My girlfriend was pregnant with my ex -boyfriend’s child and scolded me on the Internet, but I don’t know that my marriage is sweet.

My girlfriend was pregnant with my ex -boyfriend’s child.

The video spreads around the Internet.

"Your mother is not aware of the critical illness. You are still selling style everywhere, serving men, are you cheap?"

I took a marriage certificate to respond: "For a long time in the future, I will only show off his style to him."

The cheap husband is very satisfied and reposted: "My honor."


When Zhou Wei appeared at my celebration banquet, the atmosphere was just right.

A number of people in the industry blowing around me.

"Your mother is not aware of the critical illness. You are still selling style everywhere, serving men, are you cheap?"

She did not apply, her eyes were red and swollen, and she was so cold in one sentence.

I smiled on my face and asked, "What’s wrong with you?"

She looked at me up and down, her eyes showed me a strange jealousy.

I refused to speak.

The atmosphere became subtle, and there was a kind of storm.

"Chen Wan, I’m pregnant."

I’m even more stunned.

This is not a thing to say here, and I don’t know that she has made her boyfriend.

"Then what?"

She pursed her lips, and seemed to have made up her determination, raised her neck to raise her voice:

"Can you promise me, don’t entangle my child’s father anymore."

"my sweetheart."

"Xu Yuan."

"Never touch him anymore."

There are many entertainment reporters, self -media.

This reminiscent dialogue evoked their professional smell.

Someone is already taking pictures.

Xu Yuan is my ex -boyfriend.

I don’t know when Zhou Wei was with him.

But I know, at this moment, she wanted to destroy me.

"You talk, so many men, do you have to grab me?"

Xu Yuan and I have been breaking up with him for several months. He has always been struggling to reunite, spending a lot of money.

I didn’t agree at a time.

Don’t eat back grass, it is one of my life -oriented aiments.

Zhou Wei knows.

But what she said, as if I had plugged in their feelings.

"Xu Yuan let you come?"

I prefer to believe that this is Xu Yuan’s retaliation of my strategy.

Instead of Zhou Wei’s intention.

"You admit it, right? You are still entangled with my man." She suddenly got crazy, looked around, and shouted, "I am the best friend of Chen Wan, and how dirty she is."

"Just yesterday, she went to the hotel with my boyfriend."

"It’s still a multi -person party, it’s really shameless."

"I’m not afraid of getting sick."

I raised my hand and waved over with a slap, with great strength, and she took two steps backwards.

Just the security guard came and settled her out.

She kept struggling, splashed, and her mouth was dirty.

It’s all cursing me.


The farce is over, but the viewers are still overwhelmed.

The reporter flocked up and kept asking questions, the camera and recording pen aimed at me.

The agent rushed over and worked hard to fight them, and wanted to protect me, but was almost pushed to the ground.

I held her and took a light smile to the crowd.

Tonight was gathered to celebrate the new song broadcast record, but I did not expect to become the first scene of eating melon.

Is it an accident or someone is looking for the opportunity to deliberately do it?

"Since everyone comes here, it means that everyone uses me as a friend, and ask the pen to be merciless.It’s not surprising, after all, I am also a normal woman. "

After speaking, I took my agent and left my head.

The gorgeous light reflects on the marble floor brick, and it is white, so that people can’t see the road.

Leaving the hotel and sitting in the nanny car, I immediately called Xu Yuan.

Open over there.

Calling Zhou Wei also turned off.

Like discussions.

The agent was constantly calling, Fu Xiao asked for help, and wanted to hide the matter tonight.

But looking at her expression, the situation is not very optimistic.

I am a folk singer, singing in the bar, unexpectedly became popular, grades have always been good, resources are very good, and the future is infinite.

But this luck will be back.

I am full of money, a lot of money, and there are many people in front of the saddle.

I lost, while people were in danger, more people in the stones falling in the well.

Not surprisingly.

But also sad.

I closed my eyes and sorted my thoughts. For a long time, I said to the agent:

"I am afraid that this matter can not be overwhelmed. There are too many people in the circle tonight, and the power is intricate. There will always be videos or photos."

"It is also difficult for public relations. Zhou Wei and my relationship are well known. She said personally, how do I deny that others look like a quibble. And the new song traffic is flourishing.Everyone stares at me, plus this, not drowning, I can’t say it. "

The agent’s eyes were red, and I put away the mobile phone. "Sister, the company will find a way, don’t be too pessimistic."

I nodded and smiled at her, and comforted: "I know, just let you have a psychological preparation, let you go home first, and take a good rest."


After sending the little assistant, I came to the hospital.

A few days ago, my mother had a myocardial infarction and treated here.

The VIP ward channel is bright and quiet.

I sat everywhere, and the temples were so painful.

Zhou Wei constantly flashed Zhou Wei accusing me of the scene.

"Your mother is not aware of the critical illness. You are still selling style everywhere, serving men, are you cheap?"

The two words are enough to see how cheap she thinks.

How noble to think of men.

Suddenly a pair of leather shoes appeared in front of me, and I looked up vaguely.

The white coat was clean and tidy, with a long body, and he had to raise his neck to see his face.

The facial features are exquisite, the eyes are clear and bright, and the eyelashes are thick and slender, and a faint shadow is cast on the eyelids.

It’s Lin Yan.

My mother’s attending physician.

The age is not big, and the reputation is very good.

What makes me feel most likely is that he doesn’t know me.

I have so many songs, he has never heard of it.

I have never treated me because of my outside, and those eyes on the mask are always calm.

"Makeup," he said.

I sucked my nose, "Is it ugly?"

He really appreciated it for a while, "a bit."

I lowered my eyes and could not refute.

"But crying pretty."

My shoulders were shaking even more, and my flexion rushed.

Can anyone look ugly and cry again.

No one.

The depressed emotions found the venting the vent through this humble little thing.

He didn’t comfort and left.

How long I cried, he watched how long he watched it.

At the end, he touched his pocket and apologized: "I don’t have paper."

I glanced at him, wiped the tears and nose with a sleeve, stood up, and faced him face to face.

"You have lost my favor to you."

He stunned, "Then I’ll get paper."

After speaking, he turned to leave.

I grabbed his arm and approached him slowly, and my eyes stared at his eyes instantly.

"It can also rise back."

He took a step back slightly, and a panic flashed on his face.

I also want to continue to suggest.

He opened my hand and fled to leave.

Unfortunately, it’s so difficult to live alone.


It is almost the same as I expected.

The next day, the eyeballs of the eyeballs took turns on various platforms.

The marketing number with rhythm is a hundred battles, experienced, combined with the past, and the true and false is blended, and the story has been spreading more and more outrageous.

Some said that I played a multi -person party, and some said I made money by my body.

Also say that I have a special taste, and I have made a lives.

All in all, Zhou Wei’s trouble ignited the fuse, and the capital of all parties could cheer along the fire.

Thousands of people pushed the walls, a condemnation sound, the company’s public relations fee, in the face of such fiery public opinion, nothing to help.

Three days later, the popularity could not stand, and the leaders decided to watch their changes, that is, to watch.

I was completely leisurely, and I was carrying huge liquidated damages.

In the messy studio, the agent carefully looked at my look while packing things: "Sister, did Zhou Wei contact Xu Yuan?"

I don’t know how many times I called the phone, and I could find it.

But they are like evaporation on earth.

I couldn’t help but sneer: "Xu Yuan wants to hurt me, I recognize, I am blind, but Zhou Wei, she and my junior high school, look at me step by step, how can she suddenly stab me suddenlyWhat about a knife? "

For so many years, I have only one of her friends, and I will only care about her.

Gou is rich, don’t forget each other.

It was never my drama.

Her job, her house, her car, her bag, everything she can pay for me, I can contribute to me.

I can’t accept it, she suddenly betrayed.

I even guess that she had the hard work that she couldn’t say.

The agent sighed lightly and didn’t speak.

She knows my feelings and dependence on Zhou Wei most.

The phone came from the phone, and I immediately grabbed it to check.

But very disappointed, not Zhou Wei.

Click on to connect, I played my spirit and joked: "Have you scolded me again?"

The groaning over there and said slowly: "I am Lin Yan."

I was tight all of a sudden, "What’s wrong, she happened?"

"Listen to your mother, you need to get married alone, just do I need it, can you cooperate?"

I was stunned for a while.

My mother wanted to marry me from the age of eighteen to complete her so -called task.

This time, she had a myocardial infarction because of the failure of her marriage.

Thinking of her knees, she wanted to get the high -quality resource in the bed in the bed.

I was just surprised that Lin Yan would make such a request.


"Do you go online?" I asked.

"I know your current situation."

He didn’t go around with me, his tone was calm, as if he had no interest in those gossip.

"Do you dare, what do you draw?" I was curious.

There was a sullen voice over there, which should be a place he said.

Stop again, the voice is low:

"Picture you … crying well."


So honest?

So superficial?

I laughed: "There are good figures, crying in another place is better."

"Dr. Lin, you can get married, but I have high requirements for quality. I have to check the goods first."

"What do you think of tonight?"

The sound is slow and light, and the fun is full of meaning.

The opponent breathed a heavy breath, "You …"

After a few seconds, the phone was hung up.

He seemed to persuade.


In the next few days, Lin Yan did not contact me.

