My mother accompanied her daughter to do a birth checkup. She suspected that she had the wrong number and was scratched by her daughter’s hair and beaten 12 times.

On May 15, 2023, a pregnant woman in Yuncheng, Shanxi was hitting her mother’s head 12 times in the waiting area.

This pregnant woman was too mad, her temper was too hot, and she hit her mother in front of many people.

After all, she is your mother. I have raised you from a young age. You have also become a mother now. If the child in your belly knows that you are like this, you must not choose your mother.

My mother was kindly accompanied by the birth check -in, but just hanging the wrong number and being beaten by your anger. Is it easy for the elderly to register now?Why don’t you make an appointment online?

Even if the registration is wrong, the time is a bit long, you can imagine that your mood is irritable.But you shouldn’t be in the face of everyone’s face, you hurt her heart.

Things may be like this. I don’t know if my guess is wrong.

After the woman was pregnant, it was time to check, and her husband may be on a business trip. Maybe she was busy with her mother and asked her mother to accompany her to do a checkup.

After her mother came to the hospital, she arranged for her daughter to rest in the accompanying area and registered herself.

The currently registered window is dazzling. Her mother does not know about the registration window. She did not say that she was a pregnant woman who came to the birth check and hung a number.

Pregnant women sat there and waited, waiting, she had never shouted her own check -up, and quickly stepped forward to consult the nurse.

The nurse looked at her registration list and said: You are the wrong number, not the number of migrants.

The woman couldn’t help but be too disappointed. She was there, and she could still hang her number wrong after waiting for so long. No wonder she couldn’t turn herself.

The woman feels that her mother is too incompetent, and she can hang a number to hang up. What is the use of such a big person?

So with a stomach resentment, she criticized her mother and said that her mother had no ability, and she could hang up the number.

Her mother listened to her daughter’s complaints, and she was angry in her heart.

Her mother thought, I was so intended to accompany you to register, and I didn’t know that she was wrong.

I heard that after hanging up the wrong number, I also felt embarrassed. I waited for so long and missed the inspection.

But I didn’t deliberately do this. You said this endlessly, humiliating me, the more he thought about it, the more he thought about it.

Unexpectedly, the horse honeycomb was stabbed, and the woman was beaten by her mother.

She grabbed her mother’s hair and beat her mother for 12 times. Someone had persuaded and was beaten. Someone came and shouted the security guard.

After the security guard came, the two were calmed down, and such a mothers and daughter war ended.

Indeed, the mother’s wrong number is not intentional, but the time for the checkup is delayed, and you can make an appointment to make up for the next time.

The pregnant woman was so tired that it was really not easy for a whole morning. It was white. The anger in her heart was very angry, so she constantly complained about her mother, which caused this incident.

A pregnant woman came to the hospital for a birth checkup. No one was accompanied by.

Mom is kind to accompany you to do a birth checkup, and help you register for you, just hang it wrong.You just treat her like this, how can you bear it?

This pregnant woman, you did be too hot. You hit your mother and hurt in your mother’s heart. Unless it is a mother and daughter, she can forgive you in the future. If it is a mother -in -law, this life is not easy to solve.

Your hot temper is not good for the fetus, and he can feel your anger in your stomach.

The emotional changes of pregnant women during pregnancy can be understood, but you should really not treat your mother like this.

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