Miao Miao was suspected of having three babies, and lived with the whole family with Zheng Kai, Zheng Kai signed to expose his state of mind: a word is hard to do

Miao Miao was suspected of having a third child, but the marriage relationship with Zheng Kai was questioned. Zheng Kai signed: It is difficult to say a word -introduction.


On June 12, a news suddenly caused a sensation, reaching the hot search list.

Miao Miao seems to have three babies!

For a while, many netizens broke the news that Miao Miao had three babies.

Some netizens said that they were produced in a hospital. As a result, they learned that Zheng Kai and Miao Miao were also here. Miao Miao had a three -child daughter with a premature hip.

The cesarean section released by the netizen mentioned that Zheng Kai and Miao Miao were discharged from the hospital on the morning of June 5.

Some netizens asked the author, how about the child.

Reply to say that Miao Miao was discharged from the hospital, and the child did not.

Others are unclear.

Other netizens directly supplemented more detailed information. The date of Miao Miao gave birth to a child on June 2.

The comment area immediately exclaimed, "Oh my god, why do she like to have children so much" and "I’m born again!"

The reason why this news was shocking was because Miao Miao gave birth to a second child on June 1, 2022, and gave birth to a third child in a year.

The time interval is so close, which means that she was pregnant again as soon as she gave birth to her child.

It is difficult to believe that the news is true, because her body has not recovered completely. How can she dare to put her health?

Some netizens speculated that it should be an accident, and some netizens added a wave of real hammer.

Netizens said that the vaccines were accompanied by Miao Miao himself before. Several times they were brought by the grandfather. Once the Miao Miao family forgot to bring the vaccine book, Miao Miao said that she was pregnant and asked them to help.

If only one netizen said that it may be a rumor, but now many netizens say that Miao Miao gave birth to three babies, and the true and false of the matter is really difficult to judge.

A sharp -eyed netizen found that the signature of Zheng Kai’s social account was "difficult to say". Does this mean that Miao Miao gave birth to a third child?

Is Zheng Kai who didn’t want this child, but Miao Miao was pregnant and was unwilling to kill. Zheng Kai could only watch her born?

This seems to have connected with Zheng Kai and Miao Miao’s marriage.

Since Zheng Kai and Miao Miao have been married, the voice of the marriage between the two has not stopped. Moreover, the model of the two people is not like a normal husband and wife.

Some time ago, Miao Miao released a video piano -opening video. Now, if Miao Miao really gave birth to a third child, this video should be inventory.

In the video, she installed electric piano with her sister and mother, and she was happy. After installation, she sat in front of the piano to test the piano, and then made a conclusion that suitable for children to cultivate interest.

What a child is not interested, but Zheng Kai is quite interested.But Zheng Kai would not play, Miao Miao was desperately guiding and encouraging. Zheng Kai said nothing and was indifferent to his wife.

In addition, when the two were on hand in hand, they were exposed to get along very well.

As soon as this video came out, many netizens speculated that there was indeed a big problem between the two.

And there is another detail in the video piano -opening video, that is, Miao Miao’s family lives with their husband and wife.

She gave birth to a child, and her mother lived to help take care of it. By the way, letting her mother enjoy the joy of God is even more filial.

But what is the situation of Miao Miao’s sister who lives together?

Miao Miao’s sister is 10 years younger than Miao Miao. She is 20 years old this year. I am afraid it is not appropriate to live with her sister and brother -in -law.

It is understood that she did not go out to work since she graduated.

Occasionally shooting a double video with Miao Miao, and also let her brother -in -law Zheng Kai take a film, it is really inappropriate.

Miao Miao asked the family to live in the house of him and Zheng Kai. It looked like Zheng Kai married the Miao Miao family.

Over time, it is difficult to get a problem with the relationship between husband and wife.This also caused a lot of unspeakable netizens to scold the Miao Miao family as a "bloodworm."

When there was an emotional problem, Miao Miao had another three babies, and it was no wonder that Zheng Kai would be "difficult to say".

However, the news has not been confirmed for the time being. I do n’t know if it is true or not, let it fly for a while, waiting for Miao Miao Zheng Kai’s follow -up response.

Author of this article: Xiaoxue

Editor -in -chief: Cai Cai

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