Menstruation is delayed for 3 months. What is going on?In addition to pregnancy, there are 2 possibilities

As we all know, menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon that women will appear.The so -called menstruation is the phenomenon of menstrual bleeding every month.In addition, in general, the menstruation of each person is relatively fixed, and even if there is floating, it is within a week.However, many women often have symptoms of menstruation delayed clinically. Severe may be delayed for two or three months and have bleeding symptoms.What has actually happened?

1. Pregnancy

If the menstruation is postponed for 3 months, and there is a sexual life, you can first consider whether there is a possibility of pregnancy.Menstruation during pregnancy will stop, and it may also be possible to have a small amount of bleeding due to some external forces.Therefore, if the menstruation is postponed for 3 months, you can go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant.

2. Endocrine disorders

If it is determined that it is not pregnant, the most likely cause of the three -month delay of menstruation is endocrine disorders.For women, endocrine disorders are a relatively common disease, and endocrine disorders are closely related to menstruation.Factors such as uneven diet or diet, high mental stress can cause delay of menstruation.In addition, some women who are cold in their constitutions may cause menstruation to delay if they are cold during the previous few menstruation.

3. Gynecological disease

The diseases of women’s reproductive systems are gynecological diseases, including vulvar diseases, vaginal diseases, uterine diseases, fallopian tube diseases, ovarian diseases, etc.Gynecological diseases are also a common cause of menstrual period delay, and the delay of menstruation caused by gynecological diseases is more serious and belongs to pathological symptoms.Therefore, it is necessary to check the diagnosis in time and actively respond.

1. Menstrual period is a period when women’s physical resistance is low, and the cervix will open during menstruation.At this time, bacteria can easily invade the vagina.Coupled with the existence of blood at this time, bacteria can easily reproduce, bringing hidden dangers to women in the future.

2. The possibility of causing infertility.During the same room during menstruation, the shrinkage of women’s uterus is very likely to squeeze the endometrium fragments that should be discharged into the pelvic cavity, causing the endometrium abnormal level, which is infertile.

3. Vaginal inflammation and swelling.Due to menstrual blood, women’s vagina is relatively dry and rough, and it is not easy to lubricate like usual. At this time, the friction caused by the same room can easily lead to inflammation and swelling of women in women.

In short, if you have no menstruation for three months, you must go to the regular hospital as soon as possible to do a related examination to avoid delaying the condition.

Guide experts in this article:

Zhang Suxia, deputy chief physician, Jinan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

He graduated from Henan Provincial Medical University and now works in Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. He has published more than ten provincial papers. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, cervicitis, uterine fibroids, and abortion output.

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