My wife is pregnant with her husband 8 months pregnant, netizens: The world is too crazy

The suffering of a woman in October was unable to understand and missed it!

Someone once lamented, if a man can get pregnant!

Men are pregnant?

Someone really implemented it!

"Daily Mail" reported on May 27 that a Columbia model posted a set of photos on her personal social account. In the photo, she was squatting and kissing her husband for 8 months.Smile, this picture looks so comfortable.

Such a strange scene has attracted the attention of many netizens.

The female model in the photo is called Danna Sultana, and his husband is named Esteban LandRau.

It turned out that there was a deviation in gender identity. Sudanna was originally a man, but the subconscious felt that he was a woman, and Randla was originally a woman, but tended to be masculine.

After they fell in love, both went to transsexual surgery.

Rando changed from men and women to men, and Sudanna changed from men to women.

However, they only chose to change their appearance, and retain their own gender fertility organs. Therefore, Randlay can still get pregnant naturally after transgender becomes a male.

Sudanna’s social account records the bits and pieces of their couple after pregnancy, and these also received the support of a lot of fans. Netizens praised: "They are very beautiful, they have given thousands of cross -gender partners.","

However, when you see such photos, some people say that the world is too crazy.

If you change your nature, it is still a woman. It seems that this pregnancy really has nothing to do with men.

If you want a man to get pregnant, and experience the hard work of his wife in October, it seems that you don’t have to think about it.

Because men’s body structure is different from women’s body structure. Even if they can be used for uterine transplantation, if a man can naturally give birth to a baby, it is still difficult to achieve in theory.

After all, after transsexuality becomes a woman, it is necessary to rely on estrogen to maintain women’s characteristics.

And having a baby is about a healthy life, who is willing to make her child a hormone baby.

This is not only irresponsible to yourself, but also irresponsible to children!

However, female compatriots don’t have to be frustrated. I want her husband to experience the pain of pregnancy and childbirth. It can be achieved through experiments!

In a show, actor Sha Yi once experienced the pain of a woman during the childbirth with the assistance of the instrument.

This experience allows him to fully understand the pain of his wife when producing.

Before the coming of Mother’s Day in 17 years, the Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital Ranjiaba Hospital held a special event of Mother’s Day "Love Challenge".

After the 10 men who came to challenge experienced the suffering of her mother’s pregnancy and the pain of childbirth on the spot, they had another emphasis on their wives and their mother.

With the help of the staff, men brought fake pregnancy.

After tied to 8 pounds of fake belly, they followed the medical staff to do pregnant women yoga.

Also experience real scenes such as pregnant women turn over, laces, sleep, etc.

Men who participated in the challenge said that they had only heard the hard work of pregnancy before, and now they have finally realized it.

In fact, there are only eight pounds for false pregnancy, but only half of women when they are pregnant, and there are no amniotic fluid or placenta.

"I used to hear my wife saying back pain. People are tired. It turned out to be such inconvenient." A man said.

When the childbirth experience session, men’s feelings are deeper.

Under the control of the childbirth instrument, the level of pain has gradually increased. Most men are sweating to level 3, and 10 men cannot bear to be accepted by level 12.

Women’s childbirth pain can reach level 12, just like a 20 ribs are broken at the same time.

It is actually quite meaningful to have the opportunity to participate in such activities.

At least, they can go through their personal experience to pursue their wives.

A man who participated in the event mentioned earlier said: "The moment I experienced pain on the chair, I suddenly felt happy.

Children are really hard to come. A happy family was obtained after pain, and the family was suffering from wind and rain together."

Another prospective father said that he came with his pregnant wife. After this experience, he was more considerate of his wife.

There is no feeling in this world. Only by personal experience can we understand thoroughly and thoroughly, and truly consider the problem from the perspective of each other.

Although not everyone can have the opportunity to experience it on the spot, we must give them more care during our wife’s pregnancy, especially to care about the emotions of their wives.

If you can’t help them in the body, please take care of them emotionally.

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