My sister married her husband’s brother. One day after 3 years, she told an amazing story.

In 2017, I worked in Guangzhou.

I graduated from accounting and worked as finance in a Fortune 500 daily chemical factory.The company has a dormitory, two people, and the environment is very good.

In April, my sister came.She didn’t stay in the hotel and slept on a bed with me.

Colleagues are very envious of our sisters’ relationship.

My sister came from Hubei because I was pregnant.Tan Ming and I talked about love for more than a year, but I was pregnant unexpectedly.

Tan Ming is my colleague. He said that the child is God’s will, and get married quickly.

Before my sister had seen Tan Ming, she bought a ticket and rushed from my hometown.

On the second day of my sister, something happened to the company’s dormitory building.Someone lost more than 10,000 cash.

It had nothing to do with us.Because of the day when I was thrown, I went to pick up my sister.It was very late when I came back, and my colleagues had lost their things early.

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However, the police came to ask us.

Police said that some people reported that your sister had a previous subject, and we must investigate it.

At that time, my sister’s face was white.Because Tan Ming was standing next to him, we had an appointment with us to eat together.

Tan Ming said, don’t talk nonsense, who reported, isn’t this a framed person?

The police said that we did n’t count it without framing. Now the case is connected to the Internet. I know when I check it.

I glanced at my sister quietly, her eyes were red.She was anxious and afraid.

My sister and I were born in the countryside of Hunan. My sister is 8 years older than me.

There is a younger brother who is two -year -old below.

It is said that I still have a second sister, and I died unfortunately.Looking at the male and female structure of our family, I also know that it is a family of male and female.

The family was punished at home.My dad didn’t have a good look at her daughter, and my mother had to have a son, and naturally more eccentric.

Those who have brought me from childhood are my sister.My dad worked abroad all year round.

My mother wants to go to the ground to do farm work. Grandma’s legs and feet are not good, she can only bring her brother.I gave it to my sister to bring it.

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In 1995, my dad was in prison for half a year because of fighting.

The days of our family have been bad since then.In 1996, Grandpa suffered from lung cancer, and he spent a lot of money to treat him at home. Grandpa eventually died.

The family became poorer.My dad worked outside, but he couldn’t pay money for a few months.

The only food and wearing at home were given to my brother.

My sister told me that grandma’s original words were that there was no money at home. If you have to find a way yourself, it is good to raise you so much.

That year, my sister was 12 years old and I was 4 years old.

My sister had stolen things from then on.

I didn’t eat it at home. Fortunately, in the summer, it was difficult to get in winter.I only ate one meal a day, and I cried so hungry.

So my sister went to the neighbor’s house to steal things.

Now I remember that in the winter of the age of 5, one day when my sister came back at night, her nose was swollen, and her body was all injured.

She was discovered by stolen things, letting people close.

When I saw my sister, I cried straight.But she saw me, but she smiled and said, don’t cry, do you guess what else I stayed?

I shook my head.She took half a pack of milk powder from her arms and said that there is milk to drink, which can supplement nutrition.

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To be honest, I don’t hate grandma.

My grandma was not a good end, she died of pesticides.

It was the winter of 1997. Grandma got up in the morning and changed her clean clothes, but there was no light in her heart.

There are very few poisons who died in the world.

She was lying on the old bed and kept humming.My mother was so scared that she hugged her brother and hid in her house.

Only my sister took me to accompany her grandmother to finish the last painful time of life.

At that time, I was too young, so I remember that the room was dim, and my grandmother made a terrible voice from time to time.

I was afraid in my heart, sitting in the corner and not saying.

But my sister was not afraid.She sat next to her grandmother, holding her twitching hand, and rubbing her white foam and blood on her mouth.

After many years, my sister and I told me, what’s so scared, I just feel pitiful.Relying on men, men walk ahead.Relying on the son, the son does not care about it, and is free alone.

