Mom, don’t be anxious!I use this trick to "flatten" the stubborn big belly and restore the devil’s figure

Someone often complained in the Bao Ma group: After giving birth to a child, I feel that the size is larger, my belly is big, my butt is big, and my arms are thick … I just gave birth to my third child last year.EssenceBao Ma’s body management and time management seem to be difficult to balance. To take care of the children, there is no time and energy to lose weight, but they are anxious about it.If you are also anxious for this, then my sharing may help you.From the fat mother who has a serious body to become a hot mother who is shocked by her husband, I only took a few months, and it was easy to relax, without having to die, do not have to exercise, and there was no need to risk the surgery.

After giving birth to a third child, I am in severe body anxiety

Since my two were born in the first two, my husband had always had a daughter’s dream.Therefore, after the implementation of the three -child policy, we naturally responded to the call.Fortunately, her husband’s daughter dream was realized.The family is very happy.However, I fell into a deep figure.

Last year, I gave birth to a daughter at the age of 37. I did not control my diet for the baby’s nutrition during pregnancy, which caused a surge in weight.After giving birth, the fat on the belly was loose, and the hip of the mother was obvious.

There is a parenting sister at home. I tried to go out to work, but for a long time, I couldn’t let the children feel in my heart; I asked the yoga to come to the house, and then I practiced the baby for a while, and I couldn’t calm down.Helpless, I could only let the fat "reare" on my waist and hips.

After walking away, I feel that people are also easy to feel tired, and they will be low in emotion. They fall into a self -doubt, become unconfident, and have a tendency to depressed after childbirth.

Xiuyu high move, let me restore the devil figure

After hearing my troubles, my girlfriend persuaded me to try to try the weight loss method.She said: "I lost weight after giving birth before, and they were established in Xiuyu. Their family was established in 2005. It has started to lose weight in ancient times. I have experienced 18 years of weight loss experience. I have also watched Xiuyu’s weight loss in the CCTV showProcess. And Xiudu has nearly a thousand stores across the country, there are near your home. "

At that time, I was not emotional at the time, so I didn’t take it seriously.Fortunately, my girlfriend took the time to pull me.This trip is my "rebirth" journey. I got rid of my body anxiety and retrieved myself in Xiuyu.

Since I have exceeded the standard, I suggest that I can do the ancient side who can quickly lose weight to lose weight. For more than a month, I lost 15 pounds and returned to the weight before pregnancy. The magical thing is that I only lose my waist, and my chest and face have not collapsed at all.EssenceSeeing that the effect was so good, I tried the thin black technology of Xiuyu again. I only made 4 bombarded side waist+abdomen, and the waistline was 10 cm. Now my belly is flat, and the side waist curve is better.In order to bid farewell to my mother’s hips, I made twice again, and my mother’s hips were gone. My figure curve seemed to return to her before fertility.

Retrieve confidence and be brave hot mom

Not long ago, my husband who came back to the country when he went out to see me, and his eyes were shining, which was a bit incredible.And after myself, after the body became better, people recovered their confidence, and they felt better. The whole person was not so easy to feel tired, and it was more patient and energetic to treat children.

Now, in addition to handling my home, I also plan to spend some energy back to my interest. I learn clothing design. I hope to create my own clothing brand and serve more beautiful girls.My husband also supports my thoughts and encourages me to watch the show more.He also planned to take me to France to travel to feel the charm of the fashion capital.

I gave a three -child, I paid a lot as a woman, and I had a lot of feelings to say.In particular, I must call on my husband to care more about the deformation of his body, because after giving birth, a lot of anxiety will be magnified due to hormone levels.Fortunately, the relaxed weight loss method such as Xiuyu can make the mothers find their good figures and good moods.

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