It’s like … the idea of getting married is rising for a while, and hooking up is boring.

It happened that I was too busy, and I couldn’t get out of time to find him.

The online storm gradually subsided, the public’s attention began to move, and the popularity decreased.

At this stage, there are many things I have to do.

In the single -family villa, the decoration is luxurious, and the furniture furnishings should be black, which is very dull.

I sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette, and sponged it leisurely,

The gray -white smoke is dazzling, light and elegant.

Han Wenzhou was sitting opposite, watching me with a whole time without urging.

He met in the bar and met.

At that time, he came every day, but never talked to me.

I took the initiative to meet him, and he was very unhappy, looking at me coldly, letting me concentrate on singing.

Later, I debuted and didn’t go to that bar again.

Lost contact with him.

But one day, he sent someone to tie me half to this villa.

For nothing else, just let me sing guitar singing in a dim place in a bar.

And he concentrated on being a listener, drinking and drinking, dazed.

I sang here for two days and made 20 million.

Like dreaming.

Over the years, he gave me a lot of resources, and I often came here to return him.

But outside, we all tacitly pretend to know.

He didn’t want to be rumored to be rumored.

I simply think he is dangerous.

After a smoke sucked, I smiled and said slowly: "Boss, I have something to ask you to help."

Han Wenzhou touched his chin, his body leaned back, the gray robe was loose, and his muscle lines were looming.

Nearly forty years old, his figure was well managed.

"Do you think you can solve it yourself, how can you find me?"

"I used to hide and cry at home before, and now I cried, come to you to sue."

A few days ago, the online offensive was too fierce. I would become a target if I did anything, and too many people rely on that wave of traffic to make money. Like the crazy dog, I did not need to provoke it.

At this moment, the heat fell, and I came to speak again, and the public could be more rational.

Han Wenzhou’s expression was lazy, "Oh?"

He stood up, hooked my fingers at me, and motioned me to sit next to him.

I hesitated, still obedient, and walked to him and sat down.

He climbed my shoulders, and put his chin lazily on my shoulder. "How do you want me to help you?"

I took a deep breath, "I plan to announce the marriage, but this is suspected of breach of contract. It is a lot of money to lose the company. I have no money …"

This idea was provided to me by Lin Yan.

The entertainment industry pays attention to social image and public evaluation.

No matter how I confirm myself, I can’t fully obtain the trust of netizens, it will only give them more bizarre speculation.

Can’t help the capital with conflict with me intentionally.

And my own company will not protect a private virtue artist, investment and risks are too great.

I can only survive by myself.

Lin Yanqian is an outsider, with excellent resumes and special careers. Marrying him can enhance my positive image and recover word of mouth.

But recently paying too many liquidated damages and stretched.

Han Wenzhou stuck my chin sharply, stunned toughly, and looked at him.


The pain came, and I wanted to hide subconsciously.

He aggravated, not allowed me to move, his eyes were gloomy and aggressive.

My heart trembled.

In the past, he had occasionally close and ambiguous to me.

But it is more like a tide to tease the kittens and puppies.

Why are you so excited to hear that I am going to get married today?

Isn’t it the owner’s possession of pets?

In silence, the atmosphere gradually stagnated and suffocated.

At this time, my phone rang.

"I … get the phone first."

I looked at him flatterly.

He lowered his eyelids, smiled softly, and let go of me.

I rushed to the opposite sofa and picked up my phone.

Seeing the word "Lin Yan" on the screen, the scalp was numb for a while.

I really thank him.

Don’t call early, don’t call late, just find me when you are so sensitive.

"Take it." Han Wenzhou lit a cigarette and bites it in his mouth.

I didn’t dare to reverse, and I pushed it down.

"Hey, is there something wrong?"

"Yes." He spit out a word.

I died soon.

You said, why do you wait for me to ask?

"What’s up?"

"When do you have time to come to the hospital to see your mother? There is no reporter nearby." He asked.

"Take care of her caregiver and doctors to treat diseases. In the past, I used to help her exercise the heart tolerance."

I was afraid that Han Wenzhou heard the ambiguity between us and deliberately said impatiently.

I was quiet for a few seconds, "I want to see you."

My heart was tight, and I quickly used Yu Guang to watch Han Wenzhou.

He just spit out a cigarette ring, his face was in the smoke, and he couldn’t see clearly.

I laughed twice unnaturally, "I know, I will answer it later."


After the phone was hung up, I stunned for a long time before daring to turn back.

Han Wenzhou was lying obliquely on the sofa, and the smoke was burning. His two fingers played with a cigarette butt, his long legs overlapped, his eyes were slightly narrow, lazy and majestic.

I wanted to wait for him to ask, but didn’t want him to be extremely patient.

I couldn’t support him, so I had to break the silence: "Boss, I know myself, I won’t drag you into this storm, let your reputation be half -point damage, and it will not let people know the origin of this money."

He raised his lips and opened his lips lightly: "That’s it?"

The two words asked me.

There is no shortage of money, willing to help me see his mood.

But how do I feel that he is not in a good mood now.

I bowed my head and thought about it for a while, "Mr. Han, even if it doesn’t work, you have helped me a lot, I shouldn’t bother you."

He didn’t show his statement, still looking at me straight.

I smiled at him and picked up the bag and walked out.

"Chen Wan."

Suddenly he shouted, walked from behind, pressed my shoulders, his hands slowly down, holding my waist, and pulling back.

I took a step and fell into his arms.

The breathing of my head stimulated my nerves.

For a long time, he asked dumbly: "Women have a lot of shortcuts to go, why not try? You should know, you are beautiful."

"Don’t dare."

He laughed: "Don’t dare to try with me, or dare not take a shortcut?"

I laughed: "Why should Mr. Han tease me? I can keep in touch with you these years, isn’t it because I am enough?"

He loosened me and shook his head like himself.

I laughed and saw hope again: "Thank you Mr. Han."

The location of the meal is an empty restaurant, with a good vision, and the floor -to -ceiling windows can overlook the lantern sea of the entire city.

The bridge is lying on the sparkling river, and the traffic is like weaving.

Because of the charter, there were no guests in the store, and only the same service personnel who uniforms occasionally shuttled.The melodious violin music is the background, the atmosphere is warm and comfortable.

Han Weizhou reported a few dishes to the waiters, and the order of ordering was over, and there was no chance to choose.

I secretly talked in my heart, "No one I love to eat."

He seemed to have a feeling, smiling at me sideways, and the lights ripped in a rare tenderness in his pupils.

"Like here?"

I answered truthfully: "Like."

He stretched his chin and blinked at me. "If a reporter is present today, will the effect be better than you?"

I performed the surprise cooperation. "The business giant and I have a separate meeting, and I must have a proper headline. If you want money and money, you must have a good face.You can see other men, unless it is– "

"You are not easy to use."

Seeing that he looked up, I stopped joking, "But netizens can’t think so, you killed it at a glance."

He smiled and shook his head, "What about the person you are looking for? Is it awesome?"

Speaking of this, I regret it.

I took it seriously about getting married, but he didn’t check me.

No sincerity.

"Of course it’s amazing."

I raised the wine glass with a smile.

Han Wenzhou was unmoved.

After a second of embarrassment, I took my head to do it.

A meal was very quiet. After eating, Han Wenzhou didn’t mention it to help me.

I was a little anxious, and I wanted to ask.

He picked up the phone and called me, then said to me, "I have prepared a meal to ask you to be happy, and you wait."

A few minutes later, he motioned me to look back.

Zhou Wei was taken by several bodyguards, his face was pale, his hair and clothes were messy, and he was obviously very embarrassed.

I got up in shock, looked at Zhou Wei, and looked at Han Wenzhou again. I didn’t know how to ask for a while.

How does this scene look like abduction.

As Han Wenzhou wiped his hands with a wet towel, he raised his eyebrows and laughed: "I haven’t seen you angry yet, let me see."

Zhou Wei stopped on my side. When she looked at me, she cried and couldn’t get angry. She wanted to rush over, but was firmly held by the bodyguards on both sides.

"Xiaoye, I was wrong, please save me."

"Little night, sorry."

She shouted incoherently.

I frowned and stared at her for a while, sat down again, and found a cigarette from the bag and put it in my mouth. Press the lighter to lit.

The messy mood was a little calm under the action of nicotine.

Playing a summary ash, I lifted my eyelids and looked at Zhou Wei: "Where is wrong?"

She said, "I shouldn’t go nonsense on the dinner, I shouldn’t doubt you and Xu Yuan, I really know wrong."

I picked up the wine glass and poured it at her face, "Is that just that?"

The residual red wine meandered down on her face. She widened her eyes and shuddered. I don’t know if she was afraid or angry.


I sneered, and as soon as I was about to speak, Han Wenzhou first said: "I am more old -fashioned, but I still think that apology should be kneeling."

Zhou Wei looked at Han Weizhou in horror, his lips stunned several times, and looked at me for help.

I spit out a smoke, neither opposition nor support.

She made a psychological struggle for dozens of seconds, slowly bent her knees, kneeling in front of me, and biting her lower lip tightly.

Han Wenzhou’s darts beside the darts watched, and the bodyguard took out the phone expressionlessly and opened the camera record.

I lowered my eyes, covered my look, and opened lightly: "What is this?"

