Nanyang’s daughter feelings: Tan Yuqing did not understand. After Xiuhe was violated, why insisted on giving birth to a child

Xiuhe is too sad.

Xiuhe drifted across the sea and came to work in Xingzhou to make money in order to marry her husband.

In order to earn more money to send back to his hometown, Xiuhe knelt in front of Qi Qi girl and took the initiative to ask for withdrawal from the "red headscarf".

Xiuhe cried and said, "Red Head Scarf" is too little salary, and she goes out to be a maid for rich people. She can run three in one day and get three jobs.

Seven girls hated iron and steel, and she couldn’t persuade Xiuhe, so she had to let her leave.

The Seven Girls of the Nanyang Daughter would not think that Xiuhe returned again, but she was pregnant with her body.

After Xiuhe withdrew from the "Red Head Scarf", he worked three or four a day outside.

The work arrangement is very compact. In order to avoid being late, Xiuhe often runs to rush to work, and she can’t even care about food.

Lao Wu noticed that Xiuhe, who was cleaning.

In front of Lao Wu’s eyes, he believed that Xiuhe’s appearance and figure were all suitable for learning to sing. He recommended Xiuhe to Tan Yuqing.

Tan Yuqing used to be a famous role in the drama. He was too old, his marriage was unhappy, and the situation was very embarrassing.

In order to make money, Tan Yuqing began to go to the crooked door.

Tan Yuqing gave Xiuhe’s high salary, and asked Xiuhe to learn to sing with her. Xiuhe could make money without having to run for hard work.

Xiu Hexin thought it was true, recognized Tan Yuqing as his sister, and obeyed Tan Yuqing.

Xiuhe didn’t know that at that time, meeting Tan Yuqing would be the beginning of her nightmare.

Tan Yuqing is not to teach Quyi at all, but to cultivate Xiuhe into a "green building woman" and give rich men as playables.

Tan Yuqing’s process of accepting Xiuhe as a sister, from the beginning, was full of loopholes.

Unfortunately, in order to make money, Xiu He did not see the calculation of Tan Yuqing at all.

Lao Wu only praised her as a good seedlings with Xiuhe’s appearance, and letting her learn to play. It was a downright lie.

Xiuhe himself also knows that learning to play is not so simple, and he has to cultivate since he was a child.

Xiuhe is already in his twenties. He hasn’t sang a drama and became a monk halfway. He can also receive a high salary. Where can he have such a good thing?

Old Wu is also the accomplices of Tan Yuqing.

Xiuhe followed Tan Yuqing, lived in the hotel, enjoyed life, dressed brightly every day, and did not have the hard work of learning.

Seven girls saw Xiuhe on the street and asked Xiuhe if she was becoming auntie. Xiuhe also thought that Qi Girl was jealous of her.

Xiuhe gave Qi Girl a sum of money to repay the seven girls’ care for her, and let the Seven Girls do not eat grapes and say grape sour.

Xiuhe completely solved the kindness of the Seven Girls.

Seven girls are not only the "red headscarf" sister, but also Xiuhe’s cousin. Seven girls are afraid that Xiuhe will take a detour before she will mention her.

Xiuhe’s appearance is not like learning to play seriously, it is really like being a aunt.

Any shortcut is to pay the price.

Tan Yuqing cultivated her, nor did she want to make her sing well, but to sing a man.

"Nanyang Daughter Love" Xiuhe wants to sing a show to the sisters, Tan Yuqing said:

"I tune you, but in order to contribute to the nobles, those poor people, they are not worthy."

Tan Yuqing is suspected of being poor and who does not respect others. Her values are obviously problematic. However, Xiuhe is still having a tan Yuqing. Following such a sister, it is impossible to end well.

Tan Yuqing finally gave Xiuhe the opportunity to go to the stage, but he sang a "noble guest" in the private room.

Tan Yuqing asked Xiuhe to wear it, and it was not a serious costume, but a very small and seductive clothes, which made people imagine.

Xiuhe still did not realize the danger at this time, and accompanied the "noble guest" to drink. When he woke up, he had been violated by "noble guests".

In order to control Xiuhe, Tan Yuqing continued to serve Xiuhe for "noble guests", and he had both software and hardness to Xiuhe. He was intimidating and forced Xiuhe to accompany the "Guike" for another week.

Tan Yuqing cheated Xiuhe. Xiu He was pregnant with a child, only to know that he had been the trap of Tan Yuqing.

That so -called "noble guest" is actually Tan Yuqing’s husband.

Tan Yuqing was old and declining. Her husband was not interested in her and married many auntie.Tan Yuqing, who has no children and no daughter, is a fertility tool in order to compete for her family property.

Tan Yuqing cultivated Xiuhe, Xiuhe is beautiful and her body is good. She is unreliable in Xingzhou and is very suitable for control.

Tan Yuqing was willing to smash money on Xiuhe because she knew that Xiuhe could return it to her, and would be more.

After Xiuhe’s pregnancy, "Nanyang Daughter Love", Tan Yuqing said surprisingly to Lao Wu:

"Oh, this Xiuhe, this belly is quite angry. My Tan Yuqing has a son, and when he gets old, there is a hope."

It turned out that Tan Yuqing saw not only Xiuhe’s hue, but also Xiuhe’s fertility. Tan Yuqing wanted to occupy Xiuhe’s child.

If Xiuhe can have a son, he can inherit the family property. Tan Yuqing won the child, and Rong Hua and Wealth would be in front of him.

Old Wu was worried that Xiu He was not obedient, Tan Yuqing said:

"Women are like this. When they encounter something unhappy, they have to be overwhelmed for two days. Isn’t she just poor? Big, give her more money, but everything can be solved, it is not a matter."

Tan Yuqing believes that a poor woman like Xiuhe can sell her body without any means for money.