The last sentence of my grandmother left, I have nothing, so I will be the dowry of Zhang Zhen’s marriage.

Later, when my sister told my mother, my mother laughed.

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No wonder my mother laughed.

Grandma’s father was a carpenter and married a bed.The old things that have been sleeping for decades are almost scattered, and they have to go to the granddaughter.

My mother said that your grandmother was a valuable gold ring, and I said it was left to me before.As a result, your dad was gone when he left, and the fart was not left.

My mother’s mouth is not good, her speech is very ruthless, and life and death are not heart.For other people’s family funerals, she can be on the side of the melon seeds and watch the lively.

To be honest, my sister and I don’t hate my mother.My mother’s four women and two men, she ranks third.Not literate, no culture.

When my dad was at home at home, her sister persuaded her to divorce, and she slapped my sister.

I scolded my sister and wanted to destroy her.

My sister said, I ca n’t say that my mother is stupid, knowing that it ’s wrong to go to do it.She really doesn’t understand this truth.

My mother is the kind of woman who believes in "men is heaven".

My dad came back in the summer of 1998.

He wore a short -sleeved shirt, opened his arms, smoked cigarettes.

He said he was in jail again, so he couldn’t contact his family.I don’t know if it is true or false.

My mother cried and scolded and scolded, asking if he had thought about how many of our mother spent in recent years.

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My dad came to pick us up and went to the provincial capital.

He said that he and others had money and had money, and took us to enjoy the blessing.He also gave my sister a false ID card, which was 18 years old, saying that he could work earlier.

At that time, everyone was so happy.We all thought there was a good day.

It can only be said that we are so stupid.

After I went, I realized that my dad made a bathing city. This was opened by a friend he knew in prison.

And he is not a partner, just a security deputy captain.

At that time, he rented a two -bedroom and one -living house, and was happy to make a few of us.

My dad asked me to see my brother. I arranged for my mother to go to the laundry department of the bath city, and then sent my sister to train, learn massage, and the karma.

He said that young female technicians earned high, and a powerful monthly salary exceeded 10,000 yuan.

The monthly salary of that year was like a night.

My sister is fully closed.It was the first time I separated from my sister and wanted my sister to cry.

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After about a week, in the evening, my dad did not get off work.My mother came back and fell asleep with her brother.

When I was confused about sleeping or not, I felt someone shaking me.

It’s my sister.As soon as I was about to call, she covered my mouth.

She signaled me to say nothing and quietly help me wear clothes.She staged my ears and said that my dad wants to pit us, and my sister takes you away.

I asked stupidly, should I call my brother?

Sister said, dad will not hurt his brother

When I said, I walked to the door. Suddenly, the door of my mother’s bedroom opened.It’s my mother.

In the dark, the air was solidified.

My sister and I were in place, I don’t know what to do.Then, my mother glanced at us, returned to the bedroom, and closed the door.

My sister breathed a sigh of relief, and pulled me and ran away.

That was the last time I saw my mother.

Since I was a child, I felt my mother was rude, numb, and no feelings.But she glanced at the last glance of our sisters, and I couldn’t forget it in my life.

So soft, so warm, full of reluctance and love.

I think she still loves us.She just doesn’t have the ability to treat us well.

At the moment she closed the door, I saw her crying, and her tears were shining in the moonlight.

But my sister said that my mother did not cry, all children thoughtless.

At that time, the dark light was blind, and it was impossible to see crying or crying.

I think my sister may be more hate in the past.She didn’t want to have a nostalgia for her former.

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My sister told me that when she went to learn massage, she was particularly serious.Others told her not to be so serious, just mix a certificate.At that time, some technicians will not be arrested.

My sister said, what examination, who checks it?

Those people laughed badly.

She couldn’t believe how could there be such a father, in order to make money, she pushed her biological daughter into the fire.

My sister stole out that day, and I planned to leave. Later, I thought of me. Although I was young, I couldn’t leave a bastard.

So I took me away.

