Mother -in -law: For the first time when the pregnant daughter -in -law came to the door, her mother -in -law gave 10,000 red envelopes and asked her to get a fetus

My son’s girlfriend was pregnant. For the first time, I met my mother -in -law. When they were leaving, I gave my son a 10,000 red envelope, let my son bring his girlfriend, and beat the child. Am I a evil mother -in -law?

"Mom, my girlfriend Xiaomei is pregnant. While taking a holiday, I want to take her home."

Xiao Shuai called her mother, and she said unnaturally.

"Little handsome, you are a junior student now! You are still going to college! Didn’t your mother educate you, do you want to love yourself? You even make your girlfriend’s belly! This is the failure of mother education!"Mom was so angry.

"Mom, I am 21 years old, and I am an adult. I know what is responsible! I will be a good husband and a good father!" The little handsome tone was extremely firm.

"Okay, let’s talk to me about the girl’s situation." My mother covered her forehead with a little pain.

"Mom, Xiaomei is a good girl …" Xiaoshuai told Xiaomei’s situation.

"Well, yes, Xiaomei is in line with the standards of my daughter -in -law, you have also been to Xiaomei’s house, and her family is also very satisfied with you.Nodded.

However, Xiaoshuai concealed a key information, that is, this concealed situation. After the mother discovered, she paid for Xiao Mei to get a fetus.

After a few days, Xiaoshuai returned home with Xiao Mei. On the day of arrival, it was already 11 o’clock in the evening. The two ate a supper and went to bed.

The next day, her mother prepared a rich breakfast for Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei, but her mother found that Xiaomei had only 4 fingers.

"Little handsome, Xiao Mei’s fingers, what’s going on? Why didn’t you tell me on the phone, this situation?"

Mom pulled the little handsome aside and asked quietly.

"Mom, this was Xiao Mei when he was young. He accidentally cut his fingers and was not rescued in time. That’s it. You can rest assured that this has no effect on life! I don’t mind." Xiao Shuai said with some guilty guilty.

My mother frowned after listening, and said nothing.

On the fifth day, Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei were leaving. Her mother -in -law gave Xiaomei 10,000 red envelopes. Xiaomei was very happy and thought that her mother -in -law was very satisfied with her.

"Son, I gave Xiaomei a 10,000 red envelope. This was for her to get a fetus. After the fetal was taken, you broke up with Xiaomei immediately!"

"I can’t accept my future daughter -in -law, it is a disability, I’m afraid of gossip." My mother called and told Xiaoshuai’s truth.

"Mom, Xiaomei just has one less finger, how can it be disabled! I am about to be a father. I love Xiaomei very much. I can’t beat this child. I will not break up with Xiaomei.I want to marry her. "Xiaoshuai flushed.

"Okay, you want to get married! I don’t give you a car, the house, see what you get married! By the way, your living expenses start from this month, I will not give you anymore! Don’t starve to death outside."

The mother hung up the phone politely.

"I …" Xiaoshuai grabbed his hair madly.

Xiaomei is immersed in marriage. In the happiness of having a child, facing the threat of her mother, Xiaoshuai really doesn’t know how to speak.

Let’s talk about it, is my mother forced her son to yield and let the pregnant girlfriend’s fetal fetus?

On the one hand, love, and love, how do my son choose?

If Xiaomei knew the red envelope, what would she do for her in the future, what would she do?

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