Morning Reading 丨 June 27th, pay attention to health every day

【Health Reminder】

It is recommended that pregnant women eat more foods that are good for fetal eyes

Myopia has a certain genetic probability. Many two parties are myopia couples, and it is inevitable that children in the future will be myopia.The Beijing Health and Health Commission Officer Wei issued a text that pregnant women should do a good job of prevention, eat more sea fish and proper calcium supplement.

Expectant mothers can eat more foods that are good for fetal eyes during pregnancy.The first is fish containing DHA, such as deep -sea fish.The second is foods containing vitamin A, B, and E, such as green leafy vegetables and carrots.The third is to properly supplement calcium and eat more foods with high calcium.In addition, after the baby is born, try not to contact electronic products within 2 years old.When the child is 3 years old, parents can take their children to do systemic eye examinations and establish visual development files.

【Medical Exploration】

Green tea extract has the effect of improving intestinal health

"The Latest Development of Nutrition" published a study shows that drinking green tea extracts can reduce blood sugar levels and improve intestinal health.

40 participants consumed fudge containing green tea extracts for 28 consecutive days. Among them, the daily dosage of the catechin is equivalent to five glasses of green tea.In the random dual -blind cross -test, all participants spent 28 days to take placebo, and stop taking any supplements between one month between two treatment.The results show that compared with the blood glucose level after taking placebo, all participants have decreased significantly after taking green tea extract.It is found that all participants have reduced intestinal inflammation through green tea treatment.

【Disease Prevention and Control】

Take ≥5 eggs per week or reduce the risk of diabetes

"Nutrients" published research shows that ≥5 eggs per week can reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

All 2349 participants were divided into 3 groups:

【Medical Progress】

New candidate vaccine is expected to eliminate pediatric paralysis

"Nature" published research shows that the two new spinal ashginitis candidate vaccines can induce mice immune response and increase the possibility of root removal of spinal chineyitis.

Spinal ash is caused by the three versions (serum type) of the spinal ash virus.Wild spine virus (WPV) type 2 and type 3 have been destroyed in the past ten years, and the WPV1 type is still leading to disease in Afghanistan and Pakistan.Researchers developed WPV1 and type 3 vaccines (NOPV1 and NOPV3). Animal experiments and deep sequencing confirmed that this candidate vaccine can still reduce drug reduction even after a small variation occurs after vaccination.In the mice, the combined injection of NOPV1, NOPV2 and NOPV3 to produce antibodies to all three spine viruses. The mice are protected to be exempted from the impact of the disease.

【Knowledge Update】

Microbial groups can improve baby development of cesarean section

"Cell Owner and Microbial" published a study pointed out that the transfer of bacteria in the mother’s vagina to a newborn childbirth after a cesarean section, or the early development of the baby.

The researchers wiped the lips, skin and hands of 32 cesarean sections with gauze soaked in the mother vaginal fluid. The other 36 newborn wiped the gauze soaked in the gauze soaked as a control.These mothers were tested in advance to ensure that they did not have sexually transmitted diseases and B.Researchers have found that when 3 months and 6 months old, babies receiving bacterial metastases are significantly higher in terms of neurological development, and their scores are equivalent to childbirth.

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