My daughter -in -law was confinement, and I always said that I was tired and wanted to sleep. My mother -in -law opened the quilt and covered it.

I am an old lady in the countryside. I have no culture. I only do things with my experience that I have accumulated for most of my life. Therefore, my son and daughter -in -law sometimes often say that I am an old feudal thought. In the face of their accusations, I am not angry because my son is very very very very angry, because my son is very very very very very.Filial piety, my daughter -in -law also respects me. I did not expect that I worked hard for most of my life. When I was old, I could enjoy the blessing of my daughter -in -law, so I often told others that I have a good daughter -in -law.

My son and daughter -in -law have been married for a year, and my daughter -in -law has not been pregnant. Although I was anxious to hug her grandson, my daughter -in -law said that she didn’t want to give birth now, and when she saved some money, she would consider the child’s affairs.In my concept, it is logical to get married and have children. Besides, I can help them bring their children. Why don’t daughter -in -law want to give birth?Although I do not understand my daughter -in -law’s approach, I can only respect their choices.

Finally, after another year, my daughter -in -law was pregnant. I was very happy. When I thought of it, I was about to hug my grandson. I was happy to bloom. After my daughter -in -law was pregnant, I moved from my hometown and took care of my daughter -in -law.In life, she often makes her various nutritional supplements. The housework at home does not let her do it. I told my daughter -in -law to raise her body and give birth to a child smoothly.

I have carefully taken care of my daughter -in -law for ten months, and my daughter -in -law finally gave birth. My mother and son were safe. I was very happy. I also thanked my daughter -in -law to have a child for our family. After the daughter -in -law gave birth to a child, I started to confine.All the minds are placed on the grandson. Sometimes some simple housework is also done by daughter -in -law. I feel that when I confinement, I do my own housework. There should be no problem, and I do n’t take it seriously.

One morning, my daughter -in -law did not get up late. I asked her what happened. The daughter -in -law said that I felt tired and wanted to sleep. I thought that the daughter -inIf I want to sleep, I feel wrong. When I opened my daughter -in -law’s quilt, I was covered on the spot.

There are spots on the sheets. I quickly called my son and sent my daughter -in -law to the hospital. Fortunately, there was no big deal in the daughter -in -law. It was only because of the postpartum.Just care for the grandson, ignore the daughter -in -law’s body, and ignore the care of my daughter -in -law. It should not be. In the future, I will definitely care more about my daughter -in -law, take good care of her, and be a competent mother -in -law.

Do you think I am a good mother -in -law?

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