Zhou Wei said hard: "I’m sorry."

"Sorry?" I kept asking.

"I shouldn’t doubt you, corrupt your reputation."

I couldn’t help laughing, "Is this a crime? I treat you as a good friend, but you sneak with my ex -boyfriend, and framed me for him, destroying my career, huh.It’s amazing, it’s like a victim until now. "

Zhou Wei lowered his head, like a mosquito: "But I am a victim, I was deceived by Xu Yuan."

I was so angry that I smashed the cup at her feet: "Deserves it."

Zhou Wei was scared into a ball and cried even more.

Han Wenzhou waved his hand, and the bodyguard immediately held her and dragged her away.

In my heart, I looked at Han Weizhou, "Where do you take her, she is pregnant."

"It’s not my child, what am I afraid of?" He asked.

I stared at him, and coldly got up from the soles of my feet and climbed my heart.

The man in front of me is too dangerous and is not a world.

Han Wenzhou didn’t explain to me, and didn’t care what I would think, and he got up elegantly and left.

When I passed me, he filmed my shoulder: "With this video, you don’t need to get married, remember to thank me,"


Out of the restaurant, the night is deep.

The car stays in Han Wenzhou villa, and you can only take a taxi wherever you go.

I thought a few where I could pass the time, and I was not very satisfied. Finally, I moved and stopped the car straight to the hospital.

When I arrived at the door of the ward, I was very quiet. I thought my mother was already asleep, but I didn’t want to push the door, just to go to her sight.

"Yo, are you looking at me and dying?"

I glanced at her, walked over, threw the bag on the sofa, and sat on the chair by her bed. "I come to my husband, and see you by the way."

Her eyes lit a little, "Are you?"

I was funny: "Guess?"

Rarely, she did not lose her temper, but continued to be patient and asked, "Tell me, what are you currently? Did you get a certificate?"

"Do you miss me so much?"

"Did I think, you don’t have a end? You have to do it with me to be comfortable? When can you do something that makes me good."

Sure enough, there was still no way to speak well, and she had been puzzled by my hostility.

I shrugged, took an apple and wiped it, put it in my mouth and bite a big mouth, and chewed, "I don’t know, you can bear it, whoever tells us is not good.other side."

She scolded her mouth and even scolded herself.

I’m too lazy to take care of it.

After a few minutes, Apple hadn’t scolded after eating, I pouted, got up and left.

Open the door to see Lin Yan leaning against the opposite wall, closed his eyes and faked, I don’t know how long he waited, and he listened to how many of these dirty words.

The lights of the corridor hit him, and the cold temperament was even stronger.

I stunned, took the door gently, and walked to his side: "Dr. Lin, I haven’t seen it for several days, you make me more exciting."

He opened his eyes and looked down at me. His eyes were deep and emotional.

After a moment, he said dumbly, "Action of heart movement."

The corner of my lips raised instantly, raising his hand to hold his collar, and forced him to bow his head slightly, opposite me at a close distance.

The aggressive eyes fixed on his soft lips.

Yeah, there is a small bubble in the corner of the lips. Is it so angry?

I’m closer to it, and the breath of the out of his lips, "Dr. Lin, let’s go."

Behind the nurse came over and saw this scene, I was surprised for a moment, and panicked and left the phrase "Dr. Lin, the director called you to go in the past.", Quickly left.

I looked at her back and thought: Will this younger sister rush to spread gossip?

Lin Yan was not panicked at all. He gently pressed my shoulders, pushed me a little farther, and bowed his head to organize clothes.

Then raised his head and inform me calmly: "Go to my office and wait for me."

I wrinkled my nose, "Is this hungry marketing?"

He pursed the corner of his lips, and suddenly reached out and clicked my nose, "I will feed it."

My tailbone was crispy, and I was so cold that it seemed not to be female, but I couldn’t help teasing others.

I really want to look down, what will happen when he sinks completely.

Lin Yan’s office is very simple, and there is almost no one to see the personal products outside the office. The desktop is neat and clean, just like him.

I was sitting on his chair, shaking my legs, entertaining myself, imagining the scene when he was working on weekdays.

About ten minutes later, the door was pushed away, and Lin Yan came to me while unbuttoning the white coat with one hand.

"You can leave."

I sat still and opened his arms at him, "Tired, ask you to carry it."

His hand -hunging hand seemed to have doubted that he had heard wrong, and asked, "Back?"

I nodded straightly, "Yes, Dr. Lin has worked hard."

He turned around and continued to hang his clothes, walked over and held my hand, and pulled it hard.

I stood up from the chair.

But he didn’t mean me.

Just holding my hand and taking me out.

"The impact is not good."

I stuck to his arm grievance and presented a pendant. "Dr. Lin is so indifferent. I can imagine how severe my future tutoring is."


Lin Yan did not drive and did not take a taxi. Instead, he took me to walk slowly on the quiet street.

The evening wind blows, the branches shake, and the dim and yellow street light shows two ambiguous and intimate shadows.

My clear thoughts were written on my face, and he was not anxious, and his eyes were particularly humid and crystal in the night.

"Dr. Lin, kissing?" I walked a step, walked in front of him, and stopped him.

He bowed his head, as if he had been preparing for a long time, and answered very simply.


I caught his neck and printed his lips.

His eyelashes trembled and slowly closed his eyes.

But he has no other moves.

Just wait for me to attack.

I was fierce with a bit of anger.

It wasn’t until his skills were exhausted and his breathing was not smooth.

His eyes were red, and he seemed to be hidden with blood and rain. His forehead was on my forehead, his breathing was heavy, and his hands around my waist trembled gently.

"Lin Yan, do you like me?"

He rolled his throat and made a dull "kindness".

I buried in his chest and didn’t speak.

After a long time, I asked Lin Yan to carry me, and this time he didn’t refuse.

He was smooth, his back was wide, lying on him, and he was not bumpy at all. Instead, he smelled the smell of disinfection of water on his body and felt his body temperature.

I later knew that I reacted. From the hospital, he kept taking me away, but I didn’t know the destination.

"Where are you going to take me?"

"my home."

Under the attention of security, enter the community, pass through the fountain, reach a high -rise building, take the elevator to the 17th floor, and the design of one step and one household is the door.

He shrugged his shoulders, "It’s here."

I buried his neck nest and said, "Well, you go in, I don’t want to go in one step."

He unlocked his fingerprint. After entering the door, he passed through the porch and put me on the sofa in the living room.

When I was about to get up, I wrapped his arms and asked with my face, "Dr. Lin, how many times did you take a girl home?"


Xu was because he said that the first time he was serious, and I felt special.

He was involved in the adversity and begged.

It also inspired my teasing desire.

After a long time afterwards, I calmed down from the pleasure,

Thinking of the various reactions of this person before, he seemed to be not only taking a girl home for the first time, but even his body.

Otherwise, you won’t be so patient to study and explore curiously.

"Is it over?" The man around him suddenly woke up.

I looked at the ambiguous marks of the stars between his necks, and it was very conspicuous, and the fatigue could be seen in the eyebrows.

"It’s okay." I evaluated with a smile.

He didn’t seem to be satisfied with this, his brows frowned gently, but he loosened again.

"Then get a certificate tomorrow."

When it comes to this, I immediately thought of Han Wenzhou.

His proposal to get married seemed to fight against me.

And the current situation is not to be married.

Aware of my hesitation, Lin Yan turned around and silently condemned my feelings.

I laughed twice: "Okay, get a certificate."

He lay down again, grabbed me, and gently stabbed my hair on his side.


When I woke up the next day, there was no room in the room.

Last night’s clothes were frowned, and there were no described marks. There was no way to wear it at all. I turned out of Lin Yan’s white lining cover.

After wearing it to the living room, I saw that he was preparing for breakfast in an open kitchen. Occasionally stopped his action in a daze. I didn’t know what I thought of.

The sleeves of the white shirt made the elbows, and the blue tendons were looming under the cold white skin, and there was an indescribable sense of temptation.

The early morning sunshine rolled on him, the dust danced lightly, and the fireworks weakened the cold abstinence in his usual day.

After quietly appreciated for a while, I walked towards him.

After he saw it, he naturally picked up a piece of bread and fed it into my mouth.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked.

I hugged his waist and replied weakly: "It’s not good, it takes time habit."

I have a night pillow with anyone, this is almost no in my past.

Because in my cognition, sleep is very difficult to be one thing, and the second person is not disturbed.

But I didn’t know why last night, I couldn’t sleep well, but I never thought of being separated from him.

Instead, I felt that someone around me was allowed to get into the drill and put on my legs and shoulders.

After eating breakfast, Lin Yan drove me home and changed his clothes, and then went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

On the way, I was a little panicked and looked at him a few times, and stopped talking.

When parking at a intersection, he asked, "What do you want to say?"

I hesitated: "I always feel that we are too impulsive. Should we go back and plan and get a certificate? After all, after getting married, many things are bound by legal constraints."

He smiled lightly: "The reason why I get married is to be bound by legal."

I grabbed my hair anxiously: "This sounds like a conspiracy."

The green light was on, and he drove forward.

"I want to enjoy your obligation to fulfill my wife, rather than a guest, and be replaced at any time."

"You get married just to keep your status from being shaken by other guests?"