After that, my sister and I started a wandering career.

In those two years, my sister had no ID card and could not do any formal work.

She was half -worked by half of her work, and half of them stole Dongxi.

Once you are arrested, we will change the place.In those years, we lived in the bridge cave and slept through the corridor … remember that there was a kind old grandmother who let us live in her house for four days.Later, we were driven away by her son.

Once, my sister was caught and closed for three days.When I came out, I gave her a set of autumn clothes.

That was the first time I went to steal things.I gave my sister a beautiful way, and then she slapped me.

It was also the first time I hit my sister, and it was very ruthless.

She said, I stole something to prevent you from doing this kind of thing!

I swear and swear, I dare not dare again in the future.

We stopped in a third -tier city in Hubei.

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It was already 2000 years.

We encountered a particularly good police station.After catching my sister, I knew the situation and gave us great help.

My sister did not say where my hometown was, and she said that we were sold by my dad and escaped.She must not go back.

And I don’t know where my hometown is.

In 2000, it was catching up with the fifth national census.

The old director put me and my sister to arrange a collective hukou, and since then we have a new identity.

He is the benefactor of our life, and my sister and I changed their surnames.

The old director died in 2005 and cerebral hemorrhage.He is too hard for a lifetime and does not care about his body.

Our sisters were buried as their daughter.

After my sister had a formal job, she started to read.

In those years, the days were very difficult.But we are at least stable, can be full, can wear warmth.

We rented a small bungalow, and the two sisters had home.

In order to make my sister -in -law and save money, I study desperately.I started to go to elementary school at the age of 8, and the pressure was particularly strong.Except learning every day is learning and not playing with classmates.

Primary school skipping the first level, let me catch up for a year.I entered a key school in high school, and my grades were a bit unable to keep up.

I do n’t find a reason for myself, or I do n’t understand it again and again.The hair was big, and the head was almost bald.

My sister felt that I was not right, and the school teacher was very concerned about me, so that the psychological counselor guided me.

I was not exaggerated at all.One afternoon with the psychological counselor, the two of us sat in the office and cried.

At that time, she said that you have experienced too much, and the psychological pressure is normal. You can’t force yourself anymore and will collapse.

What I thought in my heart was not myself, but my sister.

Because she was the person who had experienced the same experience as me, I suddenly worried about her.

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At that time, my sister bought a lot of medicine for me. I said, you also eat it, we have not experienced the same.

In fact, my sister is in good health.

As she said, she is a sister and has always lived more realistic.

She is a particularly clear person who works hard to make money.Unfortunately, her academic qualifications have affected her career.She has only elementary culture, and it is difficult to improve.

But her real problem is love.

I know, she should talk about two boys.With a little clues, she would doubt each other.

I remember her second man, once drove to pick her home from get off work, and then did not take her often walk.Because it was at night, my sister exploded emotionally, and kicked him again.

When the car stopped, she cried and asked, what do you want to do?

The other party is particularly embarrassing, saying, tomorrow … isn’t your birthday?I want to surprise you at zero.

In fact, a large group of friends waiting for her in KTV.including me

After that, my sister no longer fell in love.

She felt that she couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to delay others.

In 2011, I took the college entrance examination. Although my grade fell, I was admitted to a university and was a ordinary university in Guangzhou.

But I suddenly didn’t want to go.It’s too far from my sister.Of course, more importantly, afraid of spending money.

At that time, I was a little discouraged by my studies. I was not born. I don’t want my sister to waste money on me. I might as well work directly.

My sister looked at me with a smile and said, "It’s okay, my sister has money, and grandma left us a dowry.

Then I knew that when my sister was running the business, she talked to the customer about Huanghuali.

Customers are speculating this thing.He showed my sister’s photos, what patterns and texture.

As soon as my sister saw it, I said, do you have a big piece, do you want it?

That’s right.The carpenter marrying her daughter still uses good news.The dowry that no one wants is, it is really a good thing.The bedside of that bed was a whole piece of Huanghuali.

