Most people do not insist on taking Ejiao. No wonder it will feel useless

With the development of the economy, people’s living standards are constantly improving. Therefore, more and more people pay more attention to health.In life, many women choose to eat Ejiao for beauty or health to supplement qi and blood and enhance their complexions.However, some people are just three minutes of heat, and eating Ejiao only persist for a few days. In fact, this is no effect.So, what is the effect of Ejiao?How long does it take to stick to Ejiao to play a role?Let’s look together.

One: What are the effects of Ejiao?

1. Ejiao has a certain effect on treating blood diseases.Ejiao can treat hematological diseases such as iron deficiency anemia and regenerative disorder anemia. The Ejiao supplemental blood oral solution sold on the market is the specific drug application of this effect.

2. Ejiao can protect the fetus.For pregnant mothers, pure natural Ejiao is a kind of good fetal preservation. Ejiao has a certain effect on threatened abortion or habitual abortion. Moms with the above problems can eat Ejiao appropriately under the arrangement of doctors.

3. Menstruation such as dysmenorrhea or menstrual periods and long menstrual periods.Ejiao can nourish yin and nourish blood, stop bleeding and dirt, and people with insufficient qi and blood can eat Ejiao to supplement qi and blood.

4. Beauty and beauty.Ejiao is rich in protein degradation ingredients, which can moisturize the skin, remove freckles and face, and make the skin shine and elastic, get rid of the dark condition of the skin.

Two: How long does Ejiao eat to effect?

1. First of all, Ejiao has the best effect before breakfast and after dinner.The metabolism in the morning is relatively fast. At this time, consumption can speed up absorption. Before going to bed after dinner, consumption can speed up skin absorption and beauty and beauty.Scientific research shows that the general an empty stomach is conducive to absorption.

2. Continuously take continuous autumn and winter seasons, it is best to be one to three every day.Studies have shown that the longer Ejiao eats better, the better, we must stick to it and try not to interrupt.The longer the time, the more effective the effect is. In just a few months or a few days, it has no effect.

3. Special circumstances must be treated special.For example, people with hot body fever should be used as little as anthurium cakes, and some women should take as little as possible during menstruation. When eating, avoid eating with hot foods such as liquor and longan.

Of course, although Ejiao has a lot of beneficial effects, can detoxify beauty and supplement qi and blood.However, it is not possible to achieve results in one or two days or two days. For different people, different constitutions, they must also distinguish them and try to consume as much as possible.

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