I touched him, I couldn’t believe it.

This person is very uneasy about me?

He focused on looking ahead, and the tip of the ear was stained with a few brilliant red. "After marriage, you and I should not have other passengers."

I couldn’t help but look outside the window.

After a while, I deliberately said deeply: "Find a place to park, I want to talk to you well."

He had a sudden brake under his feet, and quickly opened the car to steadily.

When I looked at me, there was a trace of disturbance in my eyes.



The parking lot of the Civil Affairs Bureau is warm in sunlight.

I do n’t know if it is a mood, obviously the ordinary scenery, but at this time, it feels vibrant and bright.

Lin Yan was sitting in the main driver, his expression was serious, "You say."

I looked back and looked at him, "I talked about these on the day of marriage. It is really a bit hasty. I picked it up. First of all, I lost a lot of liability for liabilities. I lost a lot of losses some time ago.If you get married, I have to pay my company now. The amount is very large, and my mobile funds are not enough. "

"Secondly, I have no understanding of your family. The normal marriage process should be seen in advance."

"Well … and I am a public figure, you may cause a small storm after you are with me, which will affect your real life. As for how much impact, I say it is not good, I am not hot, I’m not hotThere is no money. No one is asking for both. I have a fire and money, but our life is calm. "

"As for my mother, you also know that her mouth is poisonous, her temper, and I am very happy. I have been dependent on her since I was a child.

After speaking for a long story, I took a breath, squinted at him, waiting for him to respond.

He also breathed an inexplicable breath, and it was nervous.

"The first, not important, I have money."

"The second article does not exist. My parents died early and couldn’t see it. Your mother and I met. She was very satisfied with me."

"Article 3, I respect your career and is willing to accept the impact it brings."

"Fourth … you are fine."

I was stunned. What he said was simple. Is he considered a rigorous consideration, or is he confident enough?

Lin Yan came over and took out a file bag from the storage compartment in front of the co -pilot and handed it to me.

"There are my physical examination reports, academic certificates, qualification certificates, various honorary certificates, and my bank card, real estate certificate, equity book, etc.". "

The file folder was drum, and I was going to take it apart, but hesitated again halfway.

I looked at Lin Yan, "Forget it, there is no need to flash marriage when analyzing the advantages and disadvantages. What is playing is a stimulus.

He looked back at me, and his smile was much more temperature than before, "Okay."


After all the processes were finished, it took almost an hour.

I was holding a marriage certificate, and people were dizzy. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

But on the photo, my joy was visible to the naked eye, and I looked at the camera and smiled stupidly.

Lin Yan was calm, but the tip of his ears was congested, leaking his real emotions.

"It’s over?" I tilted my head to my legal husband and asked for verification.

He reached out and held me, "Well, I have a name."

Stickly walked to the parking lot, my phone suddenly rang.

Take it out and look at the agent.

After connecting, I learned that the official mailbox of the studio received an anonymous email with audio that Zhou Wei apologized to me.

Ten minutes before she called me, the official account of the studio had put the audio up and notified the public relations department to operate.

"Sister, come to the company for a meeting, you should be very busy next." The agent said.

I pinched the marriage certificate for a while, "Okay, be busy, busy, and money."

Hanging up the phone, I smiled at Lin with charmingly.

He seemed to know what I was thinking, and immediately issued a person, "Don’t sneak in that set."

I smile on my face, and I continued to sting unwillingly.

He answered directly and simply: "Afraid."

This damn sincere.

I gave up and persisted, opened the co -pilot and sat in, "Send me to the company."

The journey is not too far. Although Lin Yan deliberately drove very slowly, he was urged several times on the road, but it was still arrived soon.

At the time of the difference, he did not perform very reluctantly, but as soon as I left, his friend’s application came over.

Application remarks are: "Husband."

My lips came to my ears all of a sudden, and I quickly passed.

Who dares to believe that there are couples who only add friends after getting a certificate.

The agent came to the elevator port to pick me up, and saw that I was holding my phone with a mobile phone and smiled worthless.

I hit her shoulder gently: "Wait for me to organize the language and tell you again."

She is curious.

But when the meeting was, she didn’t dare to entangle me.


It was not until the evening that the work ended.

Because of the exposure of the recording, the public opinion on the Internet has biased me.

The leader promised to help me restore most business cooperation.

I am grateful, and I am afraid of it.

In the Internet era, the dynasty died, the change was unpredictable, and was a little careless.

When going downstairs, Lin Yan was already waiting at the door.

White shirts, casual pants, simple black and white colors, but it looks particularly textured in him.The fluffy hair flies in the night breeze, and the stars are hidden in a pair of eyes.

I opened my arms and ran to him, and suddenly thought of something, and quickly braked the emergency.

He smiled slowly and looked at me in doubt.

I lowered my head, took the cover from the bag, and hurriedly walked around him, and sat on the car behind him.

He followed me and came in, and he called my name: "Chen Wan."

I looked at him with a guilty conscience and didn’t dare to talk.

He showed a little helplessness in his eyes, starting the car and remitting the traffic.

It wasn’t until the company was far away that I tone softly and coaxed him: "Husband, I’m wrong."

He glanced at me expressionlessly.

"People are timid …" I put on a pitiful look.

He didn’t look at me this time.

I sat down and sat upright, cough, and retrieved the normal voice: "Today the company has just forced me to wash my whitening, only suitable for Thanksgiving, not suitable for the crime, I admit that I counseled."

He frowned, the lower jaw thread was tight, and after a while, he looked back and returned to me: "I can understand."

When I smiled halfway, he said, "Is that suitable tomorrow?"

He is persistent.

I sighed: "I don’t know, I don’t like hiding, but after Zhou Wei, I am really scared."

"Regret getting married?" He asked.

I shook my head decisively.

Although I knew this marriage was impulsive, I was very excited.

This excitement made me have a strong hard work for the future.

So I don’t regret it.

The fate of people is very strange. Feelings that cannot be cultivated on the day and nights can happen between people who have only seen a few sides.

"Do you regret it?" I asked.

"No, but I always feel that I am scum."

I couldn’t support it, and I threw my eyes at him: "Look at what my brother said, people are all your people from the inside to the outside, coaxing you too late, dare you dare you."


The experience of the candle night in the cave room was so satisfied that it surprised me.

Under the calm appearance of Lin Yan, there was a hot heart hidden.

He wrapped a presidential suite on the top floor, and the floor -to -ceiling windows could overlook the entire city, but no one could spy on our privacy.

The rooms are decorated with a wedding and candles, and a thick layer of roses are covered in the bed and bathtub.

Every small detail can see his intentions, the atmosphere is excellent, and he is also excellent.

In the depths of the emotion, he also found the diamond ring under the pillow and put it on my hand.

I didn’t say anything, but the rippling eyes reflected me deeply, showing thousands of words.

Waking up the next day was noon.

After eating together, Lin Yan sent me to the company.

On the way, he proposed: "Mother can be discharged from the hospital, I will deal with it, and eat together at night."

I have not nodded perfunctoryly from the softness, and nodded: "Listen to you."

"I also have a uncle, I will come tonight."

I glanced at him resentfully: "How do you tell me you have a uncle?"

"I explained the information bags before, you haven’t read it yet?"

I laughed angrily, "Busy during the day, tired at night, how can I have time to watch?"

He smiled for two seconds with his lips, and then nodded seriously: "Yes."

I took the next job with the agent, and I was leisurely at three in the afternoon.

After buying some gifts in the mall, I returned to my home to change clothes, and then took a taxi to Han Wenzhou villa.

The car stopped last time had not drove back.

It is not surprising that Han Wenzhou has been waiting for me for a sudden visit.

"Isn’t it disappointed when I see me at home?" He leaned on the sofa and smiled scattered.

I smiled embarrassed and said hello to him, "I think you should be a day -to -day machine, and this little thing doesn’t dare to disturb you,"

His eyes fell on me, and seemed to want to see me through. For a long time, he changed his posture and continued to stare at me, saying, "Zhou Wei, shouldn’t you thank me?"

Thinking of the scene that Zhou Wei appeared that day, I was tight, and looked around subconsciously to confirm that there was no bodyguard around me around, and my mood was slightly relaxed.

This small movement probably fell into the eyes of Han Wenzhou. He smiled a little teasing, "Rest assured, I understand the Fa."

I swallowed my mouth and complimented: "Of course, I know that every citizen must follow the law."

"Are you afraid of me?" He stood up, walked in front of me, and tried me high.

I regained in a panic, kept the distance, "I respect."

He nodded, and didn’t know if he believed it.

"You can drive away, but you have to pay back. Take time next week to accompany me for three days. I want to find a pure place to disperse."

No, he used to let me come here to sing him, quite a lot of art.

Now he asked me to accompany him to travel. What is this?


"I have delayed work because of this. I should have a progress in the back. I have no time. Do I want to change my way? For example, ask you to dinner?" I proposed with a smiley face.

He smiled, and suddenly reached out and patted my hand: "So simple to send me? Little white -eyed wolf."


"According to my meaning, the loss of your work, I will double you. Go, I’ll wait for a while and be busy."

He has always been high, and is used to issuing orders.

After speaking, leave, I don’t care about my resistance at all.

I left the villa area with a stomach and received a call from Lin Yan on the road. He told me that my mother was unwilling to discharge.

