My wife said that I had a bad relationship with my mother. I think she just woke up in the middle of the night.

The pregnancy wife said that it was not good to get along with my mother, and I think she is pretty.

Until one day, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt that my stomach became heavy.

It is normal, after all, I have been pregnant for eight months … Wait, no!

I am a man!IntersectionIntersection


Before I had time to continue thinking, the feeling of urgent wanting to pee hit me.

I planned to go to the toilet and stood up for the moment.

What is going on?

Why is my body so heavy, and even the cheekbones are so painful?

Suddenly, I felt that there seemed to be that there were any living things in my stomach, which made me creepy.

I trembled and tried to touch my stomach with my hands, but touched the bulging belly like a balloon.

what happened?

I didn’t dare to come out. When I walked to the bathroom, the moment I turned on the light, I finally screamed to the mirror.

In the mirror, it turned out to be Cheng Xin, my wife who was eight months pregnant!

The next second, the door of the bathroom was opened again, and the person from the opposite side looked at each other.

Standing opposite … I am myself!

Cheng Xin and I swap my body?

What exactly is going on?

Just as we two eyes stared at each other, when the mood was not calmed down, the bedroom door "Dang Dang" was pushed open.

Then my mother’s big voice sounded with some impatient emotions:

"Cheng Xin, what are you doing!"

Cheng Xin hurriedly said: "Mom, it’s okay."

My mother heard my voice, and suddenly eased some of the way:

"Cheng Xin, you know something, Gu Yi has to go to work tomorrow. You have to consider him and let him rest well, know?"

"Know Mom." Cheng Xin answered again.

My mother snorted, and then left her hand.

I confirmed that my mother was leaving, and I whispered Cheng Xin:

"What exactly is going on?"

She asked me, "How do I know?"

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, I couldn’t help sneezing, and then felt a heat flow under my body.

I started to panic, what was the situation?

Cheng Xin glanced at me, as if he was expected, and said, "It should be leaked."


Cheng Xin continued: "The uterus compresses the bladder, and I will leak urine when sneezing. I will help you pack it."

I can’t accept: "But I have never heard you say!"

Cheng Xin wrote lightly: "I haven’t said it, it does not mean that it does not exist."

I was suddenly speechless.

After Cheng Xin helped me clean up, I probably had too much emotional consumption and lack of physical strength. I fell on the bed and fell asleep soon.

I don’t know how long, I was awakened by the sound of the door.

When you listen carefully, it is my mother’s voice:

"Cheng Xin, get up quickly, I will take you to walk outside!"


I barely held the bed and sat up, this time I changed my back pain.

My mother had rushed in to stand by the bed, saw my slowly swallowing movement, and said:

"I haven’t seen a pregnant woman like you! I don’t wake up until this point, get up and bend!"

I looked up, and the table was pointing to seven:30, and the other half of the bed had been empty.

"Cheng Xin … Oh no, what about Gu Yi?"

My mother rolled her eyes and turned around and walked out:

"Gu Yi got up early in the morning and went to work. There was a one who was lying at home. He had to make money to raise a family!"

Cheng Xin went to work?

Oh, yes, the two of us used to be in the same department. Her business ability even far exceeded me. It should be fine for me to go to work for me.

But what is the one who is lying down at home …

"Mom, am I not telling you, Cheng Xin … Oh no, I am not in good pregnancy. The doctor said that he needs to stay in bed to raise tires, and then he resigned."

I tried to argue for myself.

But it seemed that my mother didn’t care about what I said. She didn’t seem to hear it. She took out a cooking egg from the kitchen and handed it to me, and pointed to a glass of milk on the table: "Hurry up and eat it."

I took the egg, cold?Intersection

Cheng Xin is a pregnant woman, just eat this?My mother took the wrong, right?

I raised the egg: "Mom, the egg is cold."

My mother glanced at me again and broke my face: "Why, you eat like this every day, I’m not satisfied today?"

day by day?

Cheng Xin eats such a simple breakfast every day at home, even cold?

