My mother said that there are only two in pregnancy that I can’t eat: this can not be eaten, so I can’t eat it …

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As a pregnant woman, except for the rare animals that love the family with three thousand pets in seconds.In fact, there are a lot of bugs!As follows, the dialogue may happen to every pregnant mother: "Mom, I want to eat ice cream" "I am pregnant, how can I eat cold drinks?" "Mom, I want to eat instant noodles" "Do you see me like instant noodles?" …

The mother who usually wants the stars to not give the moon, becomes a food supervisor instantly after we get pregnant!Don’t get in cold, don’t stick oil and salt.

In short, there is a kind of food that can’t be eaten to tell you that your mother feels that you can’t eat it!There are the same father -in -law raised their hands, and then we cried with headache ~~

So the question is: Do you really have to remove those "seemingly" unhealthy foods from the menu after pregnancy?

I do n’t know other pregnant mothers. Anyway, when I am pregnant, I want to drink milk tea, eat fried chicken burgers, 嘬 嘬 cream, eat luxury instant noodles, and his hoarshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhin

What is going on with a big appetite?


Hormonal change

During pregnancy, due to hormones, the taste of pregnant women will change a lot.Some pregnant women do not like spicy food before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, they are so hot.

For example, I: I do n’t like sweets before pregnancy, and I am addicted to sugar after pregnancy.Seeing all kinds of cakes, egg tarts, and ice cream, they coveted three rules, and they had to eat immediately.

There is no fixed pattern of specific taste changes.Some things that do not touch before pregnancy are treasured after pregnancy.


Those who can’t eat will always be a commotion

Just like the beginning of the dialogue, the parents must be to warn their children that they cannot eat and eat.But for pregnant mothers, the more the temptation you ca n’t eat!

Once I went shopping, I wanted to eat fried chicken, because there were too many people who didn’t buy it in line.According to my mother, I said me.

But in fact, what I want to eat during pregnancy is what children in the stomach want to eat.Although there is not necessarily scientific basis, at least a strong "evidence" is given at least.

Can garbage food be eaten?

Let’s take a look at the list of ingredients that were crowned with garbage foods: fried goods, burgers, cola, spicy bars, ice cream, too spicy hot pot … and so on.

In the eyes of my father, even if you are not pregnant, you should not eat these foods. Could it be that there is hope for the whole family in the stomach?The only feeling that the pregnant mother could not eat during pregnancy.If you want to eat, you want to eat, think of the shaking of the soul, and the roll of tears, what can you do?Intersection

My suggestion is, disk it!Eat if you want to eat!

But there is also a keyword that must be remembered: appropriate, appropriate, appropriate!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Eat ice cream once or twice a month during pregnancy?Eat the burger head office once in half a month?Occasionally, two squeeze noodles are understandable, right?Believe me, eating these problems is not big, unless the doctor obviously prohibits you from eating.Otherwise, eat a little bit of injuries in a timely and appropriate amount.

The most unbearable mother during pregnancy is to teach!This cannot be eaten, that cannot be touched.Does this sound that you want to interfere with the uprising?

At this time, pregnant women need a peaceful and stable mentality. Too many emotional fluctuations, the baby will feel it.

So you can eat it and make yourself happy.As long as it is not quantity, everything is not a problem.Moreover, if the hot pot and spicy one should not be added to the pregnant woman’s recipe, the pregnant women in Sichuan can not eat it.

May wish to secretly tell you the pregnant mothers: I have eaten burgers, fries, fried chicken, hot pot, and ice cream during pregnancy, but the frequency is not high. If you test it, you will not have any problems as long as you don’t be greedy.

These are what pregnant mothers can’t eat

Although there are not many taboos who really need to diet during pregnancy, just listen to small tapeworms in the belly.The most notable is food safety and hygiene issues.


Don’t eat small workshops, roadside stalls

Some small workshops or scattered foods are difficult to ensure food safety. From the sources of food, storage, processing, packaging, packaging, etc., they have not been checked and licensed by the state. Pregnant mothers still eat less or try not to eat as much as possible.

Be sure to pay attention to food safety logo when buying snacks.Selected foods with production permits, green foods, organic products, and non -risk -free agricultural products.


View the ingredient table

When pregnant mothers eat snacks, they must remember to check the information on food packaging.For example: production date, shelf life, composition allocation table.The principle is that the simpler the ingredients, the better.

Some components are complicated, especially some ingredients that make people who are not understood. They are either additives or preservatives. It is not recommended that pregnant mothers eat more.


Imported snacks without Chinese labels

Many pregnant mothers like to eat some imported snacks, and feel that food safety in foreign things is more trustworthy.However, when buying, be sure to pay attention to whether the product packaging is posted with "Chinese logo".

If there is no import logo, it means that it has not passed the import food quarantine inspection in my country. In a strict sense, it can be regarded as a "three -free product". In this way It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat.

And if pregnant mothers do not pay attention to diet during pregnancy, it is easy to diarrhea.The diarrhea is more dangerous for pregnant mothers.So before letting go of the belly, you must consider it carefully in combination with your own situation:

1. Is the stomach good good enough?

If your stomach is very sensitive before pregnancy, then you should persuade you to "listen to your mother". After all, there is no trivial matter during pregnancy.If you are like me, the gastrointestinal adaptation ability is very good before pregnancy, then you can eat it happily.

2. Be infected with infection

Liste bacteria exist in many meat foods, and this bacteria are quite anti -freezing, and the freezing room can’t be it.But the bacteria surnamed Li was very afraid of heat and died at high temperature in 2 minutes.

Food sources containing Listelus are usually: non -processed milk and dairy products without Basal sterilization.Fruits and vegetables (such as bean sprouts) made of soft cheese made of unintentional milk (such as bean sprouts).That is cooked meat and hot dogs.Refrigerated meat sauce or meat sauce.Refrigerate smoking seafood.

During pregnancy, due to the decline in resistance, pregnant women are very likely to infect this bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you do n’t eat sashimi or sashimi.

Ice cream can be eaten. Pay attention to the amount, eat less, and reduce the probability of infection with Lisnem.Remember to eat ice cream produced by regular manufacturers.

In high temperature in summer, the food placed outside should follow the principle of 2 hours. Foods that are placed for more than 2 hours at room temperature must be discarded. When the temperature is higher than 32 ° C, try not to eat it for 1 hour.

In addition, it is necessary to clean the refrigerator regularly to clean up the scattered food residues and the expired food in the refrigerator.Avoid the spread of bacteria between food in the refrigerator.

Talk about the message area, do you want to eat and can’t eat things when you are pregnant?

The original content of this number shall not be reproduced without any platform, and it must be investigated in violation of the law.

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