My mother -in -law is pregnant

His grandma, my mother -in -law was pregnant at the age of 65, my family was 70 years old, and I was mad me. People had to stay. What should I do? Should I tear up the war?My husband was calm and calmly, and I didn’t say anything, I ignored me crazy.

First of all, talk about my conditions, very, very ordinary, all rural areas, the public caught fish, it may be two or three thousand a month, there is no money!Lao Dan is estimated to have 40,000 to 50,000, anyway, the word is poor anyway!IntersectionIntersectionMy husband and I have not helped me until now, and I have no baby, and I do n’t have money. I am afraid that the children they give birth will ask me to afford it in the future!Both my own two babies are under pressure. I am scared to think about the child of my mother -in -law. How can I break it?Intersection


Update, after seeing the suggestions of many netizens, and searching for the online case, I decided to force not to intervene. I have no right to interfere with others. I don’t want to damage my life.After waiting for two days, my dog man’s husband came back, and I analyzed the disadvantages for him.

I said clearly: "First, I can’t afford any cost of that child in the future. I have no obligation to serve my in -laws when I are old.Five -point property (three houses, one set, one set, the other set, the car was sold, because the car was bought by the down payment of my dowry, and there was no one who had a deposit to support the baby. The child cured the right.However, I have to pay me a salary every month. He often travels abroad and cannot bring a baby.), The second choice either sign an agreement, and write clearly and black words, including your parents to sign, the content is that we do n’t need to bear any costs of our children, everything ’s cost, everythingConsequences. "

Under my very tough attitude, my husband finally selected our little family in weighing the pros and cons. The man is very smart!He will choose if he involves benefits, otherwise he will always be pretending to die!Divorce does not have any benefit to him. All of them are in marriage, which means that he has been struggling for ten years.He agreed to communicate with his parents on Sunday. I wondered if I would follow the countryside to see it?Wait online, urgent!

On the 11th, update the follow -up.

Many people have been struggling with menopause. I really do n’t know, because the relationship is very sparse and I ca n’t help it together. I could n’t ask her this.There are also 65 identity cards, but their generations are unclear even their birthdays. The ID card is almost filled in casually. Anyway, the appearance is very similar to in the early fifty.My husband was very sure.

Today, my husband went back to discuss with their parents. I didn’t follow it. I did not have the right to interfere with the decision, and it didn’t matter my business, so I didn’t follow me back to them.

My husband came back and told me about their conversation. My husband said: If you want it, have you considered your body?It is so dangerous when you are old, and you can easily have a dead body. Can your economic situation be buried?

My mother -in -law was very self -righteous: I am very good, better than your wife’s body, how dangerous, talk nonsense.

Husband: Okay, have you considered the economy aside these?You are so older, and when you give birth to, you have three long or two, who will take care of him?How many deposits do you have enough deposits to afford a child to grow up!

Jiagong was a little angry and said: Children and grandchildren have children and grandchildren, and some people have things. What do you think of so much!I was so poor that I was so poor. Now I am better than before. I can do it. You will be brothers and sisters in the future. We must help each other. We have been the most close relationship for a hundred years.

There is something in the words, implying that my husband will help in the future, and my husband is stupid anymore, and my husband throws me out of my target (I thank him, give me hatred directly) and say: Ah Feng (that is me) told me,If you want a second child, or divorce me or sign an agreement, she said that it is impossible to help you any cost.You consider it carefully.

My mother -in -law started to be angry at the beginning and scolded me and my husband. I do n’t know the process. I can only make up the picture, but they mean that no matter how I do it, I can’t be human, and my husband said.I was not angry, I was irritable, I was angry, and I went back.

My husband said: There is no obligation to give you a baby in the future, saying that he went out and laughed to death, and he was still uneasy when he was old. You went out and asked who his grandson was eight or nine years old. You still have a second child.Don’t respect!I was laughed when I went out, and I said it, and I couldn’t give you a penny to raise a child. In addition to raising your food costs in the future, the cost of your second child was free. AnywayDo not interfere with you, think clearly, have the ability to give birth, and then sign the agreement. If you have any ability to bring any hat, you ca n’t twist.I am exhausted outside and the pressure is so strong that I am afraid of unemployment. Now my salary is arrears every month. My family is not enough. I have no ability to afford people other than my parents and children.

My public wife crackled and said a few words, but my husband was angry.

My husband came back and stated like this. I boasted him well. I finally got angry for a while. I do n’t know if I added fuel and vinegar to show it in front of me, but the meaning is almost (*^▽^)/★*☆.It is impossible for me to pay for the burden on my family to increase the burden on my family. We really can’t afford it. Nowadays, family expenses are under pressure, and we have no deposit. I hope they think clearly.

Update on the 12th.

Husband cousin calling at 8 o’clock tonight, she said that she took my mother to the hospital for examination today. Before the cousin also advised them, but I couldn’t persuade them., I did a B -ultrasound, saying that there was no fetal heart in the fetal buds. Doctors suggested performing abortion surgery.

The cousin said: The doctor said that it was normal, and also said that many cases were the best results. The adventure was very dangerous, and the old couple realized the seriousness.Several medical staff came, they were all very surprised, and they were very good. They persuaded them to see the opening point.If they do n’t tell you, you do n’t know, I can help run the formalities here. They will be discharged from the hospital for two or three days, and it ’s okay.If they say it, you can call Brother Jun to take a look, not a big deal, there are uncle taking care of it.

I said some thanks, and said a lot, lamenting people’s life for a long time, this is the best result.

Having said that, I have three friends who have been pregnant recently, either have no fetal buds or have no fetal heart, and the fetus stops.true or false.

Thank you for your concern. Fortunately, the people around me did not know about it, so I did n’t have anonymous. This kind of wind must not be concealed. Maybe the county hospital is full of storms. I should not know that it is my family affairs. I really don’t want to be the object of everyone’s discussion., I won’t update anymore, bye.

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