My daily breakfast is also made by mom. The hot porridge, vegetables, fried eggs, and hot milk are all available. I think Cheng Xin is also treated like this.

Is the recent rise in prices, and I give my mother less living costs?

Yes, it should be like this.

My mother is not easy to handle housework every day. It is carefully calculated. I will give her more to go back and improve Cheng Xin’s breakfast improvement.

Thinking of this, I didn’t say anything, and my stomach was hungry, so I swallowed the eggs with milk.

After two minutes after eating, my mother urged me again: "Hurry up and change clothes and shoes, let’s go out!"

I was urged to turn my head, and I went out with my mother.

My mother walked fast. The old lady was better in her body, and she was as good as flying. I tried to keep up with her, but my stomach was faintly painful.

Suddenly, my lower abdomen tightened the pain and attacked me. I took a cold breath and couldn’t move the way. I had to stand, hold my waist with one hand, and stroke my stomach with one hand trying to relieve the pain.

Fortunately, it seems nothing, this pain has passed in four or five minutes, and I can act again.

Looking up again, my mother’s back was far away and was about to disappear in the sea of people.

I quickly raised my feet up, but after a dozen steps quickly, I ushered in the pain.

I had to stand in place and boiled hard.

There was a good -hearted aunt next to me, holding me, and asked with concern, "Girl, do you look very white, why are you still out of such a big belly?"

I waved my hand and just wanted to say that I had a companion, but I found that I couldn’t see my mother at all …

Helplessly I had to nod an attachment to the big aunt: "Yes, I won’t come out next time."

My aunt also wanted to send me home. I declined and moved home step by step.

On the way home, I caught up with my stomach pain several times. The inside of my lower body seemed to have a scales.

I was so uncomfortable while I endured pain, why did Cheng Xin go out with my mother?

Does her stomach hurt?I caught up with this time it was uncomfortable?

It is estimated that occasionally, after all, she has never heard her mention before.

I finally got home, but I didn’t have a key. I had no choice but to sit on the steps of the staircase and wait for my mother to come back to open the door.

After more than an hour, my mother was late, and the pork ribs and meat were back.

Oh, I just said, Mom is not to treat Cheng Xin, but the cost of living is spent on dinner.

But my mother seemed to have not seen me, and squeezed her feet next to me, put it in the big bag, and then touched a string of keys to open the door.

I went into the door behind her, and heard her whispering, only listened to the words "lazy" and "coquettish".

I didn’t look back to debate with her. In the final analysis, she said that Cheng Xin was not me.

Moreover, there will be my favorite ribs for a while. What else is it?

I just did not expect that the ribs were not served at noon at noon.

I watched the rest of the vegetarian dishes left on the table, and I had no interest in eating.

I asked, "Mom, didn’t you buy pork ribs at noon, why not do it?"

My mother buried her head for dinner, as if she didn’t hear it.

I repeated it, but she still didn’t respond, as if I was air.

When is this hair disease?

I have never been treated like this by my mother. Usually she follows me and obeys me. I ca n’t wait to listen to it next to me!

When I couldn’t figure out what the situation was for a while, Cheng Xin returned.

I watched my mother’s expression, a big change, and the corner of my lugs raised it instantly, and the wrinkled face stretched as if sheep prenatum.

She was full of red face, and laughed at Cheng Xin: "It’s so big, you are back! Come, come on, the ribs you love to eat have just been stewed, I will bring you up to eat, it’s hot!"

My mother said, "I just said that I wanted to eat pork ribs. I said that she was not happy to complain about me. Hey, blame my wife, people are old when they are old, and they are disgusting."

What?What does my mother say?Intersection

It sounds like I am unreasonable?

Obviously not like this!

I widened my eyes.

Cheng Xin glanced at me lightly, pinched a ribs in his bowl, and then slowly said:

"Heart heart, you are not right, Mom is not a nanny, serving you. You should know something, don’t always find anything."

I lost!

I was covered by this wave of cooperation.

I aggrieved: "I don’t!"

But the two of them have started a warm chat with family, and I was completely ignored.