But she did not expect that Xiuhe would break away from her coating and escaped the tofuzhuang. The "red headscarf" sisters of the tofuzhuang must also protect Xiuhe.

Seven girls would bring Xiuhe back to their hometown, Xiuhe resolutely refused.

Xiuhe didn’t want the villagers to see her jokes. From the moment she was violated, she couldn’t go back.

Xiuhe cares about his reputation and dare not tear his face with Tan Yuqing. After being humiliated, Xiuhe could only swallow the bitter fruit himself.

Seven girls advised her to find a doctor and knocked off the child, and Xiuhe also refused to.

Xiuhe will leave this child.

On the one hand, Xiu He was scared, and the man promised that he would give her a lot of money and Xiu He moved.

On the other hand, Xiuhe wants to have a child and become his own spiritual sustenance.

When Xiuhe exited the "Red Head Scarf", she cried and said to the Seven Girl:

"I can’t, I am in a hurry to use money at home."

Seven girls are unbelievable:

"Men ask a little wife, hurry to use money?"

Xiuhe explained:

"I work in Xingzhou, there is no way to give him a cub, and my in -laws are anxious! If the little wife gave him a man and a half woman, when I was old, he would support me."

Xiuhe worked to earn money, raised her husband and little wife, and felt that she made less and was ashamed of her mother -in -law.

Husband and little wife are loving and loving. Xiuhe is not only angry, but instead understand her husband. He feels that because he is working outside, he can’t give birth to a child.

Xiuhe is too ignorant and stupid. The Seven Girls once kept her in the heart, but she could not wake her up.

It is not unusual to be deceived by a woman like Xiuhe.

Xiuhe naively thought that spending money on her husband’s children would give her the elderly, she underestimated the evil of human nature.

Children can’t even see Xiuhe’s noodles, how can she get close to her and give her elderly care?

The family of her husband and the little wife is happy, and it is impossible to teach children to be grateful for Xiuhe. They will only constantly squeeze Xiuhe and treat Xiuhe as a tool for making money.

Whenever her husband is a little conscience, he will not spend Xiuhe’s money to marry his little wife. Xiuhe’s marriage is a scam.

Xiuhe is too insecure. She is very eager to have a child, even if the child is born to the husband’s little wife, even if the child is not right.

Xiuhe needs someone to give her care for her, why is she insisting on giving birth to a child?

Tan Yuqing’s plan to "win the son" has fallen, and Xiuhe cannot give her the child to raise it. Xiuhe’s desire for the child, Tan Yuqing could not imagine it.

Before the Seven Girl returned to her hometown, she ordered Ouyang Tianqing. In case Xiuhe returned to Tofu Village, Ouyang Tianqing would take her and give her a living way.

In fact, even if the Seven Girl does not hold Xiuhe to Ouyang Tianqing, Ouyang Tianqing will definitely protect Xiuhe.

The sisters from their hometown should help each other and unite.

In the preview of the "Nanyang Daughter Love", Tan Yuqing and the old Wu hired people to catch Xiuhe. Ouyang Tianqing came forward and Li Baoxiuhe.

In order to take away Xiuhe, Tan Yuqing even wanted to kill Ouyang Tianqing.

Xiuhe had a difficult daughter, and Tan Yuqing was also arrested and placed. Lao Wu confessed Tan Yuqing’s crimes, which was not firm enough for the "business partner" relationship.

Tan Yuqing was arrested, but the harm she brought to Xiuhe was a psychological shadow that could never be erased.

Xiuhe gave birth to a violent child for the elderly, and her "mother love" was more suffocating than Chang Yudie.

When Chang Yuxie tossed her husband and abandoned her daughter, when Ouyang Tianqing was eight years old, Chang Yudie left and never went back.

Ouyang Tianqing grew up, and Chang Yudie had to admit his relatives again. Hai Haisheng said yes. Chang Yudie just saw Ouyang Tianqing beautiful and capable.

The same is true of Xiuhe.

Despite the child’s identity and insist on giving birth, Xiuhe never thought about the criticism and pressure that the child would face in the future.

The relationship between Xiuhe and "Guike" is not proper, and the children can’t see the light. Xiuhe can’t give the child a sound family.

Moreover, this man has a family who is looking outside and asking Liu. In case of bad quality to the child, the child’s character is difficult to guarantee.

Xiuhe is not only stupid, but also very selfish.

Xiuhe just wants the child to keep the elderly instead of really love the child, and her daughter will only become a victim of Xiuhe’s mistake.

"Nanyang Daughter’s Love" is ironic that Tan Yuqing and Xiuhe, two women who are intertwined with their destiny, are keen to marry her husband’s aunt.

However, Tan Yuqing is for money, and Xiuhe is for a guarantee.

Xiuhe is pitiful or sad. She is used to pinning the hope of life on others. From her husband, to her husband’s little wife, Tan Yuqing, and her daughter, they are all the lighthouses of Xiuhe.

But what about the result?

Husband and little wife calculated her, Tan Yuqing deceived her, and her daughter would resent her when she grew up.

Xiuhe was destroyed in emptiness, but she had no thoughts. She didn’t understand that the sense of security of a woman was not given by her husband and child, but she gave it by herself.

Ouyang Tianqing went independently and insisted on relying on himself. Therefore, he was appreciated by Nanlan, the recognition of the Seven Girls, and the deep love of Hai Haisheng.

The Seven Girls asked Ouyang Tianqing to keep Xiuhe, and she also wanted to make Ouyang Tianqing change Xiuhe. Women want to live with a confidence. The most important thing is to broaden the horizons, change their minds, and love themselves.

You must first control your life to give your children a good education.Unfortunately, Xiu He was obsessed with incapable, harmed herself and harmed her daughter.


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