

(2) The number of brushing times and time of time: ordinary people brush their teeth twice a day, 3 to 5 minutes each time.

Pregnant women may be special.For example, in the early pregnancy reaction, there may be vomiting, causing the mouth to be repeatedly in an acidic environment. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women have good dental caries.Therefore, you should brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after each vomiting.Some pregnant women are willing to eat acidic food and should also deal with it.Another example is that some pregnant women will have brushing bleeding. If it is checked, it is mainly caused by hormone changes. At this time, brushing should be more careful and slower. Try to avoid stimulating the gums.More minutes.

Which foods can cause dental harm to pregnant women?

Wankuo: The dietary control of pregnant women must consider the nutritional needs of themselves and the fetus, but also consider the whole body condition, such as blood sugar control, etc. You should not simply consider the health of the teeth and control the special diet, but you must pay attention to oral health care.

Sour, sticky and sweet foods can cause damage to the teeth. Once you eat such foods, you should brush your teeth in time and rinse your mouth in time to prevent such foods from keeping your mouth for a long time.If you eat this kind of food repeatedly, it is best to go to the dental clinic regularly. If you have dental diseases, early treatment.

Ma Liangkun, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beijing Union Hospital of Beijing Union Hospital

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