Newborn collarbone fractures, what should I do?Dr. Zhang tells you the truth about the fracture

Before the newborn was born, what did he/she do?He/she is in the sky, on the distant side, pick her mother.

Then what?As soon as the baby was born, the baby was fractured. At this time, the mother must be very blame, very frustrated, and very sad; I thought: "What can I do, I will fracture the fracture of the collarbone, it must be painful, and it will be sin."When the family was happy, as the baby’s collarbone fractures occurred, the family fell into nervousness and anxiety.However, since things have happened, no matter how much it is said, the best way is to quickly make up for it, and follow up the treatment according to the doctor’s plan.After all, newborn fractures are not common and more common.Treatment and prognosis are still very good, and the treatment is generally not leaving sequelae properly.After all, newborn bones have strong growth ability and good plasticity.

The collarbone is S -shaped, and between the sternum stalks and the shoulder peaks, it is the only ostearological stent connecting the upper limb and the trunk.The collarbone is located under the skin, superficial, and fractures are prone to occur when external forces.Newborn fracture is one of the most common complications in the process of childbirth, which is more common in the process of natural delivery.According to statistics, 1-2 of each child will have collarbone fractures.It is mainly too much with the baby. The mother’s pelvis is smaller. When she was born, she was squeezed by the pelvic edge of the pelvis and caused a fracture of the collarbone.Of course, there are cases of rudeness or lack of experience when giving birth.Therefore, the relationship between huge fetuses, difficulty in shoulder, abnormal production, abnormal production, clamping, buttocks vaginal delivery, etc., have the most close relationship with newborn clavicle fractures, and should be paid attention to!

Difficulty for the shoulder refers to the situation where the fetal shoulder is stuck at the pelvic exit after the fetal head is delivered.Although the probability of shoulder -to -shoulder is not high, once it occurs, if the timing or processing is improper, it will cause great harm to pregnant women and fetuses.There are many causes of shoulder -to -shoulder.Such as tough pulling the tire head, pressing the bottom of the palace or assisting the fetal head from the front of the tire.Pregnant women can start to reduce the probability of shoulders from both aspects. First of all, to ensure nutritional equilibrium during pregnancy, control blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, and avoid excessive weight of the fetus.The fetus finds the most likely to pass the birth canal.

For a long time after birth, the doctor or family members may still be in the drum. I do n’t know that the baby has a collarbone fracture.Until one day, you noticed that the baby’s upper limbs are not moved or moved; wearing clothes, bathing or pulling the baby’s upper limbs, or found that the position of the collarbone on both sides is inconsistent, or the babies of parts of the collarbone are crying and struggling.In the case, it must be highly suspected of a fracture of the collarbone.There are two main diagnosis methods for newborn clavicle fractures: X -ray and ultrasound.

X -ray diagnosis

Shooting the chest X -rays is the most direct method to determine whether the baby has clavicle fractures.Of course, many Bao Ma Bao Dad is always worried about X -ray radiation.From a professional perspective, X -rays, DR machines, CT, etc. in the hospital will release ionizing radiation.So the hospital usually has a yellow logo (as shown in the figure below, or prompts high energy ahead!).If this type of radiation exceeds a certain amount, it will damage the DNA. If the cells cannot repair the DNA, it can cause cancer and cause the fetal malformations and other harms.

However, X -ray radiation in daily hospitals is extremely limited.For example, hand and foot X -ray: 0.001 mixwater (MSV), lumbar spine X -ray: 0.7 mixwart (MSV), chest X -ray: 0.1ml Walt (MSV), abdomen X -ray: 1.2 mixwater(MSV).The amount of radiation of more than 100 mmhwart (MSV) of ordinary people will be harmful to the body.Therefore, general X -rays will not cause fetal malformations or affect the baby’s development.

Nevertheless, there are still many parents who are worried about the radioactivity of X -ray. When choosing to shoot X -rays, they are often worried, so they can choose ultrasound diagnosis!As the most commonly used and safest clinical diagnostic method, ultrasound examination is not only non -invasive, painless, convenient and accurate, but also regularly follow -up fractures.

The treatment of clavicle fractures needs to be determined according to the type of fracture and the degree of shift of the fracture end.If the newborn’s clavicle fracture is a blue branch fracture and no obvious displacement phenomenon, generally do not make a special way out, or use the "8" bandage to fix the baby’s upper limbs on the chest arm 1-2 weeks.These simple disposal is not to treat the fracture itself, but to reduce pain.In addition, you should move as little as possible to move the baby as much as possible, and the movement is soft, and the shoulder pressure on the fracture side should be avoided when sleeping.

However, if you are accompanied by an angle deformity or displacement, you need to observe whether the blood vessels, nerve injuries, etc. are needed, and then reset, and then the "8" bandage is fixed.When tie the bandage, you must pay attention to pad small gauze blocks on the armpits on both sides to prevent local compression (some babies may find the collarbone fracture after 2 weeks. At this timeThere are drum packs in the touch. This is normal. Do n’t think of any tumors or the like. Blind worry ~ The more obvious the fracture end is misplaced, the larger the formation of the category of the formation).

Newborn fractures are recovering rapidly without surgical treatment. Generally, osteosure hyperplasia and retament formation will be healed in 3-4 weeks.When the newborn baby has a strong bone growth ability and high plasticity. Generally, it can be shaped normally after 3 months after the fracture of the collarbone, and it will not leave any sequelae. It will not affect the appearance and function. You do n’t have to worry about your growth.

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