More than 100,000 people strike!"The Doomsday of Hollywood" is there?

2023-07-16 01:00

Source: China News Network

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"If we are not upright now, we will be in trouble, and we will face the danger of being replaced by machines." Said Frank Duri, chairman of the American Film and Television Association (Sag-Aftra).

On the 13th local time, SAG-AFTRA, one of the three major Hollywood unions with 160,000 members, announced a strike, and the Hollywood film industry in the United States began to stop.Prior to this, the American screenwriter trade union had stronded for more than 70 days.

This summer, what happened to Hollywood in the United States with glory and stars?

"Can’t create if you can’t survive"

Since June 2032, SAG-AFTRA has begun negotiations with the "Film and Television Producer Alliance (AMPTP)" representing the main producers and streaming media platforms.Intelligent survival threat to creative practitioners.

After about a month of negotiations, the two sides still couldn’t reach an agreement. SAG-AFTRA had to come up with the "final means" and voted to start "historic strikes" to strive for more guarantees.

On the 14th local time, demonstrations were held in Los Angeles and surroundings.At about 9 am, the Sag-AFTRA leadership arrived in Nafei to protest, and a large group of people shouted here, "Well, the greedy company must disappear."

From 9 to 13 o’clock, the crowd appeared in the Warner Brothers, Amazon, Disney, Sony, Fox, Paramount, and Nafei, and other film and television media companies protested.

In the hot summer of Los Angeles, people held the sign printed with the word "Sag-AFTRA in the strike". Some demonstrators wrote that "cannot be created without survival", and some people shouted "Sag-AFTRA strong" slogan.

The US Film and Television Actor Association, one of the three major Hollywood unions with approximately 160,000 members, launched a strike to demonstrate outside more than ten producers in Los Angeles and New York from the 14th.Photo by Zhang Shuo, a reporter from China News Agency

The actress Francis Fisher, who starred in "Titanic", told AFP during the Paramount Films marching outside the Paramount Films, "Film companies are greedy, they need to wake up, we make them wealthy."

Some people have expressed the difficult situation of most actors. "I don’t think many people don’t understand. Most actors make money by millions and millions. Many of us are struggling in food fees and rent." SAG-AFTRA member John Jelid said.

The addition of Sag-AFTRA’s joining has been excited, "We have been here for about 80 days … Sag-AFTRA’s strike has brought us huge energy and incredible unity.""Old Friends" joint creator Marta Kafman said.

Film and television industry "comprehensive stop"

This strike is the first time that SAG-AFTRA has conducted a strike on film and television companies in the past 40 years. It and the screenwriter’s strikes that have begun have caused the first business state of Hollywood for the first time in 63 years.

Screenwriters’ strikes have caused popular drama production including "Strange Story" and "Last Survivors". Now the situation in the entire industry is even worse.

The New York Times stated that after the strike was announced, the union issued rules for its members.In addition to being unable to work in front of the camera, they cannot promote the current projects, including participating in Manzhan, Film Festival and movie premiere.

This means that actors will not be able to promote movies at the important time of summer box office.At present, big budget movies such as Barbie and Obonhamo are about to be released in the United States.

Other programs have completely disappeared. During the editorial strike, programs such as "Jimmy Tonight Show" can only show replay content.

The New York Times said that if the strike lasts until autumn, the blockbuster scheduled to be released in the summer of 2024, such as "Deadpool 3", may also be postponed.

The Hollywood Report said that the highest award in the US television industry Emmy Award nomination has been released, but it is unclear whether the awards ceremony in September can be continued without screenwriting and actors.

Hollywood doomsday signal?

The New York Times stated that the big strike caused the US film and television industry worth $ 134 billion in US film and television industry. The reason was that in addition to dissatisfaction with salary, it also had concerns about the future led by technology.

SAG-AFTRA requires streaming giants to provide them with more fair profits distribution and better working conditions, and require producers to ensure that they will not use artificial intelligence (AI) and computers to generate faces and sounds to replace actors.

Today, with the continuous development of AI technology, it is not new to collect and capture actors’ information and processing information.There is no clear answer.

"Hollywood Report" quoted Steven Rose, a professor of history at the University of Southern California, who quoted the issue of entertainment industry, stating that since the 1960s, most actors’ strikes were mainly for salary, but this time "The potential life threat of writers and actors, that is, AI ".

French media described the dual strike of the actor and screenwriter with the "Hollywood Doomsday".It made more than 170,000 practitioners fight against old -fashioned film companies such as Disney, Global, Sony, and Paramount, as well as scientific and technological giants such as Naifei, Amazon and Apple.Matthew Lebu, chairman of the International Drama Stage Workers (IATSE), also issued a statement, which expressed support for the strike.

On the other hand, AFP pointed out that actors’ strikes will cause a major blow to the film industry.The "Film and Television Producer Alliance (AMPTP)" criticized the actors’ union "is choosing a road that will cause thousands of people to fall into economic dilemma."

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