My husband’s first love lover is pregnant with his child, what should I do?

When my husband and I got married at first, my husband actually didn’t like me. He had a first love lover and my friend. The three of us have been playing well, because the husband’s first love family must have a good price gift, but the husband’s family is poor.Give up this relationship.

At that time, when I learned that my husband and his first love broke up, I secretly liked it, because I also particularly liked him, but because I was a friend’s boyfriend, I never revealed it. Now the opportunity is here. I must grasp it. Then I will find it.A reason to make an appointment with my husband and say to him: Actually, I always like you, you are married to me, my family conditions are good, I don’t want you to pay a penny.At that time, her husband was not too young. He thought about it for a few days, and then married me.

After we got married, my husband went to work in my dad’s company. He was serious and responsible. My dad was very important to him. The relationship between our husband and wife was pretty good. I do n’t know why. I have been pregnant for so many years.He also said that the two of us are fine.

Recently, my husband seemed to be serious. He always wanted to speak in front of me. I asked him, and he said nothing.Until one day, my mobile phone received a text message that the content was: I accidentally conceived your husband’s child. I did not intend to ask, but when I went to the hospital to do abortion, the doctor said, if my child does not want, I am afraid that in the futureCan’t conceive anymore.So I want to discuss with you, please agree with me to give birth to this child.

I later learned in my husband’s mouth that the woman who was pregnant with her husband was the first love of her husband.This woman loved her husband with a heartwarm. She was forced to break up with my husband after breaking up with my husband. The husband said that they were in a street encounter. The husband knew that she was deeply moved by marriage.It’s like this.

Husband said that she has always loved her first love over the years, but because I am too good to him, he can’t bear to leave me. The husband said that as long as I open my eyes for him and the first loveWhen he comes down, he will not divorce me. If I do not agree with his first love to live peacefully, then he will tear his face and divorce me.

To be honest, since getting married, my husband is still very good to me. I love him very much. I can’t bear to leave me. I want to agree with my husband’s first love to give birth to the child. Do you think I do it right?Please help me in the comment area, thank you!

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