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There are about sixty or seventy pounds.When my sister was on a business trip, she returned to her hometown by the way and checked out the bedside and sold 80,000 yuan.

My sister didn’t say before, because I didn’t want me to know that she was back home.

To be honest, I still don’t remember where my hometown is, but only knows Hunan.

And my sister didn’t want me to have a little contact with my hometown.After all, there is a father who wants to send his daughter to the daughter to massage the woman.

And the 80,000 yuan, say more, say less, for me to go to college.

I said, I don’t want it, that’s the dowry given to you by grandma.

My sister said that I was afraid that I would not be able to marry in my life.Reading for you, grandma will be happier.

In this way, I came to Guangzhou, studied in college, and graduated here and found a good job here.

My sister has always encouraged me to go out.

She said that there is any hometown, wherever we live, where is the home.

After work, I and Tan Ming and I fell in love.

He is a master’s degree from Liaoning and studied at key universities. He has a very cheerful personality.

I found that the accident was in 2017.

Our wedding rooms have been bought.I just want to set the marriage period as soon as possible, after all, the baby in the stomach is not easy to drag.

However, no one expected that the next day my sister arrived, there was something to lose.

And I have never told Tan Ming about my life.I only told the company a particularly good girlfriend.Unexpectedly, she inserted a knife behind her.

Later, I heard from others’ mouths that my "good girlfriend" originally had a crush on Tan Ming, so I deliberately reported my sister.She wanted to make me ugly and Tan Ming felt that I was deceiving him.

And I can’t help it, I can only tell Tan Ming about everything.

I said, I can talk about it, if you want to divide it, the child will kill it.

Tan Ming said that this kind of privacy is a normal person.Besides, I know that you have eaten so much to break up, so am I still people?Let’s register to get married tomorrow, it is necessary.

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In this way, I and my in -laws and I had registered to get married before they met.

In October that year, we had a wedding in Guangzhou.

My sister held my hand and sent me a marriage.

That day, she wore a red suit, beautiful and beautiful.Both the bridesmaids and the best man made me marry my sister and compared Tan Ming.

When my sister took my hand, I started crying.But my sister has been laughing.She said, so happy, why do I cry?

But when she read her words, she couldn’t hold it.She was holding a long manuscript paper, but she couldn’t open her mouth.

She stood in the center of the stage and turned to look at me, and thousands of stars condensed in her eyes.

For a moment, I think she seemed to be a mother who was standing in the moonlight, so soft, so warm, full of reluctance and love.

When I shouted, she ran over and hugged me tightly.

I said, I am still your sister when I get married.

And she cried sobbing and couldn’t speak.

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That scene was touching countless times, and not only touched me, but also touched Tan Ming’s brother Tan Hao.

Tan Hao has a house and a car in Guangzhou.Three years younger than my sister, divorced, and a 4 -year -old son.

After the wedding, he started to contact my sister privately.

In January 2018, as soon as I entered the due date, my sister resigned to take care of me.Tan Hao came to visit me every three forks.

Later, Tan Ming and my sister said, sister, you agreed.How much the influence is not good, his trip, people who do n’t know do n’t know that my daughter -in -law is pregnant with his child?And you see with my brother, we are kissed.

A mouth that was so bad, but my sister really agreed to try it.

Maybe we really have a long time away from the past, and my sister finally let go of being too vigilant for men.

Of course, it may also be because Tan Hao is a man who grows on my sister’s laugh.Every time he spoke, my sister wanted to laugh.Laughing, laughing, and moved.

After I confinement, they officially announced.After two months, the two got a marriage certificate.

They did not have a wedding because my sister would not let it.She said that in case we were married, others didn’t know that we were together.

In the end, she still has hidden worries about love.

But I think Tan Hao, who is sunny, will definitely heal her.

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Tan Mingsheng and I are a son, and Tan Hao has a son.At the beginning we also said that my sister, regenerating a little princess.At that time, the two pain together.

