Mini Dogs let Erha get pregnant unexpectedly and give birth to a new variety of super cute!Netizen: Don’t tell Teddy

Among everyone’s cognition, dogs with a large body size are usually unlikely to produce love.

However, some time ago, I saw a news that made people not believe in their small ears:

"A Malzis in South Korea made Husky pregnant."

Maybe you see this, you have a phrase "lying … are you teasing me? Malzis and Husky ???"

But this is true.

Husky, everyone knows, right?

This product is a medium -sized dog, alias, although it looks like a wolf, handsome and extraordinary.

But its various confusing behaviors are often doubtful, whether it uses all IQs to change the face value.

And Malzis is a very popular dog in recent years.

On the surface, there is a noble atmosphere, which is actually a first -class cute seed player.

IQ, in fact, and half a catty of Erha, are not very smart.

But the dog raising is cute. What bicycle is you going to do?

Therefore, a shoveling officer named SKY in South Korea, of course, choose to raise both.

Let me tell you what the two dogs are like, is it quite cute?

Although the parents of the little guy lived in the same shoveling official’s house, the "Father’s experience" of these dog babies was called a wave of twists and turns.

The cause of things is:

Three months ago, Sky led the second Harbin sister at home to sterilize.

When I arrived at the pet hospital, I was told: "Sister, is the wrong number? Your daughter is pregnant, congratulations."

When the shovel officer listened, I couldn’t understand:

Except for Malzis at home, he was playing behind his buttocks all day long, and he didn’t see any male dog hook up with Er Ha’s sister. Why did he suddenly get pregnant?

Is it Malzis?

This bold idea came out, and the shoveling officer himself was happy: how could it be.

During the period when Sisters Er Harbin were pregnant, she locked several "suspect dogs" of several neighbor’s houses.

But it is not sure who it is.Two months later, the second Harbin sister at home finally gave birth.

The four cubs were better in their bodies, but the hostess was careful, and her heart began to mutter again: "Isn’t it like?"

This roll of hair and hair color is not like the suspects of the dog dad she originally speculated!

Until one day, the shovel officer touched the curls of the full moon cubs, and suddenly there was an ominous premonition:

"Does this hang down and the cute expression, don’t you engraved with Malzis’s mold?

Mom duck, the bastard of the sophomore sister, shouldn’t it be Malzis at home?IntersectionIntersection"

Sky decided to take Malzis and Ma Daha, who was suspected of its son, to the pet hospital for a parent -child identification.

After this appraisal, I got it, it was really done!IntersectionIntersection

Thousands of defense, it is still difficult to defend.

Even experts feel incredible.

After the incident was exposed, the staff of the South Korean SBS TV station came to the shovel officer’s house and further inquired about the inside story:

According to Sky, before, when the two dogs were together, Malzis was particularly enthusiastic about Husky.

Every day I like to please her like the buttocks of my sister Er Harbin.

But one of them is too large in size, and secondly, the second Harbin sister does not seem to call Malzis at all.

The shovel officer didn’t know when the two dogs were together.

In fact, in general, if the sister Er Harbin is unwilling, Malzis can be said to be difficult to succeed.

It may be that one night, Erha, who was very cold to Malzis on weekdays, suddenly had a short circuit in his mind, and then … Mu had become a boat.

It is strange to say, why did the shovel officer react until the full moon of Ma Daha?

This makes people have to strongly condemn the scumbags of the pony.

The sister Er Hai, who was pregnant at home, was pregnant, and the little pony was like a dog, which was quite indifferent.

Not only did he not help the shovel officer to serve Er Hai’s sister, but also hid far away, like drawing the boundaries with Er Hai’s sister.

Whenever the owner holds the two of them together, the two dogs get along with each other with embarrassment.

Earlier, Sky thought that the two dogs were awkward. Now think about it, Xiaoma is afraid that the owner will find it.

Since Malaysia, Ma Erha, Ma Sanha, and Ma Siha were born, as day passed, the cubs became more and more adorable.

Big watery eyes and cute curls are simply inheriting all the advantages of Erha and Malzis.

But what made everyone unexpected was that Malzis was not close to his cubs at all.

It has no consciousness of being a father.

Not only did they never play with Malaysia, but when eating, they also looked like "don’t get into dogs".

The little brother seemed to be unhappy at all, and he might feel that these small ones came to fight with it.

The sister Er Harbin often dazed on the sofa, and she regretted her cubs with her unwilling dog, and her face was full of grievances.

Whenever the lively Ma Daha and Ma Erha want to play with their mother, it will roar the dog.

A group of cute dog babies can only nest in the sofa to warm up the group.

In order to avoid such a tragedy, Sky quickly took the dogs to sterilize.

Fortunately, when the puppies were full of moon, their bodies had surpassed their father, and they would not be afraid of being bullied in the future.

Although the appearance of Ma Daha and Ma Erha looks like Malzis sweet and dull, the bones have inherited Erha’s like to make damage everywhere, and they are very lively on weekdays.

Either the family was messy, or she was dirty like the mud water.

Only when they lay down to sleep, will they recover into cute little angels.

Over the years, in order to get a cute dog like the Ma Daha, many shovel officers will intentionally or unintentionally match some cute dogs with different varieties.

Sometimes Corgi+Husky = Husky

Sometimes it’s Samoyed+Husky = Samoha

Golden retriever and Husky can also become a Huskin.

Although some dogs are really cute, they have warned you that shovel officers: Do not make the breed dog pairing at will because of personal preferences.

In fact, whether it is a string or purebred, as long as you like it, it is the cutest dog in your heart.

In the end, remember: Do not let Teddy know this …

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