Menstruation is always irregular, will it affect pregnancy?Come here

Under normal circumstances, women’s menstrual cycles can be followed regularly.However, it does not rule out that some women have irregular menstruation for various reasons.This part of women often give birth to a kind of concern, that is, the aunt is not allowed to affect pregnancy?

The normal menstrual cycle is normal at 21-35 days. The average menstrual period is 4 to 6 days, and 2 to 8 days are normal.Normal menstrual flow is 20 ~ 60ml, and more than 80ml belongs to the menstrual passage, and less than 5ml belongs to the less menstruation.The changes between the menstrual cycle in the past year are regular. If the change is less than 7 days, it is normal; if it is greater than 7 days, the menstruation is also considered abnormal.

Irregular menstruation is more common in ovulation disorders

The irregular menstrual cycle is more common in ovulation disorders. Ovulation disorders include scarcity ovulation, no ovulation and luteal function, mainly due to the BUG of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis.The small master of the period can also be caused by PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), obesity, hypertension, and thyroid disease.

Auntie is always inaccurate, will it affect pregnancy?

Women’s menstruation is closely related to many factors such as endometrium, endocrine, ovarian function, and irregular menstruation. It may be that the endometrium, endocrine, and ovarian function may occur, which will affect the normal conception of women.However, if the irregular menstruation of women is caused by some psychiatric factors, then you need to adjust the status as soon as possible to avoid causing other adverse consequences, which generally does not have much impact on the ability of breeding.

How can I get pregnant quickly?

First, women with menstruation can be calculated by themselves. Generally, most of the ovulation period is about 14 days before the next menstruation.According to the survival time of essence, it is generally easy to conceive within one week before and after ovulation. Therefore, it is believed that this is the best period of conception at this time.

2. Women with irregular menstruation can take the following methods:

1.B ultra -monitoring ovulation, you can intuitively see the development of follicles and ovulation.

2. Measure the basal body temperature. Normal body temperature curve diagram with ovulation is a two -phase curve, with obvious high temperature and low temperature areas.The temperature difference between high temperature and low temperature areas is generally about 0.3 ° C -0.5 ° C.

3. Ovulation test strips monitor ovulation. Women also have a very convenient method of monitoring ovulation in life, that is, ovulation test strips.

If long -term menstruation is irregular, pay attention to diet conditioning, such as drinking more black fungus red jujube tea, strong tea brown sugar drink, hawthorn brown sugar drink, etc.If the symptoms have not been improved, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time to clarify the cause in order to follow the doctor’s advice early targeted treatment.

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