Migraphy is suspected to have a tumor … Revealing 9 symptoms that do not need to be fussing for you

We may have encountered such a situation: if we have a headache, they suspect that they have tumors in their brains. When they have low back pain, they suspect kidney stones.I was nervous with my family.Here, the nine symptoms that people often encounter may allow you to face the disease calmly and prevent it.

Symptom 1 -Pain in the lower abdomen

Blind imagination: uterine tumor, appendicitis

Expert tips: Most of the short -term abdominal pain is not a big deal.

Actual situation: abdominal flatulence, pain during menstruation, and stomach sour water.

General solutions: 1. Rest; 2. Take some acid -resistant gastric medicine.

It is recommended to see the doctor when the following situation occurs: 1. The pain is unbearable; 2. accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and fever;

Symptom 2 — long -term thirst

Blind imagination: diabetes

Expert tips: 1. The proportion of young women suffering from diabetes is small, unless it is excessive obesity or a family history of genetics; 2. To determine whether diabetes is obtained, you can do a urine test or blood test; 3. If pregnant women have diabetes, it may be possibleInherit the illness to the baby.

Real situation: It is very simple. Your body needs more water, especially when exercise is frequent.

General solution: Drink 8 cups of water a day, 8 ounces per cup. If you do exercise, add another cup.

It is recommended to see the doctor when the following situation occurs: no matter how much water is drinking, it feels thirsty.(Note: 1 pound = 16 ounce = 0.4536 kg.)

Symptom 3 — chest pain

Blind imagination: breast cancer

Expert tips: chest pain is normal, especially before the menstrual period pain caused by the changes in the hormonal cycle.

Real situation: 1. Breast pain before menstruation; 2. Some benign breast tumors can also cause pain.

General solutions: 1. Eat less sodium -containing foods before menstruation, and drink less coffee; 2. Eat more vitamin E or use some monthly grass oil with some help to reduce menstrual discomfort.

It is recommended that the following situations go to see the doctor: the lump is hard, it cannot be pushed, and it still exists after the menstrual period.

Symptoms 4 -lymphopathy glands

Blind imagination: lymphoma or HIV infection

Expert tips: 1. Lymph inflammation causes rare lymphoma; 2. If AIDS virus is infected, there may be other symptoms, such as sweating at night, white spots, white spots on the tongue, suddenly decreased weight, dry cough, etc. (although although althoughMany people infected with AIDS virus have no conscious symptoms during the incubation period, but some people may have symptoms similar to colds in early infection).

Real situation: Influenza or infectious mononuclear cells increase hepatitis (a kind of acute infectious disease caused by an EB virus, those with mild disease can improve naturally).

It is recommended that the following situations go to the doctor: lymphatic inflammation lasts for two or three weeks.

Symptoms 5 — Sleeping and sleepy

Blind imagination: hypertension, hypotension, dizziness

Expert tips: This is a very common natural phenomenon, sometimes related to the physiological cycle and seasonal changes.

Real situation: 1. Work overtime for several days in a row, not to rest well; 2. For a period of time, the diet is irregular and cause nutritional deficiency; 3. Smoking or excessive drinking.

General solution: take two days to rest; it is better to quit smoking and limit wine.

It is recommended that the following situations go to see the doctor: accompanied by headache, head -up, tinnitus, etc., you must ask the doctor for treatment.

Symptom 6 – -joint pain

Blind imagination: arthritis, lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia syndrome

Expert tips: The incidence of the above three diseases is not very high.

Real situation: Excessive exhaustion.

General solutions: rest or take anti -inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.

It is recommended that the following situations go to see a doctor: In addition to joint pain, it is accompanied by fever, long -term fatigue or rash.

Symptom 7 — fatigue weakness

Blind imagination: heart disease, fatigue syndrome

Expert tips: The above two diseases are determined by other symptoms. For example, heart disease is accompanied by heart response, fatigue syndrome is accompanied by muscle pain, joint pain, and so on.

Real situation: work, living pressure, psychological tension or emotional depression, anxiety and other reasons.

General solutions: change work, life rhythm, and adjust emotions.

It is recommended to see the doctor when the following situation occurs: 1. I think there is no psychological factors (not mild weakness) without any psychological factors; 2. The time of fatigue continues to be more than one month and accompanied by other symptoms.

Symptom 8 — Suddenly rising weight

Blind imagination: thyroid dysfunction

Expert tips: The probability of young people’s dysfunctional disorders is far lower than that of the elderly.

Real situation: 1. Human weight will fluctuate 2-3 pounds due to the amount of moisture; 2. Inaccurate (very likely).

General solution: Choose a fixed scale and insist on weighing at the same time every day (the best weight in the morning is the best).

It is recommended that the following situations go to see a doctor: It is very abnormal that there is no reason to suddenly decrease or increase or increase the weight within a month without reason. It is very abnormal. You should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.If accompanied by the weight of weight, there is also symptoms such as accelerated heart rate and increased sweating, it may be a manifestation of hyperthyroidism; if accompanied by the symptoms of extreme fatigue, low mood, and coldness of the body, it may be the thyroid gland.Machine can be reduced.At this time, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection.

Symptom 9 — Continue coughing

Blind imagination: lung cancer

Expert tips: 87 % of lung cancer is caused by smoking, and some of the air in the place where the second -hand smoke or live in the place of residence is severely polluted.

Actual situation: a manifestation of cold or sensitivity.

General solutions: 1. Treatment of cold and allergic symptoms can take over-the-counter drugs Anti-Histamines (anti-group amines); 2. If cough at night, it is recommended to eat 3 hours before going to bed because gastric acid reflux will cause cough;It may be allergic to fur, so do not let pets go to bed; 4. If you use a carpet in your home, it is best to clean it once in autumn or winter, because these two seasons of carpets are the easiest to mold.

It is recommended to see the doctor when the following situation occurs: cough lasts for 2-3 weeks.

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