Mother’s Day Special

Today’s Mother’s Day, so this content is related to the mother.

In our eyes, what exactly is photography?Is it cool and high -quality shooting skills, or do you travel around the world and shoot shocking?

Maybe when we go around and shoot all, we find out: the most touching, the most enthusiastic, is beside you and me.

There is no one thing, which is more sacred than breeding of life; there is no role, which is greater than "mother"!

Today, on this special day, let’s talk about the story of photographer Wei Yao and his wife JU:

Wei Yao, an ordinary photographer.Since the day of the wife JU pregnancy, I will record the little bit of my wife’s life with a photo. For 265 days, the uncomfortable and happiness during pregnancy is no longer just an instant experience.remember.

On that day, the pregnancy was used to measure the pregnancy stick. Although it was weak, it was still very excited. JU was going to be a mother!

Slowly, this way of record became part of their daily life.Go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound. The B -ultrasound results show that there are two babies, which are a little surprised.The freckles on Ju’s face slowly increased. Although she could not make up, she was still so beautiful under her face.

For most expectant mothers, pregnancy is really worn.JU is no exception. After eating breakfast every morning, she starts vomiting. This is her first pregnancy.

I don’t know if it was a reaction during pregnancy. JU always worried about whether the baby in the stomach was healthy, so he wrote a blessing to the two children.

Although in the pregnancy stage, JU still did not let go of the job on hand, and seriously responded to the work email without daring to relax.

On this day, my husband bought some daisies, and JU trimmed them to relax and relax.

On the 84th day of pregnancy, JU went to the hospital for the first birth checkup. On this day, she was drawn 9 tubular blood.

Those who love life, you will experience something in her daily life.There will be some stress in my heart during pregnancy, but I still have to choose a happy life.Under the guidance of his father, JU tried to blow the scouts, and the accompanying her family was always the warmest.

Suddenly, a few days of JU had some rashes on her belly. Under the instructions of the doctor, she applied the cooker glyphosate washing agent sooner or later, hoping that the rash would disappear as soon as possible.

If you want to know the baby’s heart status in the stomach, JU uses the fetal heart monitor to monitor carefully, as long as the baby is healthy and healthy.

In time, cutting her hair for her husband, JU became her husband’s exclusive hairdresser. This is the sweet time that belongs to them. You are really charming when you cut your hair seriously.

With the growth of pregnancy time, JU’s belly became bigger and bigger. This would have some inconvenience to her actions. The big belly was oppressed by her internal organs, and she could only kneel and watch the iPad.

One day, my husband went to a business trip in the distance and chatted with JU video in his free time. Although he was not around each other, he would not make the other person feel lonely.

164 days of pregnancy, JU tied his hair and was suddenly attracted by his shadow on the wall.

There is an interesting thing. When I go to the hospital in the hospital, I find that the babies in the stomach are such a state, and I feel that life is really amazing.

Time has passed so fast that I have been pregnant for half a year.JU wanted to interact with the babies, so she raised her belly with soft light on the flashlight, hoping that they could feel that the mother was looking forward to their arrival.

Specific mothers during pregnancy sometimes out of control because of small things. JU was anxious to cry because she couldn’t find the head rope.

There is a kind of happiness that her husband is studying for his wife and the baby in his belly before going to bed.Sometimes accompanying is so simple. In your case, I come to listen, I don’t want other noisy sounds to disturb the time when the family gets along.

Life needs a sense of ritual, commemorating the 200th day of pregnancy, the days when the baby is born is getting closer and closer.

The stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and it is more and more inconvenient to walk. Drag your stomach with clothes, so it seems to be uncomfortable.

On the 240th day of pregnancy, because of pregnancy urticaria, JU’s stomach is very itchy but can’t catch her with his hands, which is extremely painful.

On the 258th day of pregnancy, I finally ushered in 37 weeks. JU waited for her to give birth, and the babies soon came to this colorful world.

Looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, on the 265th day of pregnancy, JU successfully gave birth to a dragon and phoenix tire and a dushu.

(Photo source in the article: iQiyi Video, the original author of copyright belonging to the column)

Thanks for photography to make every moment worth recording by permanent fixation.Thank you Wei Yao for your photography diary, let us feel a lot.

For every mother, pregnancy is a process that is full of expectations and difficulties. The birth of each baby means the beginning of a new life.The bravery and greatness of mothers created miracles of life.

Photography will keep this sacred time in the way of lens. When you look back to see the self that the baby with your baby, will you applaud your courage?

In fact, from this story, give us the biggest feelings of our photographers: no matter what kind of life you are now, I hope your lens can retain what you see now, and keep every time worthy of time.

In your lens, in addition to beauties, scenery, creativity, there can also be: he, she, or them …

Today is Mother’s Day. I take this opportunity to say to every great mother: "Happy Mother’s Day!" I hope you are happy and beautiful every day.

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