"She is doing it, just let the security guard lift her out."

My tone was very rushing, and the person on the opposite side stunned and asked, "What’s wrong? Slowly say it."

A very ordinary sentence, but inexplicably let me settle down.

I spit out a turbid air, stopped while litting a cigarette and back: "Nothing is, that is, the work is not smooth. My mother is unwilling to leave the hospital. It must be waiting to talk to me. She likes to threaten me."

Before she played suicide, it was to threaten me home.

But she never thought about why I was unwilling to go home.

The kind of secret atmosphere in the secret room felt suffocated for a second.

"Do you want to cancel the dinner that night?"

"No, see you for the first time, temporarily destroy the contract, you are waiting for me in the hospital, my mother is easy to solve."

"Ahwan." He suddenly called me, the nickname I had never heard.

My lips laughed, and the depression suddenly dissipated a lot, "Eh?"

"I have a home, too," he said.

A hot eyes were surging, and I laughed: "Well, I have a husband, you have a wife, you are happy."


In the hospital ward, my mother has always been covered with a quilt since I came.

No matter what I said, I didn’t say anything,

After half an hour, I was completely patient and yelled, "I got married according to your mind, what else do you have to make? If you can’t die, you should be discharged, don’t take up medical resources here."

She lifted the quilt and sat up from the bed, "Are you married for me? You are a good intention, I am a fart in your heart."

I was shivering, "Whether it is, anyway, you have achieved the purpose anyway, saying, what do you want to do."

She stared at me, and a tears flashed in her eyes. "I want to move with you."

I glanced at my eyes unbelievable, "You dream."

After speaking, when I turned and walked, when I was about to press the door to the door, I stopped and calmed down.

The hospital is the place where Lin Yan goes to work. Let my mother make it more shameful.

Before I came, I thought that no matter what my mother mentioned, I would like to promise her and coax her to be discharged first.

But I was too angry and forgot.

I only think of it now.

If I can solve it only when my mouth is touched twice, there is no need to trouble Lin Yan.

After all, my self -esteem is gone here.

I turned around slowly, "Are you going to live in my house?"

My mother sneered: "Don’t want to flicker me, I want to live with the two of you."

My fist is hard: "Okay, I promise you, you are discharged from the hospital."

After calling the caregiver to help clean up, I walked out of the ward and Lin Yan was waiting for me outside the door.

I pouted, looking at him with a look of crying.

He came over, rubbed my hair top, and took me into my arms: "It will get better."

I smelled the taste exclusively for him, closed my eyes, and let myself rest for a while.

The corridor of the VIP bed is quiet, and the world seems to belong to us.


According to my mother’s request, I took her to Lin Yan’s house.

When she finished cleaning up, she was still late for half an hour when she hurried to the hotel.

Lin Yan has come here to entertain him.

After thinking about the apology, I adjusted my smile and opened the door of the box.

"Sorry, 思 …"

The moment I looked at the main position, I was froze in place.

Han Wenzhou was wearing a black Tang dress, leaning against the seat without falling on the show. He was beaded in his hand without slowly. When he noticed me, he paused, his eyes darkened, and his whole body exuded a faintly exuding one.The shade is gloomy.

Lin Yan stood up, walked towards me, took the preparation ceremony in my hand, and helped my mother, led her to the round table.

"Mother, this is my uncle."

"Ahwan, come over."

I move mechanically, keep up, and smile bitterly: "Oh."

Help my mother open the chair and wait for her to sit down, Lin Yan came over to help me pull the chair.

I sat down uneasily, and I didn’t know where to see for a while.

Han Wenzhou ignored me, but looked sideways and looked at my mother: "I’m sorry, I don’t agree with this marriage."

I shocked all my whole body, frowned and just wanted to ask why, Lin Yan first said, "Why?"

My mother also asked, "What does this mean?"

Han Wenzhou looked up and raised his head, and rushed Lin Yan to hook.

Lin Yan walked over, he stood up, raised his hand, slapped Lin Yan’s face with a slap.

The action is not large, but the gesture is domineering.

"When you get married, you dare to cut first and then play."

My mother looked at me, and looked at Han Wenzhou again. "Children are always easy to do, but they have obtained a certificate. Everyone is a family. It is the most important thing to get along well in the future."

Han Wenzhou raised his eyebrows and looked at me with fun: "You can leave if you get a certificate."

"Don’t leave." Lin Yan said a word.

At the same time, I got up and rushed to Lin Yan, staring at Han Wenzhou, "Han Wenzhou, don’t be too much."

"I spent so much money on you, what about too much?" He asked.

"Chen Wan, what is your relationship?" My mother was excited, and she was obviously misled by Han Wenzhou’s words.

After all, she never recognized my character, and felt that I had been selling hue for so many years.

It’s like her young.

I was too lazy to ignore her, and said to Han Wenzhou, "I can’t make you, at most, I do n’t get away from each other, but I wo n’t leave the marriage. If you hit my husband again, I will return it."

Lin Yan pulled my hand and said to my mother, "Mother, we change places for dinner."

My mother still listened to Lin Yan very much, and said nothing, so she went out.

Lin Yan led me and turned to leave.

The leftover Han Wenzhou smashed the red wine bottle on the ground, a loud noise, and the wine splashed.

"Little Baiyan Wolf."


As soon as I arrived at the parking lot, my mother immediately changed her face.

Asked me loudly: "What are you doing outside? What happened to that man?"


My mother raised my hand and hit me, Lin Yan blocked in front of me.

That slap fell on his face.

The left face was beaten by Han Wenzhou, my right face was beaten by my mother, and now the redness on both sides is symmetrical.

I pulled Lin Yan away and looked straight at my mother: "Oh, do you want me to continue? Anyway, he is also the son -in -law you chose, and it doesn’t matter if you say it, right?"

My mother raised her hand and pointed at me, "Give me."

I turned around without hesitation, reversing the warehouse, and rushed out of the accelerator.

After getting on the road, I opened the windows on both sides and let the cold air irrigate in.

The noise was a little big, so I missed Lin Yan’s phone, and I didn’t notice until he came for the seventh time.

"How are you?" He asked.

"Can’t die, what about my mother?"

"I’m at home, where are you, I’ll pick you up."

He hesitated, I said, "I don’t know that you are Han Wenzhou, I am not the kind of relationship with him, you …"

Suddenly I didn’t know how to say it. Han Wenzhou and I secretly touched each other for so long, and he provided me with so many convenience and money.

It’s really hard to believe it.

Lie him?

Major issues to minor ones out?

"I believe you are people." He didn’t make me tangled too long, decisively.

I stunned and choked, "Thank you."

"I don’t care, I don’t need to care about it, I will solve it." He laughed.

After I was graceful, I was inexplicably grieved, and my tears left.

He promised it, and said, "Your mother, I will take care of it. When she sleeps, I will come out to accompany you. Now you find a safe place to rest."

I rarely heard him say so long at one time, and I was a little moved in my heart: "I know, I will wait for you to send you a place."


After the wind blowing for a long time on the side of the river, the engine sounded by the car behind him.

A black convertible sports car stopped by my side.

My eyes were a little myopia. I thought it was Lin Yan on the car. When I was bent in my waist, I was curious about how he drove such a shaking car, and Han Wenzhou opened the door.

"What do you think, very handsome?"

He stretched his fingers and pushed my forehead.

I quickly straightened up and said coldly, "What’s wrong?"

He put away his smile, lowered his eyes and looked at me: "It’s rare, the attitude is so bad."

I was too lazy to entangle with him, turned around, but his arm was killed by him, and he would not let it go.

"What conditions are on, and the marriage is separated."

I laughed at anger, gave up struggle, and looked at him satirically: "Han Wenzhou, don’t you like me?"

"Isn’t it good to follow me?" He asked.

"Oh, do you want to marry me, or do you want to raise me?"

He raised his eyebrows and said straightforwardly: "Just like before."

In the past, the relationship was the hire relationship.

He paid money, I played art.

This is not conflicting with me.

What is he thinking about?

"President Han, don’t make trouble, you have money, who you can sing for you, and accompany you to relieve your stuffy. You can look good and sensible. Why should you embrace me? You want to enjoy my face, I still call itYou are unhappy, if you don’t want to see me, I will roll immediately. "

He pushed his teeth and looked at the end of the river, and smiled silently.

"Chen Wan, I don’t need to understand me, just need you obedient."

I threw off his hand hard, turned around again, and didn’t want to talk nonsense with him.

But he didn’t want him to rush over to hold my back with one hand, holding my side face with one hand, and holding me firmly in the tall figure, not allowing me to escape.

The posture is ambiguous and the atmosphere is weird.

"Chen Wan, Qian is loyal to a man. Don’t miss such a good opportunity."

His stubborn evoking my curiosity, I couldn’t help asking, "Han Wenzhou, why must it be me?"

He was silent for a moment, just wanted to speak, and someone rushed over from behind, held his shoulders, and overturned him.

The speed is fast, and no time to react at all.

I looked at the scene in front of me, and surprised: "Lin Yan."

Lin Yan squatted on the ground, holding Han Wenzhou’s collar, and said angrily: "Do I teach you how to avoid suspicion?"

