Mom and Little Son Series: I am pregnant

When I was 39 years old, I was pregnant!My son always wanted a younger brother or sister. After hearing the news, he excitedly gave him a good friend to show off. My mother wanted to give me a younger brother or sister!But my heart was rejected, because I knew that I would have worked hard to regenerate one. My husband was not at home all year round. No one could make a handle.The son of the sixth grade is the big one by myself!

Perhaps the fetus in the abdomen felt my disapproval. During the examination of almost two months, the doctor said that the development was not good and asked me to take medicine for treatment.I went to the siblings of work in the obstetrics and gynecology department and told her the results of the examination and the doctor’s suggestion.After hearing it, she said, "Sister, we are my own family, I just told you, don’t take medicine for treatment. You think about it like melon fruit to sit in the fetus.Can you do it? You are so old, and you have to have a healthy and smart baby if you want to give birth. If you crooked melon, you will take it in the second half of your life! "I feel that my sister’s words are very reasonable.

When I went home to discuss with my husband and son, I couldn’t take the risk of this risk to drag the family and decided to be the flow of people. My son looked at me eyes: "Can’t you do it?" After returning home from the hospital, I was lying in the bedroom.On the bed, the son was sitting on the sofa in the living room, crying and crying with a snot and a tear, "God, you are so unfair, I want a younger brother and sister, not to me.I ca n’t have my sister, brother, and sister? I do n’t want to be the only child … "My son’s crying deeply shocked me.I silently thought: "Is I too selfish, for my own comfort, in order to not work hard, I deprive my son’s brother, sister’s feelings? Disbloating his blood? Is he really lonely?… "After reflection, I decided to regenerate a child. When our husband and wife died, the son had a bloody kiss!

I called my son to come to the bed and comforted him and said, "This baby may have no fate with us. It should not be our family. When the mother’s body is raised, I will give you a younger brother or sister …" LaterFor a long time, my son would ask me from time to time: "Mom, are you pregnant?" "No! This is not like when you buy something in the supermarket, you can buy it, as long as you give the money.Opportunity! "" What time do you have? What opportunities? You have to work hard … "The son was still asking."Okay, okay, I must work hard." I responded awkwardly, and I had to wait for your dad to come back if you wanted to get pregnant!

The twelve -year -old son does not know how to get pregnant, nor does it know how much energy and effort to raise a child; you know that one more relatives care and love, one more companion and lively!Because there are too many things that dads at home are absent, but life always has a loss. We can only do our best to make life as perfect as possible!

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