My son lost contact for 24 years, and was imprisoned when he was found. On the day of his release, his father kept repeating this sentence …

Source: Nanhai Public Security

In the early morning of June 3rd, in Jiangmen Prison, "Happy" was replaced with a new and neat clothes.He was waiting, waiting for freedom, and waiting to see the family who lost twenty -four years.

At this time, accompanied by the police of the Nanhai Branch of the Foshan Public Security Bureau, the "happy" elder brother and younger sister also rushed from the Nanhai Public Security Branch of 100 kilometers away to Jiangmen Prison. Here they will complete the 24 -year -old relatives to find relativesRoad, take "happy" home.

This is a special admitting relative that happened in the high wall.From Foshan South China Sea to Fujian to Henan to Dongguan, the Criminal Investigation Brigade and Guicheng Police Station of the Nanhai Public Security Bureau span thousands of miles, helping in August 2022 for being arrested for theft in Guicheng, and was sentenced to 10 months in prison for 10 months.The identity and blood relationship of the year.The time of the long -lost reunion of the "happy" family finally arrived.

Leave home for a young age

Goodbye is already a prisoner

"Happy" is not the real name, but "happy" and giving up after leaving home.

24 years ago, "Happy" ran away from his hometown from Fujian to Henan. He didn’t know that he had to bring his ID card on his body, but he had 500 yuan in his pocket.He has never been to school, and he can’t remember his personal information, but only remember that his parents would call him a little name or "second brother" in Hakka.

When he rushed to the country, when someone asked his name for the first time, he obviously froze, thinking about it slightly, his throat choked, and his mouth spit out two words: "Happy."This is one of the few words he can write. The strokes are simple and the meaning is good. "Happy" decides to accompany himself to start the "new life".

However, the new life is not as good as the imagination. Because there is no identity certificate, "happy" has not been able to find decent jobs, moved bricks at the construction site, worked in the store, and tramp around in Henan and surrounding provinces and cities.He did not want to contact his family, but when he was looking for a public phone call to call the landline at home, there would only be a busy voice on the phone.Afterwards, he learned that calling for fixed -line words in the field needs to be added in front of the phone.When I dial again for a few years, the phone became empty.In this way, "happy" lost contact with the family.

Later, "Happy" made some social idlers and went astray.In August 2022, he first arrived in Foshan and was arrested for theft in Guicheng, South China Sea.

During the survey, the police at the Guicheng Police Station of the Nanhai Public Security Bureau learned that "happiness" was not his true identity. When asked about his family information, "happiness" was not effectively provided, but only the word "treasure" in his father’s name.

"We will not give up any one and help ‘get happily’ to find their identities and family members, so that he can truly integrate into society." To this end, the Criminal Investigation Brigade and Guicheng Police Station of the Nanhai Public Security Bureau set up a special class.After 10 months in prison, the police also started to find a person.

Twists and turns

The police are looking for a turnaround

According to the scattered information provided by "Happy", the police of the special class went to Kaifeng in Henan, Ningde, Fujian, Meizhou, Guangdong, Dongguan and other places.However, after spending a lot of effort to screen and find out the family registration of the local police station, the police found that the memory of "happy" may have a deviation, and failed to accurately verify the identity and address of his family.

Despite the difficulty of finding the road, it is impossible to stop the police’s footsteps.The police change to find ideas, and through the search for the historical archives of the population, and visiting the village cadres and villagers many times to visit the countryside, they finally learned in a village in a village in Zhouning County, Ningde City, Fujian., Suspected of "Happy" father.However, when the police rushed to find out, they found that the old man had only a household registration in the local area, no residence, and unable to contact him all year round.

Just as the police were in an unprepared exhibition, the local village staff contacted the relatives of the old man who named the old man with "Bao", and he successfully contacted the old man.It is understood that the old man is now nearly 80 years old. He lives in Dongguan, Guangdong in Dongguan, Guangdong. A child did not have the direction before the early years.

"This old man is likely to be the father of ‘Happy"! "After learning about this key clue, the police immediately carried out the DNA database system comparison work.

On May 29, the police seeking relatives who lasted for several months finally waited.It was identified by the DNA Laboratory of the Nanhai Public Security Bureau and confirmed that the old man was indeed a "happy" biological father."You found your son for 24 years!" The police called the "Happy" father for the first time.

This good news exploded in the "Happy" home, and the "happy" brother immediately called the police again. When he was sure of confirming, he cried suddenly.Brother "Happy" said that after his brother ran away, he thought many ways to find someone. He called the police and the nearby cities to find one by one, but all ended without illness.I want to spend money on the newspaper and TV, but because I do n’t have a photo of my brother, I can only give up.Two years after "happiness", parents and other 4 brothers and siblings moved from their hometown in Fujian to Meizhou and Dongguan, Guangdong, but never gave up their relatives until they received a call from the police.

"The Foshan Nanhai Police was so powerful that he found his brother at once and felt like he was dreaming." "Happy", even if he learned that his brother was prison, he was still very excited. He even said, "People are still good!"

Driving a hundred miles

Take "happy" home

June 3rd is the day when "happiness" was released.The night before, the family was so excited that the family was so excited that they were busy cleaning up the house, paving the bed, and putting new slippers … There was a lively atmosphere of the New Year.

Less than 6 am that day, the "happy" father, elder brother, and younger girl drove from Dongguan to the Nanhai Public Security Branch. For more than a week, they have been looking forward to this day.Due to the inconvenience of their father’s legs, they decided to rush to Jiangmen Prison by the elder brother, younger sister and the police and pick up "happy".

At about 10 am, under the leadership of the Prison Police, "Happy" passed through a door, and eventually appeared in front of the loved ones who were 24 years old.At that moment, the elder brother stood up instantly and ran towards the other party quickly. When he came in front of him, he couldn’t say a word. He shed tears. After a while, he murmured: "Brother, remember me?""Aside, the younger sister had a red eyes, pulled up the" happy "hand, and kept distressed," Brother, for so many years, you have suffered. "

At the beginning, "Happy" was a bit rusty, but when he felt the family that blood was thicker than water, he put down all the heart defense, invested in the warm arms that had been lost for a long time, and called out the voice of silence in his heart for 24 years but often echoed:"Brother! Sister!"

On the way back, the "Happy" little girl opened the album in the mobile phone and introduced who was the older brother, the husband of the sister, and the two children of her … I haven’t seen it in 24 years, there are too many regrets, there are too many regrets,My brother and sister kept saying along the way, and seemed to want to fill up the gaps that have been "happy" in 24 years.

More than an hour later, the car returned to the South China Sea Public Security Bureau. "Happy" couldn’t wait to get off the car first and go straight to the stairs. He knew that his father was waiting for him on the second floor lobby.Until the moment he saw his father, the grievances and thoughts buried in his heart could no longer be hidden. He hugged his father and did not want to let go for a long time."Just come back, just come back, live a good life in the future …" The "happy" father firmly grasped his son’s hand, and repeated this sentence in his mouth.

"There are 5 children in our family. He is the most similar to me." "Happy" When his father talked to the police, his eyes never left "happy". In his eyes, his second son’s nose was very strong, his eyes were very strong, his eyes were with his eyes, his eyes were with his eyesAlthough it is not big, it is very godly. Even if you are restrained and do not like to talk, it is very similar to him.

After the "Happy" family leaves

I received a text message on the police mobile phone

It was sent by "happy" with the elder brother’s mobile phone

A few lines above

"Thank you for your help,

I will not be ‘happy’ in the future,

But I will live happily with my family,

No more illegal things."

Material Source | Sub -bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade, Guicheng Police Station

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