Han Wenzhou held Lin Yan’s wrist, and a touch of color flashed in his eyes, "Release."

Lin Yan’s eyes flushed, and his neck was stunned, staring at Han Wenzhou, "舅, please be a little farther away from my wife."

Han Wenzhou did not know if it was stimulated by the name of his uncle, or was stimulated by his wife’s identity, and suddenly exerted his force and turned over and poured Lin Yan.

Two big men with bright clothes on weekdays made a ball on the brilliant river.

I couldn’t pull anyone, and shouted at my feet so angry, "Don’t fight, I have been photographed, how do I explain? How do you explain?"

Lin Yan first stopped, and Han Wenzhou saw this, and took the opportunity to make up for his face.

I quickly lifted Lin Yan and took him to a slightly far away from Han Wenzhou, and said angrily: "Go home."

Lin Yan’s face was injured, and he lowered his head and didn’t speak.

I couldn’t bear to blame, holding him away.


I took Lin Yan back to my residence.

Along the way, he didn’t speak, watching the window silently, his face was deep.

I know he is angry, but I am in a bad mood.

Don’t want to coax people.

When I got home, I turned out the medicine box and squatted in front of him and gave him medicine.

Occasionally help him blow a wound.

And he kept his eyes down, kept a posture, staring at me for a moment, his eyes were obscure, like he was so fascinating, and seemed to be focusing on what he was thinking.

After the medicine was finished, I didn’t care about him anymore, busy.

After I took a shower, after protecting my skin, he was still sitting on the sofa of the living room. I couldn’t help but urge: "It’s late, aren’t you tired?"

His eyes trembled, raised his eyes slowly, and looked at me, "You didn’t eat at night."

I stunned, and my heart was moved.

He said, "I didn’t eat either either."

Is this cared about me, or because he was hungry?

I didn’t ask angrily: "You didn’t eat with my mother. You can’t go to your house on the first day of your mother -in -law. Are you hungry?"

After passing me, he whispered and made up: "I want to wait for you."

I moved under my heart, and quickly turned around and hugged his waist, and his face was posted on his back.

It’s rare a bit shy, and said with a twist: "Husband, I’m hungry."

He lowered his head and didn’t know what he was thinking. After a while, he lowered, "Ahwang, tell me what you and him, I don’t want to guess anymore."


Suspicious means that he cares very much.

This matter cannot be dragged.

Otherwise, the more chaotic wrap.

I pulled Lin Yan and sat back to the sofa and told the beginning and end of knowing Han Wenzhou.

After the words, I was in the arms of Lin Jun, "You can’t condemn the aspirations of a flower season girl who wants to make money, he gives too much."

Lin Yan’s face softened, "I have been very busy in studying medicine over the years, and I don’t know him about him. Don’t see him in the future. I’ll go to him to talk about it."

After speaking, he would get up and leave.

I was busy hugging his arm and not letting go: "What are you doing, do you separate?"

He glanced helplessly: "Cooking, let you feed you first."

I nodded and let go of him: "Let’s go."

The window of the living room is facing a residential building with a light light and a family of households that have caused my envy countless times.

Today, because of the busy and focused figure, my home is also warm.

After a while, I smirked and pulled out my phone.

First notified the agent, and then went to the social platform.

After editing, with a good picture, after confirming that the release, I trotted to Lin Yan like a treasure, raised my phone and dangled in front of his eyes.

"Look, the official announcement."

Lin Yan stunned the spatula in place. After returning to God, he didn’t know if he should put down the spatula or took a mobile phone. The movement was a bit funny.

I was very satisfied, put away my phone, walked out, and said cheaply, "Look at my husband, it’s stupid."

After lying back to the sofa, I saw Lin Yan in the kitchen holding her head down and pressed the phone, with a bright smile on the corner of her mouth.

The light hit his back, and the pink lace apron sketched a touch of thin waist.

When appreciated, the mobile phone came on the video phone.

It is a broker.

As soon as I picked it up, she hurriedly asked, "Sister, who are you married?"

I pursed my lips and smiled as shy: "Doctor, super handsome."

She wants to cry without tears: "Why don’t you discuss with the company?"

My heart said, "My husband is anxious, I can’t wait."

In fact, I am still afraid of discussing to discuss problems. The leaders must hope that the company will be right in the company.

At that time, maybe I would have to set up a single person to set up a single person and marry.

Waiting for others to give me conditions, it is better to take the initiative.

After listening to the agent complaining, Lin Yan’s eggs were cooked.

The soup is clear, the eggs are golden, and the fragrance is overflowing.

I swallowed it and took over the chopsticks he handed to me: "What other surprises do you have?" I don’t know? "

He pursed his lips and smiled lightly, with a small flame in his eyes.

The center of the flame is my smiley face.


I announced on the social platform.

"For a long time in the future, I will only show off his style to him."

The picture is my marriage certificate.

Lin Yan forwarded three minutes later: "My honor."

This incident caused a small wave of hot discussions on the Internet.

But this time, the comments are very positive.

There was not too much embarrassment on the company, but it just made me pay enough liquidated damages as soon as possible.

After hearing about it, Lin Yan came to our company to help me pay the money that day, and by the way, he sprinkled dog food.

The agent was clever, took a photo of the back we left, and sent it to the official account of the studio.

After a while, netizens have a strong interest in Lin Yan’s straight back, and determined that he is more handsome.

It’s higher than me.

Fortunately, he is already my person, otherwise I will really make trouble.

After the weekend, I will follow the team to go to a variety show to follow the team.

Lin Yan’s wedding leave is over and will return to the hospital to work.

Both are busy.

Before departure, I had tears in my eyes. Dai Yu held my heart and asked Lin Yan, "Will you miss me?"

He looked down at me, and suddenly his eyes were red.

I couldn’t tell if he was acting like me or really reluctant, and a little panicked.

"I will miss you."

I hugged him and said carefully.

He buried his face in my hair, and his arms were tightly wrapped in me.


A few seconds later, he may feel that he was too short, and added another sentence.

"I miss you too."

I fluttered and laughed.

After these days, I have found that Lin Yan has a lot of inner play, but the desire to express is not strong.

He may really want to cry.


The rhythm of the variety show is very compact, and it is necessary to compose lyrics at the specified time, and to compare with other singers.

The score is low and will be eliminated.

I am so busy every day, and my aunt is so stressful.

That night, Lin Yan posted a video on time and shared the daily life of the day with me.

But I keenly captured his expression was a little wrong.

"What happened?"

I pulled up the loose placket, put on a dignified look, and asked.

He hesitated and said, "Zhou Wei came to the hospital today to find me."

I was alert instantly, "Then?"

"She said she wanted to talk to me alone, and then I took her to the car."

"Do you dare to let her get on your car? Lonely men and widows, all the cars together, what do you want to do?" I was indignant.

He was quite innocent, and he didn’t realize his mistakes at all. He opened a pair of big eyes and said it slowly:

"Don’t do anything."

I was even more angry. I just wanted to scold him, and he said, "There is a driving recorder in the car, which is convenient for me."

"Ah …" I paused and understood what he meant, and laughed embarrassed: "You are quite smart."

The video recorded by Lin Jianfa’s driving recorder. The picture is only the scene in front of the car, but he can clearly hear their conversations.

Zhou Wei came to provoke away.

She not only counted my love history with Lin Yan.

Also said:

"She followed a particularly powerful gold master in private, but the gold owner refused to give her a name, so she wanted to use the trick to marry you than others. Unfortunately, I know why I suddenly want to suddenly want to suddenly wantDo you apologize to her? Isn’t it because I said falsely, because I was threatened by that gold master. "

After a while of stunned sound, Lin Yan asked coldly: "In addition to saying bad things behind people, do you have other skills?"

Zhou Wei stunned for a few seconds, threw a sentence, "Believe it or not with you, the grievances", and left the door to leave.

I grabbed my hair scratching my hair and grinned in the video in the video, "I am annoyed."

"She just can’t see me, right?"

"Aren’t you all pregnant? Keep your fetus, give the next generation to accumulate virtue."

After speaking, I picked up the cigarette case and prepared to order cigarettes.

Lin Yan stopped me: "Don’t smoke, it’s not good for your body."

I throw it away obediently, and then watched him crying, "I’m so annoying, I miss you so much, I can’t write a song."

He laughed gently: "I buy a ticket now."

I gone, "Really?"


twenty one

Early the next morning, I was awakened by knock.

I wrapped a coat and opened the door with sleepy eyes, and saw Lin Yan, who was dusty, stood at the door, carrying a backpack with a backpack.

I tried to open my eyes to see clearly, and after sure that this was not a dream, I screamed and rushed into his arms.

He hugged me, took me back into the house, collided with his back, and kissed the kiss.

Two lips to touch each other, what I thought, don’t start immediately, and shamey, "No, I don’t brush my teeth."

His throat rolled, a smile flashed in his eyes, and his chin struck again.

After the long kiss was over, I flushed in his arms, and his ears were his cheerful heartbeat.

"Miss you." His hoarse voice was above his head.

I gasped and replied: "Me too."

It was in the afternoon after I slept after sleeping. I looked at Lin Yan who had just been out of the bath.

Hormones can stimulate inspiration, which is true.

I jumped excitedly and took a sip on Lin Yan’s face: "Good, play with yourself, I’m busy."

