More and more women have been diagnosed with breast fibroma. Should I resemble surgical resection?Unwilling

Some netizens shared her story with Sister Sister. When the netizen said that when he was in college, he checked that he had breast fibroma. Later, he had surgery.Netizens thought they were okay, but not long ago that their unit organized a physical examination, the netizen found that the same breasts had only grown fibroma in different positions.So she was very depressed, would she have to do surgical resection again?

For women with breast fibroma, a considerable part of the situation shared by this netizen will be recurred after the operation. At this time, they will be very puzzled.EssenceIn recent years, more and more women suffering from breast fibroma. Whether it is for the first time or recurrence after surgery, people will be struggling with surgical resection.Sister Sister’s suggestion is that in terms of whether it is necessary to perform surgery, it is unsatisfactory.


First of all, Sister Sister first tells you the cause of female breast fibroma.Because some women are more sensitive to estrogen, when the body is stimulated by estrogen, there will be small masses of different sizes on the breast.Generally speaking, the chance of breast fibroma is very small, and women who are sick can be relieved.

It’s just that there are fibroma in the breast, and many people will feel uncomfortable psychologically. Many times, they will think wildly when they are okay, but they do not know that their mentality is not good, and it has an impact on fibroma.In addition, breast fibroma generally occurs mostly women aged between 20 and 35. Women around 25 years old have a higher prevalence. This female friends should pay more attention.

Surgical resection is the most effective treatment method, but whether to remove surgical resection depends on the situation

As for the surgical resection after the illness, Sister Sister suggested that they should go to the hospital for a examination first to find out the specific location and shape of the fibroma.Surgery, because the fibroma is too large, the possibility of lesions is greater.On the contrary, if the fibroma is not large, the patient has no other discomfort. At this time, you can do not need surgery, just check it regularly.

Sister Xian must emphasize here that some external measures such as chest massage, scraping and crickets are very limited to treat fibroma. If you want to treat fibroma completely, the most effective is surgery, but the surgery also has disadvantages. Then there are disadvantages. ThenIt may be after surgery, and fibroma may be re -growing on the other parts of the chest for a while.

Therefore, it is important to review regular review. This also needs to pay special attention to women. Women who have more than fibroma should pay attention.Inspection, if you find a problem, you should treat it as soon as possible, so it is responsible for yourself.

In another case, if women suffer from breast fibroma, surgical resection should be performed.That is, if you decide to be a child, it is best to perform surgery before pregnancy, otherwise more estrogen secretion during pregnancy, fibroma will grow faster, and for women who prepare for pregnancy, we must know this aspect.

When a doctor diagnosed with breast fibroma, women must not be in chaos. In many cases, there is no need to perform surgery. It only needs to be reviewed regularly.


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