My mother -in -law told me that she was also pregnant and asked me to get a fetus. Would you like to fight?

Love happened in the relative’s family of a college classmate.Below is her experience.Let’s describe it with the first person "I"!

My husband and I met at work.He and I work in different departments.When I first joined the company, he had been working in the company for almost two years.He is serious, popular, handsome and handsome.At that time, I fell in love with him as soon as I joined.After chasing him for half a year, he was finally with him.He is also very good to me. He is considerate in life.After a year, we successfully got engaged and received a certificate and prepared to get married at the end of the year.Just after receiving the certificate for a month, I found that I was pregnant.I planned to get pregnant after getting married, but I didn’t expect to get pregnant unexpectedly.But I think I am going to be pregnant anyway, just in advance, then get a wedding in advance!

Just when my husband and I discussed the wedding, I received a call from my mother -in -law. My mother -in -law said that she was also pregnant and asked me to have an abortion.When she was born, I asked for another baby, she could help us buy a house and pay the down payment, and then compensate me 100,000.I was very angry after listening.Why do I have an abortion?Why don’t she have an abortion?This is too bullying!Her child is a child, my child is not a child, she wants to buy me with money.Can this be measured with money?I feel so angry when I think about it.How could I encounter such a mother -in -law?

She is my mother -in -law’s stepmother, almost 40 years old.My husband’s mother and his father divorced when he was ten years old. His father later found a ten -year -old wife.For a few years of marriage, I haven’t been pregnant.I went to treat it for a few years.I thought I would not have children anymore, but now I am pregnant.I asked my husband what he thought, and he said he was embarrassed.On the one hand, he certainly didn’t want me to go to an abortion, and on the other hand, his mother would not go to abortion.After all, she has been looking forward to having a child over the years, thinking that she could not give birth.She was finally pregnant, and she was an elderly pregnant woman, and she would definitely not have an abortion.

Why do I have to have an abortion?Can’t you give birth?Her husband said that his mother thought she would be a mother -in -law, and she was pregnant again.At that time, her grandson is bigger than her son, and she will be chaotic.Moreover, others will laugh at her. Her dad loves face and definitely disagrees with you.Another is that they think we are still young, and there will be a lot of opportunities in the future.We haven’t had a wedding yet, and pregnancy after the wedding is logical.

If I persist, I will turn my face with my in -laws, and now I don’t want to buy a wedding room by them.It is estimated that the wedding will not be held normally.But I don’t want to abandon.I really don’t know what to do now?

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