Looking at the scene of their mother -in -law filial piety, I suddenly felt that this scene was really … seemed to have known each other!

Isn’t this the past and my mother?Intersection


After dinner, Cheng Xin returned to the bedroom.

I just wanted to talk about today, Cheng Xin said that she was going to a business trip.

I was anxious as soon as I heard it. How can I do it?I’m about to give birth soon!

What is the difference between this festival?

Cheng Xin is still the one that is not tight and not slow:

"I don’t want to travel, but if you think about it, my wife is going to have a big stomach. I am still going to create value for the company. Isn’t this worthy of praise?"

"Praise a fart!" I interrupted her words, "Even if my wife ignores it, what value can I create for the company!"

Cheng Xin lowered his head, played the lighter at a time, and heard this with his eyelids and glanced at me:

"But when you are on a business trip, you take the initiative to apply a month ago. At that time, I was seven months pregnant."

Ah this.

I remembered.

At that time, I heard that only one companion can now be produced, and I can’t replace it in the middle. I’m tired. I can avoid Cheng Xin and have children.

I was suddenly speechless.

With a horizontal heart, I simply continued: "Then I don’t care! You can’t go anyway!"

Cheng Xin suddenly sneered. This is the first time I saw her showing such an expression for so many years. From my face, I even showed a feeling of shuddering.

She said, "You can’t."

I can’t help but take a step back.

"Gu Yi, your own mother takes care of you, what’s terrible?"

Having said that, I always feel that there is still something wrong.

It wasn’t until Cheng Xin really left, and at the same time, when my mother told me to get up in the morning, I finally wanted to understand where the wrong was.

Now my mother is not my mother!

She is Cheng Xin’s mother -in -law!

4. 4..

No matter how my mother shouted this time, I was lying in bed without bombing.

Unexpectedly, she actually started to drag me.

I was startled and did not control the roar: "Let go!"

My mother stunned for a moment, and then her face collapsed again, her eyebrows and eyes: "Gu Yi is not there, you actually dare to turn the sky?"

Understand, only "Gu Yi" speaks.

I took out my phone and prepared to call Cheng Xin. My mother laughed when she saw this:

"Yo, can you sue? Didn’t you tell Gu Yi before, how did Gu Yi return you, you forgot?"

Cheng Xin told me?

I tried to search in my head.

It seems … there is such a thing.

At that time, in the bedroom, Cheng Xin said pale to me:

"Ayi, my mother always told me to go out in the morning. I really can’t move. You talk to my mother, don’t call me anymore."

As soon as her words fell, the bedroom door was pushed away. My mother stepped into the door with her head on the outside and said at us:

"Son, I’m good for your daughter -in -law! Moving more is good for delivery! Shipping is a woman’s blessing!"

How did I come back at the time …?

I said……

"Heart heart, my mother is right, and the delivery is good for women. You can bear it. Just wait for birth."

I lost.

Is this the present newspaper?Intersection

Moving the stones and smashing my feet!

I didn’t wait for me to come back, and my mother started to drag me again: "Give me it! I tell you, you must walk more, this child must be smooth!"

I quickly opened the phone call Cheng Xin, opened the outside, and shouted:

"Come over and tell Mom, I don’t walk! Don’t walk!"

Cheng Xin was silent for a few seconds, then cleared her throat, and spoke: "Mom, don’t walk with heart, she wants to lie down and let her lie."

"Silly son! Don’t understand! This is for her!"

My mother rushed up and wanted to grab the phone. I hung up in time and turned with her eyes.

She snorted coldly and left the door and left.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and the first battle briefed!

But the dawn of this victory only maintained for ten minutes.

Because I saw my breakfast.


Breakfast, two, cold cold eggs.

This makes me incredible.

Before Cheng Xin was worse, he transferred 5,000 yuan for my mother in front of me.

It is emphasized that this is another meal for me to add meals alone.

At that time, my mother smiled and took off an old lady who was kind.

I thought the problem of eating was solved.

As a result, the cold egg, one becomes two!


Want to send me these things, no door!

