My son was on a business trip, and the daughter -in -law found that she was pregnant. I asked her who was it?When I learned the truth, I cried!

In the bustling city, the Liu family is a small and famous family.Their son, Liu Xiran, has a tall figure and obvious intelligence, coupled with his kindness, so that he is very popular in the community.However, he has the only secret that Liu family knows. He has a physiological defect and cannot have children.

This secret was discovered by them before Liu Xiran and his wife, Li Wenwen, and before marriage.They had thought about telling Li Wenwen about the news, but Liu Xiliang said, "I will find out the solution, and I will do my best to give her a family."

The solution is IVF.Liu Xiran and Li Wenwen discussed, and Li Wenwen, a lively and cheerful, attached great importance to the family, did not hesitate to accept this suggestion.However, they did not tell anyone about this decision, including the Liu family.

On this day, Liu Xiran needs to travel to other cities, and the time will be a bit long.One month after he left, Li Wenwen found that he was pregnant.This is undoubtedly a surprise for her. She decided to surprise Liu Xiliang. After he returned, he told him the good news.

However, the good news was discovered by the Liu family’s mother and Liu’s mother before revealed.In a chance, she found Li Wenwen’s physical change.After learning about Li Wenwen’s pregnancy, Mrs. Liu’s heart was full of doubts and doubts.

Tai Tai is a woman who values family and traditional.In her cognition, her son could not have birth, but now his daughter -in -law is pregnant.This contradiction made her feel trouble.In the end, she decided to ask Li Wenwen, who the child was.

When Mrs. Liu found Li Wenwen, her mood was extremely complicated.She is not a person who is willing to question, especially her family.But her trouble made her find the answer.

Mrs. Liu was sitting in front of Li Wenwen, hesitated, and then asked the question that couldn’t sleep at night, "This child … Who is it?" Li Wenwen froze, but did not expect Mrs. Liu to ask this question.She looked at Mrs. Liu and found the doubts and nervousness in her eyes. She understood that Mrs. Liu didn’t know their plans.

Li Wenwen looked at Mrs. Liu quietly, and then gently said, "This child is Xiliang, it is our child." Hearing this answer, Liu Tai was overwhelmed, this calm woman in front of him, hisDaughter -in -law, even telling her that his son, his son who could not have, would be the father of the child.

Mrs. Liu’s heart was full of questions, but she knew that at this time she couldn’t give her trouble to Li Wenwen.She can only accept this reality silently, and then find the opportunity to ask Liu Xiran, what’s going on.

The development of things is not as simple as Mrs. Liu thinks.She originally planned to wait for Liu Xiran to go home, and then talk to him about this problem.However, during Liu Xiran’s business trip, the news gradually spread in the community, and Li Wenwen was pregnant.The people in the community began to discuss privately. Some people praised Li Wenwen’s beautiful new life, and some people rumored that Liu Xiran could not be the child’s father.

The trouble in Liu’s heart is becoming more and more serious, and this distress has gradually begun to affect her life.She began to lose her appetite and couldn’t fall asleep all night, and the question in her heart could not be answered.In the end, she decided to call Liu Xiran and tell this question.

When Liu Xiran received a call, he was attending an important meeting.When he saw the word "mother" displayed on the screen, he felt a little bad in his heart.He left the conference room and connected the phone.

The voice of Mrs. Liu’s speech on the phone seemed a little trembling. She tried to keep her tone calm, but her anxiety was leaked in her voice.Mrs. Liu told Liu Xiwen’s pregnancy and asked him if he was really him.

Liu Xiran was silent for a while, and then explained to Mrs. Liu the plan of his and Li Wenwen, and why they did not tell her the plan.He admits that this is their mistake, and they should have told Mrs. Liu about this important decision.

After listening to Mrs. Liu, I was silent for a while.She understood Liu Xiru’s explanation and understood their decisions.She sighed deeply and said, "You are all adults and should be responsible for your own decision. I just hope you can be happy."

After the phone was hung up, Liu Xiran felt a kind of liberation, but at the same time there was a kind of guilt.He understood that his mother had accepted the fact, but he also knew that his behavior made his mother bear too much pressure.

Liu Xiran decided to end the business trip in advance and go home to accompany Li Wenwen and his mother.He knew that their family needed him, and his wife and mother needed him.He needs to explain, comfort, and bear the responsibility he deserves.

The first thing that Liu Xiliang returned home was to frank his mistakes to Li Wenwen and Mrs. Liu. He sincerely apologized to them and promised that any major decision will be shared with them in the future.Mrs. Liu had tears with tears, nodded gently, and accepted his apology.

Liu Xiran also faced the community’s talks and doubts.He publicly explained the fact that he and Li Wenwen chose IVF.His frankness and sincerity won the understanding of the people in the community, and they also began to look at Li Wenwen’s attention, no longer questioning and rumors.

Over time, things gradually subsided.The Liu family restored the tranquility and warmth of the past.However, they know that the incident has brought changes to their lives, and the relationship between them is closer.

Li Wenwen’s pregnancy was gradually stable, and she began to enjoy the life of expectant mothers.Liu Xiran did his best to take care of her, and they looked forward to the arrival of a small life together.Tai Tai often accompanies Li Wenwen to share the joy of her mother and the upcoming grandma.

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