But in the years after marriage, my sister did not give birth.

Tan Ming will still be a man, remind me that in the future, the husband and wife do not want, there must be difficulty in saying.Don’t blend with blindness.

Later, I won’t mention it anymore.

My sister originally said that after arriving in Guangzhou, a chain convenience store was opened.But in the past few years, there are places to spend money everywhere.She didn’t dare to start, and took children at home.

Take care of Tan Hao’s son and take care of my son.Tan Hao said that my sister was too hard for the first half of her life, and it was good to relax at home for a few years.

We weekends, we often gather.

Sometimes, my sister and I sit on the balcony, bask in the sun, and drink tea.Looking at the large green shade under the balcony, we will find it incredible.

I do n’t know how many people, like us, will be so splitted before and after life, so that sometimes I wake up from my sleep, and I feel ignorant.

I’m afraid I actually sleep in the bridge hole, or in the corridor that is everywhere.The beauty of all this is just a dream of a match.

And at this moment my sister told me an amazing story.

My sister said, "I have a nightmare almost every night. Dreaming of my father chasing me and hitting me. Actually, when I went back to my hometown, I saw him …"

I trembled all over, and said, do they also be there?

My sister said that there was only my dad at home and did not see her mother and brother.

According to neighbors, when my dad was hospitalized for surgery, my brother turned away his deposit and took his mother away.Where did you go? No one knows.

My dad may have been chewing more with betel nut, suffering from oral cancer.Half open my mouth cut off, it looked even more terrible.

He came out of the operating room and couldn’t find my mother and brother.At that time, he was old, and the money was spent, and he had to return to his hometown as a last resort.

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My sister went back to get the bedside, and he sprinkled his breath on my sister.He won’t let my sister go, and fight.

Later, people in the village came to help, saying that the old lady was left to the granddaughter.My sister took off.

This toss is too late, it is difficult to find the car back to the county seat.

My sister is afraid of the same place with my father.She spent 200 yuan, looking for a neighbor to buy an old three round, carrying a large wooden head of 60 or seventy pounds, riding a night, riding to a train station in the county.

When I bought the ticket and checked it, when my sister sat down, my stomach had pain and almost fainted.

Because when fighting, my dad kicked my sister’s lower abdomen fiercely.She rode another night car.

That night, the body appeared abnormal. At the beginning, it was thought that it was a regular leave, and the result was a full month.

After that, she was amenorrhea.At that time, my sister was less than 30 years old, but there would never be a child who belonged to her.

I was crying and listening.

I said, why don’t you tell me?

My sister said, how dare I dare?At that time, you had to be depressed, so much of your hair, and I was scared to death.I asked a psychological counselor, and they said that the first phase of the regular treatment was more than 10,000.

When I rode three rounds in the middle of the night, my legs were shaking, and my stomach had no strength.But I thought, this is my sister’s medicine, it is her tuition for college, and I have to take it back.

I couldn’t stop crying.

I did not expect that all my happiness now is not allowed to give birth to my sister for life.

I said, I’m sorry, my sister.In the future, my son is yours.I asked him to give you the elderly.

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My sister smiled, your son was me, you don’t want to divide me yet.Besides, I still have a son.Really raising, the same as biological.I told you today that I think these breaks are finally over in my heart.

I think so, you can say it, just let it go.

I leaned on my sister’s shoulder and said, yes, all passed.We will live happily in the future.

It was September 2022, the sunset after the rain was filled with the entire Guangzhou City.

My sister and I made an oath, and I would never cry in the past.Those painful memories are yellowed in time.

We all have a new life and don’t want to look back.

Author: Zhu Xiaofan, a public account with only true stories.Here, you will see a hundred state of life.Reading pig Xiaofan, believe in love.Reply to the catalog in the background, you can read all the stories.Public account: Pig Xiao Qian (ID: zhuxiaoqian0214).

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