He smiled bitterly, raised his hand to gently pull my hair on the front of his ears, "I know."

Lin Yan had only one day of leave, and I had to return at night. In the morning, I still thought about cherishing the time of getting along, but I forgot when I was busy.

In a blink of an eye, it was dark, and he was leaving.

"Dr. Lin, I can’t write it if you leave, I need you." I hung on him and was reluctant.

He sighed, and stopped talking.

I was sensitive to notice that something was wrong, and said, "If you say something, don’t spit, I can easily think about it."

Lin Yan lowered his eyes and hesitated for a moment, "Ayan, I have a lot of peach blossoms recently, and they are very active. I guess that my uncle was intentionally found."

"What?" I was surprised.

"Didn’t you see any photos or hear any news?" He asked again.

These days I have created the competition all the time, and I rarely contact the outside world. I don’t know anything.

"No." I answered truthfully.

Lin Yan asked me to open up a social platform, and it turned out that there were many private messages from strangers.

Except for fans, the other contents of the same content are the same frames of Lin Yan and different girls. The angle is tricky, and the girl’s face can not be seen clearly, but the figure is well topped.Pressure in the main palace in a different place.

"The most tested on a long -distance love is the problem of trust. Lin Yan, are you afraid that I doubt you?" I looked at him seriously.

Lin Yan smiled bitterly and took out his mobile phone to click on his private message page.

There were many people who gave him a lot of pictures of me and other men, and a few light lights were dim, looking like secretly.

I laughed angrily, raised my hand doubles and surrendered, "I am convinced."

He didn’t speak.

I tentatively said, "Do you really want me to explain, right?"

He sighed: "Although I analyzed it, it was still a bit …"


I smiled badly: "A little sour?"

"In the photo, you didn’t bring a wedding ring." He suddenly raised his eyes and said seriously.

I was stunned, and suddenly I was in a good mood. I tiptoe and squeezed the soft meat of his cheeks.

He didn’t face his face, his ears were red, "occupational disease."

Alas, this excuse is very reasonable.

"I bring it in the future, don’t you pick it up, okay?"

"Well." He still didn’t look at me, but the corner of his mouth raised a small arc.

twenty two

After Lin Yan left, the inspiration disappeared. I sat in a chair, and Han Wenzhou and Zhou Wei were constantly flashed.

Intuition tells me that there is a relationship between the two.

Zhou Wei went to Lin Yan’s words, which was strange.

Moreover, a few days ago, the people who had helped me inquire about Xu Yuan responded to me. Xu Yuan was in jail because the reason was that gathered gambling, owed money without returning, and hurt people.

When I wanted to be in the gods, the door sounded outside the door.

I thought it was Lin Jun forgotting something back again,

"I’m reluctant to …"

After seeing that the door was Han Wenzhou, my smile disappeared instantly.

"How can you appear here?"

He walked straight into the door and ignored or not.

Wherever you pass, there is a faint smell of wine.

I looked at him with the door handle.

He sat down on the sofa by the window, unbuttoned the suit button at will, and set off his eyelids and smiled at me: "When is the birth of us?"

I looked at him deeply, and my thinking suddenly became clear.

When he saw that I didn’t speak, he hooked up at me: "Come over, chat, don’t be afraid."

I opened the door completely, pulled the chair to stop, and then walked to him and sat down.

A round of bright moon hangs in front of the window, and the room is quiet.

I am opposed to him, and I have my heart.

After a while, he leaned on the sofa leisurely, squinting his eyes slightly, and said, "Slim."

I snorted softly, too lazy to rotate, opened the door to see the mountain, and went straight to the theme: "President Qin, is it fun?"

He raised his eyebrows and didn’t understand.

I continued: "Why did Zhou Wei suddenly find Lin Yan what is the matter of the gold master? Isn’t it just to make Lin Yan misunderstand the gold master is you, can I be entangled between me and you?Is the signal released by Lin Yan the same, coincidence? "

"As soon as I separated from Lin Yan, there were a lot of opposite sex there, and there were various sneak shots with various hints I received by me and he received?" Is it coincidental? "

"If you say a little farther, Xu Yuan and I broke up because of gathered less and more, but why did you get more and more, because during that time you madly give me resources, make me very busy. Of course, this is for me.Good things, I have raised it now, just a complete logic chain. "

"After breaking up, Xu Yuan wanted to find me to reunite, and at the same time, he was together with Zhou Wei, and then inexplicably, Zhou Wei made a bunch of troubles, causing a bunch of trouble, and finally you helped me solve it."

"Last time in the restaurant, Zhou Wei said that he was also deceived by Xu Yuan, and combined with Xu Yuan gambling I just knew. He didn’t gamble before. Why did he suddenly gamble? Or gambling, he was a composer who was not in the flow.How can there be money gambling? Does it mean that he suddenly has a fortune? "

"The above is the actual situation. Now I say my guess, if there is offended, then offend."

Han Wenzhou looked at me interested, waiting for me to continue to say.

I cleared my throat and sneered: "Xu Yuan accepted your benefits, and then cheated Zhou Wei to make trouble. Zhou Wei may not know it, and may be with knowledge, but this is not important."

"And what you want is to let me be isolated, you come to be my savior, and then make conditions to me. By the way, many people at the celebration banquet are introduced by you, saying it is to help me propagate. Now I think about it.Think, you may just have the impact of that farce and make me unable to end. "

"But you didn’t expect me to move the idea of getting married, so you let Zhou Wei come out and help me clarify that I want to stop me from getting married, but I still settle down, or kiss you. Now you are passive.I don’t treat Lin Yan like Xu Yuan, I can only play with a point to provoke separation. "

"It’s just that I don’t understand, why do you do this in the end, I have been in contact with you in the past few years, you have to say something to me earlier, there is no need to play so vaguely."

After speaking, I spit out a deep breath and took a lot of sip of mineral water next to it.

In fact, these speculations are just based on Han Wenzhou’s persistence in my divorce.

But I didn’t expect, it seemed like that.

I pretend to be calm and wait for Han Wenzhou to reply.

He raised Erlang’s legs and turned to the watch on his wrist, and glanced at me unknown, "Chen Wan, why are you with such as Xu Yuan?"

Why do he pay attention to this issue at this time?

When you know the micro, you like music, resonate with thoughts, and then have an impulse to be together. Love itself is a nutrient for creation.

"Why don’t you talk about love?" I asked.

He laughed disdainfully, and then suddenly serious, "No."

I was shocked and looked at him unbelievable.

"Lin Yan has been alone since he was a child. He is used to loneliness. I am different. I need you to accompany me."

He said slowly, the light on his head was rippling in his eyes, and he looked extraordinarily gentle.

"I’m good to you, you laugh at me."

This is still a pet -breeding mentality.

I give you meat, you shake your tail to me.

It turned out that I didn’t feel wrong from the beginning, he took me as a kitten and puppy.

Then after a long time, the desire to control was perverted.

twenty three

For a long time, I slowly spoke:

"President Han, thank you for giving me a chance, but I don’t need a good mood to appreciate my roots."

His cynical smile emerged again, but his eyes were indeed sharp.

"Little white -eyed wolf, just look at me like this?"

I smiled and couldn’t put it.

His eyes were silent for a long time, and he suddenly asked:

"Reject I rejected so simply, so cruel, do you know why I and Lin Yan want you?"

I stunned and told me the answer was not what I wanted to hear.

He stood up, bullying his body, pressed my shoulders with one hand, pressed me on the sofa back, kneeling between my legs on one knee, and whispered ambiguous in my ear: "Because …"

"You and Lin Yan’s mother, my sister looks very similar."

"Don’t you really think that we love you?"

A large question mark emerged instantly, and then it was cracked into countless pieces.

So that I forgot to reach out and push him away.

The sound of the items fell at the door, and I looked at my face dullly.

Lin Yan stood there, and his expression was a little dazed.

The cream cake fell off his feet, and it was all unrecognizable.

Four eyes were opposite, his mouth moved, but he didn’t make a sound.

I reacted, and quickly pushed Han Wenzhou.

Han Wenzhou was not panicked at all. He sat back in situ and waved Lin Yan.

"Come, play tonight."

"Mother’s love."

Lin Yan’s circles were quickly red, and his expression became very angry.

But there was no other movement, and he still stood quietly at the door.

I can’t bear my heart, ready to walk over.

He turned away without hesitation.


I trot a few steps to the door, watching his back disappearing in the promenade, and suddenly remembered a trivial matter.

That day, my mother’s surgery was over, and Lin Yan wore a surgical suit to inform me that when the patient was not in danger of life, I cried and cried, holding his hand, and said incoherently: "Thank you for saving my mother."

"I am also very happy and save your mother."

There seemed to be a layer of water in his eyes, and gently held my hand back.

Then I couldn’t hear a word: "It’s good."

Recover my thoughts, I leaned on the door frame and looked at Han Wenzhou, who was still endless.

"Don’t you leave yet?"


He smiled instantly, stood up angrily, and the blue tendons between his neck skyrocketed.

I was a bit virtual in my heart, and I looked at the red light of the corridor to relax slightly.

He walked to me, pinched my chin, and stunned me, "You are with me, better than him, do you understand?"

I opened his hand and disgusted, "It’s more disgusting."

