My colleague who was pregnant asked me to bring her ice milk tea, I’m afraid


If you have a colleague who is pregnant and let you help bring a glass of ice milk tea, or cold or spicy food, will you agree?

One netizen said that one day she went out for dinner at noon, and a pregnant colleague asked her to take a glass of ice milk tea.

Netizens were hesitant. My colleague was pregnant. It was the key protection object. In diet, and in action, she had to be careful. She was afraid that she would do "bad things".

What’s more, she wants to drink a cup of ice milk tea. Pregnant women drink cold and are not good for her body.

Netizens declined her euphemistically, and she made clear that she was afraid and dared not bring her.

In case she drinks ice milk tea, her stomach hurts, and she rely on me?

Her colleague’s mouth was nagging and couldn’t hold back. After drinking a glass of ice milk tea, it didn’t take long after drinking. Sure enough, we immediately sent her to the hospital.Her situation was not very good, and the doctor also asked her to be hospitalized.

Netizens were scared to death.

If you have no heart or lungs, you will not be able to take a glass of ice milk tea.

What I do n’t want to go now is myself, my colleagues complain about you, the family’s family blame you, it ’s unlucky to get home.

I dare not eat or drink for my colleagues who are pregnant, and I am afraid that I ca n’t afford to eat it.

The physique of each pregnant woman is different, and some of them can be red when they reach out to dry their clothes; some can cause premature birth in the kitchen and cut off a dish; while some are as good as flying, they can do it if they work.Well, incense.

Also, you have a general relationship with colleagues. In case he is careful, how difficult it is, I dare not eat and drink such colleagues.

You are kindly sent to him to eat. The things are made by the merchant, but I did not do it. In the end, I had a stomachache. It was really sad to rely on my head.

Once I kindly brought a meat clip to my colleagues. As a result, she vomited and diarrhea that day. It was said that there was a problem with the meat clip that I was on. Obviously, she had a large gastrointestinal response after she was Yang.

I would never dare to give my colleagues casually.

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