I didn’t touch the egg. I turned my head and turned a steak from the refrigerator and fry it for breakfast.

Not to mention, it is really uncomfortable that pregnant women hold these things.

It is inconvenient to squat, it is uncomfortable to bend over, and it feels a little dizzy from time to time.

And my mother stood behind me and watched me finished all of this, let alone help, and didn’t even have a concern.

Breakfast has been dealt with in the past, and lunch and dinner are still non -stained vegetarian dishes, as well as leftovers that have not been eaten for a meal.

I told my mother that she made her meat, and she had disappeared.

After eating every meal, I poured the leftovers straight. As a result, when I got the next meal, the dishes on the table were simply less!

Two people, one of them is a pregnant woman, eat a dish, nothing else.

The 5,000 yuan given by Cheng Xin seems to be drifting!

I pressed the anger and tried to communicate with my mother again:

"Mom, I am a pregnant woman, I can’t eat leftovers, I can’t eat meat, and I can’t eat so. The nutrition must be balanced."

My mother brushed the vibrato with a comfortable expression, and did not respond to what I said.

Here, this is what it looks like again!

A flame rose from the bottom of my heart, burning my heart burning, making me panic even breathe.

I finally couldn’t help anger and said big:

"Are your ears deaf! Can’t I hear it?!"

It may be that Cheng Xin’s personality is usually too docile. My mother showed a rare expression and glanced at me.

Then it was probably judged that I couldn’t raise any waves.

"I have so many things for you to cook for you, then you cook yourself!"


Obviously, after knowing that Cheng Xin was pregnant, she strongly asked to take care of Cheng Xin!

What do you do now like this?Intersection

"I call Gu Yi!"

I stood in the living room, stretched out my hand, and opened it.

Unexpectedly, when the phone was connected, Cheng Xin just "fed" there, and my mother rushed to the phone, shouting with a cry:

"Ah! Your daughter -in -law is too difficult to wait! She is not satisfied with what meals I do, and I still get angry at me! Mom really can’t live!"

I meow?


I finally reacted, my mother was actually a big green tea!

Cheng Xin did not take over, as if she had already knew what was the situation, and said calmly: "Mom, I will ask the housekeeping aunt who cooks to cook, so you can relax."

"That’s not okay, that’s not!"

My mother rushed her mobile phone and shook her head quickly: "How can I eat it for others to cook? Let me come! Waste the money too much, you have to learn to live!"

"Oh, that’s it," Cheng Xin paused, and continued, "Mom, I will give you the money of asking your aunt, you make some delicious heart, if you don’t work, you must ask the nanny."


My mother smiled and turned back to the old lady.

"Son, you can rest assured, I must take care of my heart!"

The phone was hung up.

Things are solved.

My mother is satisfied.

I am speechless.

I hid back to the bedroom and called Cheng Xin again. She seemed to be busy, and the keyboard knocking was endless.

I asked her: "You used to eat at home, did the meals have always been like this?"

With a "um", she disappeared.

I was silent for a moment and asked:

"Why don’t you tell me?"

There was a smile on the other side of the phone, and the sound of the keyboard stopped.

"Gu Yi, I will help you think about it, do you remember that I said to you, do you want to find a aunt for cooking?"

I was a bit anxious: "How can I hear so euphemistic! Do you just say what you eat, do you just know this!"

Cheng Xin’s emotions did not fluctuate at all: "I said, would you believe it?"

I am silent.

How could I believe that the hot breakfast of the hot fragrance will be taken off the table after I finish eating, and turns into a cold cooking egg?

How can I believe it, I will inevitably appear on the table to go home, and I disappear when I am not at home?

How could I believe that my mother who took good care of my heart and harmonious in front of me would be another facial for Cheng Xin?

At this time, Cheng Xin interrupted my thoughts:

"But everything is solved, don’t think about it, ready to have children."

Wait, what?

Give birth?Intersection

When I heard this word, I seemed to be beaten by anyone, the whole brain buzzed, and my head turned to my head!

Why forget it, I am still in Cheng Xin’s body.

Seeing that it is coming to the due date,

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