After speaking, I walked into the room and smashed hard.

twenty four

Since the last thing, Lin Yan has not contacted me for more than ten days.

My mother often sends me some photos of life trivia.

It is said that Lin Yan bought her new pillow to help sleep.

Lin Yan taught her how to play games.

Lin Yan asked her to control her sugar, and a doctor was nice to be a son -in -law.

She made delicious son -in -law, and the good son -in -law praised her.

This is not annoying.

I usually can’t read it, let her entertain and entertain.

The creation time is urgent, and the pressure of recording programs is also great. If I care about it, I will be eliminated.

There is really no way to distract.

On the day of the finals, my emotions accumulated to the critical point, and I couldn’t hold back the killing back to the hospital to find Lin Yan.

When he suddenly appeared in the hospital corridor, he always calmly held him and ran over a few steps to hold me deeply into his arms.

The breathing buried in my neck was urgent and heavy.

I grabbed his waist and stuck to his chest, I just felt that the whole person was relaxed.

Just like the soldiers got off the battlefield and washed all blood.

People around them come and go, and all kinds of eyes shuttle on us.

Soon, he let go of me and his face flushed.

There seems to be a little aggrieved.

"came back."

I deliberately teased his throat: "Come back to coax my husband, he seems to be angry."

Lin Yan’s face was not moving, but the tip of the ears was red.

I found that this person is a cute new on the windy moon.

Lin Yan pays great attention to the influence, and it is not easy to be able to get lost at a time.

Although the time is short.

I think he worked hard to maintain his serious doctor’s influence, and took the initiative to speak: "I go outside the hospital and wait for you to eat together at noon."

He hesitated for a while: "When will you go?"

I laughed: "When did you coax you?"

The light in his eyes was brighter, and he stretched out his hand quickly and rubbed my head.

I didn’t delay him much, after all, he had a special nature.

I was bored in the back garden of the hospital for a while. I found a tree shade, took out the notebook to start studying the melody of the new song.

When I was in place, a pair of dirty canvas shoes appeared in front of me.

I raised my head slowly, and suddenly I wanted to laugh.

It turned out to be Zhou Wei.

She was dark in dark, and she was thin, her cheeks were sunken, her complexion was dull.

The four eyes were relatively long, and she stunned: "Awan …"

I tilted my head and listened to my ears.

After chatting with Han Wenzhou a few days ago, I commissioned the agent to find a lawyer.

Zhou Wei was sued to court.

One is the right to reputation.

Regardless of whether Zhou Wei was deceived by Xu Yuan, she was not fake.

I am not a generous person and can’t bear it.

This meeting may not meet, but she has been looking for me.

"Xu Yuan’s affairs, I want to explain it with you, I did not be good at him after you don’t want him, I am not sorry for you,"

I laughed and didn’t comment.

"I went to make trouble last time. I saw a photo on Xu Yuan’s mobile phone. He really went to the hotel with many girls. It was very dirty. Among them, a girl’s back was particularly like you, and Xu Yuan also said that it was you.You took him to see the new world. I can’t believe it, I can’t imagine your life, I … "

She could not cry.

The one who brought Xu Yuan to see the new world was not me, but money.

And the money for him is Han Wenzhou.

Perhaps Han Wenzhou had planned to corrode him and destroy him from the beginning.

Let him completely disappear from my world.

"Chen Wan, my child was killed, and the work was lost. After Xu Yuan made a jail, the debtors also found me. Can you not care about me." She cried and asked, "Please ask you."

"You are so miserable, but it’s stupid." I spent a word and loud.

Her body was like the fallen leaves in the autumn wind, kept trembling, and her tears flowed.

I sighed and put away the computer: "Be a good friend, is it wrong to you?"

Her expression was solidified for a moment, and after a moment, she laughed desolately: "Why do you dare to ask me such a question? So you never considered my feelings, right?"

I looked straight at her and thought about it seriously. Our gaps have gradually opened up in these years. Although I have always wanted to help her, there will always be details that make her have a psychology of inferiority and the illusion of giving up.

Just like my feelings in Qin Wenzhou.

You can feel back and help, and help is help. This cannot be the reason for the knife behind it.

In particular, we used to have so many beautiful expectations for the two sides.

"Well, we won’t talk about that truth. To talk about the law, I am reasonable to safeguard my own interests, and no one will abduct anyone morally, say something to the lawyer."

The friendship when he was young, deteriorated in realistic training, and looked at each other.

Everyone is responsible.

It would be great if it was good.

It would be great if she had an apology.

"Chen Wan, why are you so good, and you have to care about me, you are so ruthless?" She asked in unbelievable."Who is when you quarrel with your mother, take the car for one night to pick you up? Who is willing to be your foil? Who encourages you not to give up your dream …"

I pursed my lips and interrupted her gently: "It’s you, but I want to destroy me, and it is you."

After speaking, I strode away.

I don’t want to argue about these meaningless things.


At noon, Lin Yan rested and called me where I was.

I just cried, and my voice was a bit dumb, and he heard the abnormality as soon as he spoke.

He didn’t ask, but less than ten minutes after the address was reported, he came to the restaurant, his face was rosy and panting.

There are only two of us in the romantic box.

He took off his coat and sat down in the empty position beside me.

The sound is low, and he can distinguish his tension.

"I can promise you anything."

I puzzled: "What do you mean?"

He turned his head and looked at me carefully: "I am not a pervert. I did n’t have a love mother. When I was ten years old, my parents had a car accident at a high speed and died of ineffective rescue. Now so many years have passed.I haven’t thought about it and my mother like that. "

It turned out that he thought I was struggling with this.

I blushed my eyes and asked pitifully, "Why do you think of marrying me?"

"I will be a doctor to make up for the regret of my parents’ rescue failure. When your mother was rescued that day, I felt the joy I have always wanted to feel, and …" And … "

He lowered his eyelashes and looked at his hand shallowly: "Help you wipe the urge to tears."

The corner of my mouth couldn’t help but bending, clinging to his face, "So love at first sight?"

His throat moved, and turned his head to my sight.

The tip of the nose was able to wipe my nose.


I raised my hand and poked his cheeks, and suddenly felt that he was particularly suitable for him.

"Well, it is troublesome to look good. People like Dr. Lin can’t stop the temptation of beauty."

His face blushed and said lowly, "It seems like it."

My heartbeat leaked, panicked to avoid his sight, and it was nothing to do with him.

"Eat first, and then communicate with feelings at night."

After dinner, Lin Yan went back to work, but I knew that the question he wanted to ask the most had not asked.

At night, he was busy, and he still didn’t ask.

Until the next day, I set off to recording the land. When the airport was about to check the ticket, he finally couldn’t help it.

"We won’t divorce, right?"

"Why divorce?" I asked.

He embraced me into his arms without answering, and his hand was very hard.

"I also like you very much." I buried in his chest and said seriously.

From the beginning, I know what I want to get from Lin Yan.

So I don’t care about any hidden feelings behind this.

What’s more, it is an advantage and fate in appearance, why bother with me.

Han Wenzhou saw me too stingy.

Feeling happiness is the most important.

If one day, I can’t feel it.

Then change one.

In the final stage of the final sprint, Han Wenzhou never annoyed me.

Lin Yan shot him.

During this time, his social platform increased a lot. He promoted the affectionate friendship of him and his uncle, and created a pet nephew for Han Wenzhou.

My identity is not easy to publicly say that I know people like Han Wenzhou.

But the relationship between Lin Yan and Han Wenzhou is very true, and he is unlimited.

He just wants to use the identity of 身 to completely divide the boundaries between me and Han Wenzhou.

What he will do in the future will consider the impact and consider the views of investors and netizens on him.

I’m afraid I want to find Han Wenzhou, Han Wenzhou has to avoid suspicion of me.

"In these years, I have never understood why he doesn’t like me, why as my guardian, but never cares about me. Now I know that he hates me and my dad."

In the video, he smiled helplessly, and his eyes flashed with tears.

I suddenly understood why Lin Yan and I attracted each other.

We are all people who are trapped in our lives by young regrets.

He longs for home, too.

He is afraid of loneliness, so is me.

"It’s okay, I love you in the future," I said.

After a week, when the recording was over, I won the championship and finally returned.

As soon as I got out of the airport, I saw Lin Yan.

But I didn’t expect that every day, I would be a bit … shy.

I knew that I had converged on the Internet. If I did n’t say so much, I did n’t have to bear my face.

After standing for a while, he reached out and held me into my arms, lowered in my ear and asked, "Don’t you know?"

My face was even hotter. I just wanted to talk, and he said, "I introduce myself, I am your husband."


I retired, but he upgraded.

When I got home, my mother had been waiting for me.

Originally, I asked Lin Yan to move to my house and let my mother live on him alone.

But he didn’t agree.

I carefully observe my mother’s state, which is very good.

It is much more normal than when he lives alone, and he is not strange to speak.

It seems that Lin Yan is right. She is a heart disease and needs someone to accompany.

After eating, I washed the dishes.

Lin Yan packed my suitcase,

My mother watched TV on the sofa.

The lights are bright, all kinds of small sounds meet together, harmonious and warm, vivid and beautiful.

It is exactly the same as the home in my fantasy.

Ordinary and relieved.


Such as an invasion delete

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